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This is a post that seems so surreal to write. I remember when I first decided to launch our online store…. I wanted to provide a way for photographers to learn from us no matter WHERE they were in the world. We started the educational side of our business with big dreams and big goals but we NEVER imagined the impact it would have. After launching The KJ Collection, I always had this idea in the back of my mind….

I wanted to offer a course online.

I knew it was possible… but it’s a lot of hard work. It’s a lot of planning. It’s a lot of energy…. and it’s A LOT of content. Michael and I had an honest discussion about this before we decided to move forward with this big project. We asked ourselves “Can we really give away ALL of my editing secrets? Is it going to hurt us to tell the world how to create work like us? Is it SMART to offer this online for ANYONE to have access? LIFETIME ACCESS?!” ….. And you know what we decided…..

We decided that this project wouldn’t just be about teaching people to edit and define a style, it would be about having a LIFE. We realized that we have the power to give photographers their LIFE back and so we decided to GO FOR IT. We made the decision to create a course that will be a game changer for photographers because changing their LIFE was more important than the fear of someone else trying to be an exact copy of us!!

So now that you know how we got to this place…. we are SO excited to announce…….. THE KJ CONSISTENCY COURSE : Editing and Curating for a Defined Style!

This past week we launched our FIRST online course! The KJ Consistency Course  is 6 weeks long, self-paced and allows photographers to have LIFETIME access to the 12 hours of educational video content that they’ll be receiving! This is BY FAR the most exciting educational opportunity we have EVER offered online and registration will remain open until THIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20th!!!

There is SO much you need to know about this course… but the MAIN thing I want to make sure you know is that we actually have a BONUS that we’re giving away to course students and this is one of my FAVORITE parts about this course!

As some of you may know… if you follow the blog… we blog weddings FAST…. most of the time, they are prepped and ready for the blog within 48-hours of shooting them!! When you combine efficient editing, a strategic curating system and our 48-hour workflow to your post-processing system…. you GET. YOUR. LIFE. BACK!!! Michael and I couldn’t survive wedding season without this in our life. So! We have actually decided to include the 48 HOUR WORKFLOW into the course as a BONUS module!!! Not only are we including this bonus module, we’re ALSO including… for the first time ever.. one of my LIGHTROOM PRESETS!!!! This is CRAZY!!

I still can’t believe that we’re doing this! We are so excited for all of the amazing photographers who are going to be learning from us starting December 1st! It’s going to be amazing!! If you’re someone who struggles with editing, struggles with blogging, struggles with defining your style or curating your images… this was made with you in mind.


For those of you who are already joining us for this course, we cannot WAIT to get started!!!! December first will be here before we know it! Let the LEARNING begin!!!!!!

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To learn more about the course, click HERE!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Mia Bjerring reply

    I am so excited for this!! I can’t wait until the 1st of December! The best Christmas present I could have bought for myself. I can’t wait to learn so much! So happy I am joining you in December!

  2. Carri reply

    I’m so excited for this course! December 1st can’t come soon enough :)

  3. Mandee reply

    I’ve been slowly counting down the days until the first! It was my birthday/Christmas present to myself! ;)
    I learned so much from your ‘Secrets to Perfect Skin Tones’ webinar, and I know I’m going to learn so much more from this class! Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn more from you!

  4. Alex reply

    Didn’t jump into this course this time. Are there plans to re-launch it?

  5. Amy reply

    Hi Katelyn! I only found out about the consistency course a little while ago, I’m just starting out in photography, yay! Will this course become available again anytime soon?

    • Katelyn James reply

      Hi Amy! Yes!!! The course will be opening again for enrollment in March!! If you visit here ( you will be notified when the next enrollment period begins! We would love to have you join us for it :)

  6. Maria Fonseca Photography reply

    Is the KJ Consistency Course being offered again? I’d love to learn your editing secrets.

    • Katelyn James reply

      Maria, Yes the course will be offered again in the late fall or early 2017! Sign up here to be one the wait list

  7. Jessica Carlson reply

    Hi I’m interested in learning more about your consistency course but I can’t get the links on your page to work. Is there another place I can find the details and price? Thank you so much

    • Katelyn James reply

      Hi Jessica, I’m so glad you’re interested in the Consistency Course! You can find out more about the course here and even sign up for the wait list to be one of the first notified once enrollment opens again. :)

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  9. Catherine Ladd reply

    Hey Katelyn! I’ve been in love with your work and teaching for some time now! You’ve taught me so much and my shooting style and connection with my couples has improved leaps and bounds with your help! Now I need to work on my editing style more. I’m looking to outsource so I can focuse better on the business but I still want to be on my game with editing! Are there presets I can use or any tips and tricks to speed up my editing process and get better and faster? I’m quite good at Lightroom but I feel like I’m editing every photo and it just takes forever! Thank you!!

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