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This isn’t going to be a long post. I’m not going to sit here and write paragraphs and paragraphs about how to get more business FAST! I don’t think it’s that easy. The truth is, we just finished a long 2 day workshop and the resounding theme of it was that success doesn’t come to those that want a quick fix. It comes to those who are passionate, who fight for it and who WAIT for it. I’ll be honest, I grew quickly when I first started my business….but I also only slept 4-5 hours a night in college because I was working hard to make this thing happen.

It was hard work from the very beginning. Lets fast forward 7 years from those college days of no sleep and late nights… We now have an amazing business that employs me, my husband, our office assistant AND one contracted worker on a regular basis. So what is the trick? What’s the secret to staying in business AND growing your business? Is it just “hard work”? No. I truly believe that some small business owners can work their butts off and never truly do themselves or their business any good. The secret to running a successful business that changes people’s lives, increases profits annually and provides for your family is this…..

Micro Changes
Macro Results

That’s right, that’s all it is. As a small business owner, you will NEVER change your business completely by purchasing a seat to a big name workshop… but you CAN change your business if you slowly but surely start implementing what you learn at that workshop through small changes, one by one. It could be small changes to your workflow, your shooting, your blogging, your social media sharing, your marketing…. bit by bit, you’ll see a change…. but it TAKES TIME. There isn’t an EASY button. I wish there was! I wish I could press a button for EVERY attendee that comes to our workshop and they see immediate change, but to be honest, that would HURT them.

Organic, genuine grow comes from hard work… you can’t buy it, you can’t fake it and you can’t just MAKE it happen fast. If a successful business was just GIVEN to you, you would run it into the ground in about 6 months because success comes from the journey.

I’ve learn so much about client experience over the last seven years. After dozens and dozens of thank you notes, it still amazes me that most of our clients thank us for treating their family so well during family portraits before they ever mention their images. Isn’t that strange? That’s a perfect example of a MICRO element of the day producing a MACRO impact. These little changes seem so insignificant and that’s why most small businesses overlook them and then get mad that they aren’t growing!!

The reality is, Michael holding grandma’s hand to help her to her wheel chair matters…. Katelyn not losing patience with the over-bearing dad matters…. Not letting a sour venue coordinator spoil the entire day MATTERS. Delivering images 3 weeks before they are due matters. Pushing yourself to try something new and not lose your passion on a wedding day MATTERS …. Every. little. thing…. MATTERS. These MICRO changes will produce the most incredible results but you have to remind yourself that they ADD UP and they’re WORTH IT!

So no matter what you’re doing today… whether it’s emails, or editing, or shooting, or marketing…. do the little things… because they add up and they count!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Didi reply

    Katelyn . . .of all of your blogs, this one is the most important. It is as if you are speaking directly to me! Thank you for the motivation – I needed that tonight – needed to know that I still need to continue on, push forward and have patience – and it WILL happen! Thank you for everything. Now, I can go to bed and sleep well tonight – and go at it again in the morning! XOXOXO for all you do for me and every other photographer out there who is striving to make it work and smile while they are doing it! Didi

  2. Leandra Brown reply

    thank you so much for this encouraging post. Right on time!

  3. Erin reply

    Love the advice Katelyn! Encouraging for sure :) Everyone these days (myself included) are always looking for a quick fix for everything. You have encouraged me to continue to treat my clients how I would like to be treated, with care! After many photoshoots and weddings there seems to be a common word almost everyone has used when writing a review for me and that is “comfortable”. Isn’t that what we all want when being in front of a camera? We want to be comfortable so I am thankful my friends and clients have felt that way when I photograph them :)

  4. Christine reply

    Thanks for sharing this KJ! It’s nice reading that these long hours and slow crawl will pay off. There are some days that I feel discouraged but what you’re talking about in this post hits home!

  5. Mary Marantz reply

    This POST!!!! Yesssssss!! I am both SO inspired and SOOOO proud of you for this post!! It is so tempting for leaders to want to provide “quick fixes” to get people to sign up for workshops, education, etc. Real leaders walk through the mud with people, they help guide the way, and they give them a reason to keep fighting. I am just so, SO proud of you for leaning into leading like this!

  6. Kristen Browning reply

    I love your blog posts!! Thank you for sharing this Katelyn!

  7. Carri reply

    Thanks for this! Was perfect to hear today :)

  8. Nicole Salter reply

    You continue to help me out of holes. <3 Things have been so slow lately and I keep thinking to myself that I wish there was an easy button too! Thanks for bringing me back down to earth again, and reminding me that it will come with patience.

  9. Kelsey DeWitt reply

    YES YES and YESSS!!! There is SO much truth in this post and so refreshing to read! So much love to ya gal!

  10. Ashley Durham reply

    yes, yes, yes!!!!!

  11. Elizabeth reply

    GREAT post, as always, Katelyn!
    Thank you for not only teaching but encouraging!

  12. Shaina Koren reply

    One of my favorite blog posts to date! It’s all about the experience :) Love this Katelyn!

  13. Marissa reply

    I love this! Even though the small things may seem insignificant at the time, they really do add up and can make a big impact!

  14. Catherine reply

    Good post! Lots of photographers make it sound so easy like «take my course step by step and you’ll be successful!» You need to work and to practice to have a good base to start!

  15. Kristina W. reply

    It is SO the little things that matter!!!! YES!

  16. Lynn reply

    Thank you for sharing these incredibly encouraging words and valuable advice spoken from experience and your heart.

  17. Melissa reply

    Thank you so much for inspiring! Toward the end of the season I feel like a zombie on autopilot and it’s so refreshing to “get back to basics” and be reminded that the little things are what counts most!

    Thanks again!

  18. 25 Beats reply

    Really liked this!

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