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up we had two springer spaniels. They were so sweet and definitely had personalities of their own. We were expecting Bokeh to have a personality but he kind of blew us out of the water with his. Sometimes it’s scary how smart and animated he is. If we’re in the middle of something and he wants to play he’ll put a toy in his mouth and toss it at us. If we don’t respond, he’ll pick up the toy and will push it against our legs. If we still don’t respond, he’ll huff at us and then walk away and flop down on the floor. Recently, he has been acting like he needs to go outside and then when we get up off the couch to let him out,

he runs back to where we were sitting and takes our place so that we can’t sit down again…. he usually does this with a toy in his mouth. I’m telling you, he’s smart! It’s the poodle in him! :)

Since he’s pretty smart, he notices when we’re about to leave IMMEDIATELY. There are certain things that really trigger his fear of being left behind. The hair dryer, keys, shoes, etc… If I touch any of these things, his tail is down and he starts to get nervous. Once we’re about to step out of the door and he doesn’t see his leash, he starts to shake. It’s really quite sad. So with all of this moving that has been going on, Bokeh has been somewhat confused! It was like we were getting ready to leave CONSTANTLY. We were packing and taking stuff to the trailer and he didn’t know what to do. FINALLY, on the last day of packing, he seemed to get the hang of what was going on. He grabbed his Mr. Polar Bear and made sure he took it to the truck before we left for the new house. :) So cute!!

He literally just followed everyone around all day! Every picture I took, he was in it somewhere! 

We had quite a crew of movers! My family, Michael’s family, my brother’s girlfriend Madison, etc. It was so wonderful not doing this by ourselves…. we would still be moving if we didn’t have their help!

He grabbed his one final toy before we left!

He’s moved in! 

It was a long day:)


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  1. Ali Lovegrove reply

    This is hands down the cutest Bokeh post ever, he is beyond adorable!

  2. rachel reply

    OMG Bokeh is so cute! Our pup dexter does the exact same things! must be an age thing or just an attachment thing! I love that he was such a huge help in the move, and that he helped move his favorite toy :) I imagine Dexter being like this if we ever moved!

  3. Courtney reply

    I feel like my cat will be like this when i move in july. on a side note, i love the dog bed! where did you get it?

  4. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Sweet little Bokeh! Loved him standing in the drive staring at you through the window. Oh so sweet!!!

  5. Julie reply

    AHHH this is absolutely adorable!! It would be so hard to leave him, for sure!! Can’t wait to see more house posts :)

  6. Kathryn Grace reply

    Pretty stinkin’ cute, even for a non dog person. :-)

  7. Jessica Horton reply

    I just bought the same dog bed for our new house!!

  8. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    This is SO adorable! He’s one smart pup!!

  9. Annamarie reply

    Hahaha…that sounds just like Lexie…she recently started throwing her water bowl around to let us know when it’s empty…and we taught her to ring a bell when she needs to go outside, but now she just rings it whenever she’s bored and just wants to PLAY outside..oy….haha…sooo excited for you and your new home!!!

  10. Shelley Hohe reply

    I thought having a cat was awesome…but that’s it, I need to get one of these dogs! I am talking my mom into getting a dog because sometimes she is lonely, I keep telling her about your dog because he he is small, doesn’t shed, cute and on top of that has a great personality :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. JBancroft reply

    Adorable photos and such a sweet puppy! I love all the details you observe and how well you know your puppy.
    Do you have a crate for BOKEH? It seems counterintuitive, but dogs end up thinking of their crates as their “safe place.” When we moved across the country recently, one of my dogs freaked out too with all the “in and the out”, not to mention picking up on our stress level! I put her in her crate, and she completely calmed down and went right to sleep!

  12. Shelley Hohe reply

    oh and btw for your wooden floors get this…
    it is the best! In our last house we had real custom hardwood floors. This product not only cleans, but it protects, makes them look beautiful and is environmentally safe…perfect for Bokeh :)

  13. Carrie logan reply

    hahahaha this is SO adorable!! oh my goodness!

  14. Julie w reply

    This is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen! I adore bokeh! His personality is the best :)

  15. Dallas reply

    I can’t even HANDLE how cute he is with his toy! Love this post :) Congrats on the move!

  16. jamie reply

    Aw that is so sweet! Our dogs do similar things- luna will bang her paw on my keyboard if I ignore her too long, and throw the ball at us, etc. Too funny, they def know how to get your attention!!

  17. Kristina W. reply

    Aw, sweet little Bokeh! Moving is stressful for everyone, pets included!

  18. Ashlyn reply

    He’s so cute. Just reading this makes me want a little dog like him, even though I’m not a big animal person. :) so cute!!

  19. Brenda reply

    Such a sweet Grandpuppy! I miss him. :)

  20. Jody gray reply

    Ha ha ha ha. So adorable. Poor little buddy. Looks like he’s adjusting we’ll now? So cute.

  21. Natalie reply

    I loved this post! Thank you for sharing! :) I am a huge fan all the way from Miami, fl.

  22. Elizabeth reply

    So cute!!! Bokeh is adorable!!! Congrats on the move!

  23. Christy Tyler reply… I love this! haha! I really feel like Chloe & Bokeh are so similar with their animated personalities! It never ceases to amaze me with the things Chloe does that we never taught her! Like ringing the door stop when she wants to go outside & sit on the deck, and she does the same toy thing that Bokeh does, AND steals people’s seats on couches! She’ll bark at us ’til we get up and then jump up and lay down immediately. LOL. Dogs are the best! :)

  24. Catey Carey reply

    I LOVE that he grabbed his toy. What a cute story and adorable pup!

  25. caroline reply

    What a cutie. Seeing those moving pics made me feel sad, so I’m glad you including that shot of him bounding into the new house with the polar bear! That made me happy again :)

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