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  • Why We Didn't Decorate This Year

I love decorating. It’s like my favorite thing to do outside of photography but even sometimes I get tired of photography! I mean, I take A LOT of pictures these days!! :) Since I have a deep love for decorating, Christmas decor is non-negotiable! Well, that is until this year that is. I have every teal ornament known to man. Our Christmas Tree is usually decorated with a Peacock theme and it’s full of decor from our wedding. Our mantle is usually full of our stockings and our kitchen table is normally so full of glittery goodness that you can’t even eat at it!

Well this year, all of that changed. No more glittery goodness…. no more peacock ornaments…. no Christmas decor. You see, all of our Christmas Decor is in STORAGE. Wommmp womp. We had to store it during open houses and showings (you know, because our house has been on the market for over 8 months, that’s why!). It was a VERY sad day when I realized that our house would be the only one in the cul-de-sac without lights… and that I wouldn’t have the twinkling glow of Christmas tree lights in the living room at night. Well, all of this changed one night after I had come home from a speaking engagement and Michael has dug three of our trees out of the storage unit… just for me. I walked in and immediately went into my high-pitched “Oh my gossshhh! Michael! Yaaayy!!”. He’s so thoughtful and really wanted me to have my Christmas “glow” and so he made it happen! But the story continues from there….

Michael told me that he found the trees, but the ornaments were nowhere to be found. They were hidden and trapped beyond the massive piles of JUNK that fill our storage unit. Instead of setting up the decor (all 5 boxes full) we JUST set up the tree. No ornaments, no color, no ribbon, no feathers… just… THE TREE. As sad as it has been to have a “naked” Christmas tree, I have made some awesome realizations in the last month:

1. Christmas still happens every year no matter what my house looks like.

2. Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with my peacock ornaments

3. Naked Christmas trees are really quite pretty if you like the “more natural” feel!

4. The time I would have spent decorating was better spent with Michael.

5. Any husband who enters into a storage unit in hopes of searching for Christmas decor is a real man!!!

I’m so very thankful for this year… bumps and all. We’ve been tested with our patience and we’ve had to change some traditions but overall, this Christmas season has been just amazing… no decor needed. ;)

So, decor may not be necessary… but I do LOVE IT!! So! I’m sharing a few pictures of what our house USED to look like at Christmas time!! If you never saw our past Christmas posts, you can click HERE and HERE!!

Here’s to an amazing Christmas week everyone!! We love you!! … Here are the good ol’ days! ….

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Aw, I know this is tough but it sounds like such a good lesson! Last year we didn’t have a “Christmas” in the traditional sense… no tree, no decorations, no presents. But it was spent with our family and it just brought me “back to basics” and what the meaning of this holiday really is… and the humility of it all! Mary surely didn’t have a Christmas tree, and she didn’t even have a room to deliver the son of God in! So, I think years like this are good for our souls… and it sounds like you can see that too :)

  2. Bethanne reply

    What a sweet hubby!!!

  3. Katie reply

    So beautiful!!! But you’re right, Christmas will still happen and it’ll be beautiful!

  4. Sharon reply

    We just moved up to Juneau last week and aren’t doing Christmas decorations this year either! Unpacking in our new house and taking care of a 10 week old is keeping us busy! I feel bad that our baby’s first Christmas isn’t very festive, but he got a new house and a better place to grow up for Christmas! It’s well worth it :)

  5. Rici reply

    Dearest, I love the natural feel of christmas greenery & simplicity this year.

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