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You have probably read before about the Middle House and my wonderful roommates.  I have been seriously blessed during my college years. This is our 3rd year living in our house and we love it. Absolutely love it! There is something so special about living with your best friends and sharing life with them. I cherish it a lot more this year, knowing this will be my last year to EVER live with girls!! ah! Crazy!

One of our roommates and good friend Emily graduated last year and we were oh so sad to see her go. However, Mandy and Melissa joined us this year and it has made the transition so much easier! We love them to death and of course we had to have new family pictures done!  Sometime in the near future I will be sure to blog about our “Middle House” and you will see that I’m a little obsessed with large black and white portraits! They are EVERYWHERE! We  literally don’t have an empty wall left in the house!

So my wonderful FIANCE got handed the task of taking our pictures.  You have to be a man of patience to deal with all of the “That one was bad! I blinked!” “Oh take another one! I wasn’t ready!” “Dang it! My hair looks weird! Let re-do them!”    It’s the hardest thing in the world to find a picture where ALL 6 girls are happy with the way it turned out! But we managed to pick a few and I just love this first one! (of course it’s teal!)

Just so you can put names with faces: Melissa, Mandy, Steph, me, Kelley, and Brit!

Didn’t Michael do an awesome job?! I’m proud.

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  1. emy reply

    awww KK so cute!!! ya’ll are adorable! shoot come take pictures of me and my friends again! hehee yayay! LOVE YOU!

  2. Julianna reply

    Soooooo cute!!!! Michael did a really good job. You’ve taught him well!

  3. Charity DellaCamera reply

    He did a great job :) But i LOVED that you said FIANCE in all caps haha.

  4. Anna reply


  5. Anna reply

    oh, and PS – good job, Michael!

  6. Michael reply

    Yeah so I think I am going to start my own photography business, one that is in direct competition with Inspired Designs. She thought she was teaching me so I could help her. Boy was she wrong. I am just another “Inspired by Katelyn” story.

  7. Lauryn reply

    I LOVE the last one!!

  8. Brendan reply

    Oh hey, i actually know these girls.. nice job Michael, i am impressed

  9. Lauren Cecora reply

    these are adorable!!!!

  10. deebs reply

    adorable!!! ya’ll are too cute :) i think i actually welled up a little bit loking at those, miss and love you all <3

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