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  • A Trip in Instagrams

may or may not be my favorite apple product right now. I can’t tell you how much it helps me! I can check my bank accounts, credit cards, I can transfer $, scan in a prescription to Walgreens and update my calendar constantly and that’s just the beginning!!! It’s so awesome! I can hardly stand it! I’m sure as I continue to blog and continue to learn this new gadget, I will sharing more and more about its’ special powers! My FAVORITE app right now is Instagram! Instagram allows me to capture an image on my iphone,

add a little filter and save that memory quickly and easily!  This weekend in Winter Garden, FL and a little bit of WPPI has been captured on Instagram and I thought that since a picture says 1,000 words (or so I’ve heard) , that showing you a collage of our trip so far would be fun! Enjoy!!

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  1. Kristin Nicole reply

    So cute, have a blast!

  2. Kristin Nicole reply

    So cute, have a blast!

  3. Caitlin reply

    You guys are adorable – hope you’re having fun!!

  4. Allison reply

    You are too cute!!!!!!!!!

  5. stephanie b reply

    You two are so cute, and you just make me SO excited to be married so that Andrew and I can make all these great memories just like you two are!!! Seriously, LOVE this post because it just makes me so stinkin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. caroline reply

    oh hes a special one :) LOVE that yall are finally doing this together. you are married :)

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