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That moment when you realize you made it into the Knot’s special “50 Weddings, 50 States” feature but it’s NOT for your own state!!! ha! We were so honored to realize that one of our all time FAVORITE weddings was featured in this special post by The Knot! They highlighted weddings all over the country and we were selected to represent OHIO with Ben and Carlyn’s rustic, bohemian barn wedding! Do you remember this wedding? It was the one that I had to stand on the roof of our rental car in order to get my favorite field shot!! ha!

Not only did they include it in the “50 Weddings, 50 States”, they also featured Ben and Carlyn’s wedding on their BLOG! We’re so excited because Michael and I left this wedding just so excited that we got to be a part of it and I’m thrilled that others are in love with it just as much as we are!!! Speaking of others who love this wedding… ALIGN ALBUM DESIGN just featured their album design HERE! I don’t know about you but this wedding makes me SO excited to shoot some fall weddings!! Fall also means that ALL of our spring and summer albums need to be done… YIKES! Luckily, ours are all designed and have been sent to our clients for proofing. Some have even been ordered and we just shot them a little over a month ago!! It’s amazing. Photographers who are overwhelmed, let someone help you with your albums!Take 50% off your first design with Align by clicking HERE and using promo code 1STORDER!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this gorgeous fall wedding!!! Congrats Ben and Carlyn! Your gorgeous wedding day continues to live on in the interwebs!!!! :)

To view Ben & Carlyn’s FULL WEDDING POST click HERE! 

To view Ben & Carlyn’s mountain engagement click HERE!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. CG Pro Prints reply

    Congratulations on the feature Katelyn and Michael! We also got a chuckle out of the state but the beauty of the wedding and your photography is undeniable and deserved the feature hands down! Way to go :)

  2. Carlyn Kachurek Pecchia reply

    Yay!! Thank you for sharing again, those images will never get old! So happy to represent Ohio with the best photographer!

  3. Harrison reply

    Gorgeous photos! (And that cake, whoa…now that’s a cake!)

  4. Jennifer Mosher reply

    Gorgeous! So characteristic of them both. This is beautiful photography of an amazing day for dear friends.

  5. Kristina W. reply

    This wedding was so beautiful! Congratulations on the 50 weddings in 50 states feature! :)

  6. instagram video downloader reply

    Love hearing about your perspective throughout the entire wedding day and exactly what you are doing at any given moment. Thanks!!!!

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  9. sarah reply

    I read your article. this has good content and awesome images and nice couple.

  10. USPS Tracking reply

    These photos look gorgeous.

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