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and we were nervous. Very nervous! In just one hour, Mike and Amanda would promise to love each other forever on the beautiful beaches of Nags Head but the black and green clouds were looming in the distance. There was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 20 minutes before the ceremony time and we were nervous. Very nervous. The bridesmaids and I closed the blinds so Amanda couldn’t see the darkness rolling in as she got her hair done. We joked and laughed, trying to cover up the sounds of the thunder.  Then the rains came. Torrential rain.  Mike wasn’t allowed to see Amanda but he kept sending messages up from downstairs, reminding her that they were getting married and beginning their…

… life together and really, nothing else mattered.  Amanda would smile and tear up and then wrinkle her nose and laugh. She felt the same way. No storm could blow away their dreams of being husband and wife.  20 minutes before the ceremony, the skies cleared and the guests arrived. Mike and Amanda’s beach ceremony was going to happen and everyone was so relieved! Amanda took a deep breath and headed out of the house to go marry the love of her life.  She met him on the beach, surrounded by close family and friends and they promised to be best friends… forever.  Of course, this was nothing new for them, they have been best friends for a while now. They share everything and while doing their portraits, I heard Amanda ask him (in a totally “amanda” way), “Do you like my dress?! My Hair?! Oh we have so much to talk about later!!!” He adores her and I have no doubt in my mind that after the wedding day, Mike sat with her and talked about her dress and her hair and enjoyed every minute of it. He just loves being with her, protecting her and loving her.


After Mike and Amanda’s engagement session, I couldn’t wait until their big day! They love each other so naturally and freely and that makes my job so easy! Enjoy some of my absolute favorites from their wedding!


The skies before the ceremony! ah!!! But hey, the storm left some awesome dark blue clouds behind which made their portraits awesome!

How cute is she?!

Cutest. Cake. Ever!

Grandpas are so cute!

There he is! … watching his bride come down the aisle!


Love them!

One of my favs!

Ok, so I have this thing with vertical shots… I don’t like them.  I don’t know what, but I have never liked vertical pictures as much as horizontal ones! haha So I hardly EVER post single vertical shots….expect for good ones. This one deserves to be posted by itself! It’s actually a favorite!! I can’t believe a vertical shot is a favorite!

I hope you enjoyed these! Leave Mike and Amanda some comment love and tell them how beautiful they are! I seriously love this couple to death and I couldn’t be happier for them! Congrats you two!!

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  1. Debra Hilborn Cox reply

    These are amazing! Beautiful, beautiful wedding!

  2. Lauren reply

    I am so in love with her color choices! Her wedding cake looked JUST like mine, brown sugar sand and fence pieces and all! LOVE IT!

  3. Elisabeth Wright reply

    These pictures are awesome! I am SO glad that the skies cleared up for Mike & Amanda! I always say: “Everything happens for a reason!”

  4. katie yuen reply

    i just love the way the group shots look with the beach in the background.. and the skies are amazing! and your vertical shot is actually AMAZING. :)

  5. Karin reply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous images! I love Nags Head and the stormy skies make an incredible backdrop.

  6. Melissa reply

    These are amazing. Girl you ROCK!

  7. Terri Hedgepeth reply

    I love these pictures! You are such an artist, Katelyn!

  8. Carrie Lillard reply

    I absolutely love the vertical shot! Fantastic!!

  9. Jacqueline Griffin reply

    GOOOORRGGEEEOUSSSSSS!!!!! I love the little beach pins on the suits! What a great touch haha

  10. Cait reply

    LOVE THESE….so amazing

  11. Catie reply

    So beautiful! Love it sweetie! <3

  12. Terri reply

    I also love your subjects very much!

  13. admin reply

    test test

  14. Mandy reply

    KK these are gorgeous!!! I just loveeee the colors and the setting..and the bride and groom look beautiful together! You did a great job of making the pictures really pop and capturing some really sweet moments! Also…I’ve started my design book and some of these are going in haha :)

  15. Brenda reply

    These pictures are fantastic. Of course it helps when you have a Beautiful Bride and her handsome husband!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  16. Caroline reply

    oh i really like the details of the wedding…and i like the shot of the groom holding the flowers! great shots!!

  17. sarah reply

    these are beautiful! the colors are great!

  18. Mary Siddons reply

    Amazing Pics! What a gorgeous couple and BRIGHT, beautiful colors! love it!

  19. Gillian reply

    These pictures are too gorgeous! Super easy when you have such a wonderful couple to take pictures of :) Glad I was there to be a part of their big day!!

  20. Brandi reply

    Love the vertical shot! Love Amanda and Mike! Their wedding was beautiful, and your pictures are fantastic!

  21. Nicole Delaney reply

    These pictures are so beautiful!! I really like the colors. Amanda, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! The love you two have for each other really comes out in these pictures!!

  22. Susan Hurley reply

    Great photos and a beautiful wedding.

  23. ELLIE reply

    These picture’s are awsome!!!! Much happiness to both of you;) You guys are a perfect match!!

  24. Amanda Hilborn Hedgepeth reply

    I love our pictures & YOU Katelyn for making them portray our day as perfect as it was :) Thank you for everything!

  25. Kim Loftus reply

    First, let me say that you are a beautiful bride! Second,I absolutely love Katelyn James’ pictures from your special day. They are absolutely stunning and although I am not engaged or married I know I will keep her in mind for my future!

  26. Amber Simkins reply

    the pictures are amazing! known amanda for a very long time and she’s always been so adorable….but here she’s just beautiful.

  27. Rebecca Beauchamp reply

    Absolutely stunning! These need to be in a mag, not even kidding – amazing :)

  28. Gina Keller reply

    Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Wedding, Beautiful Pictures. Amazing job on capturing not just Amanda and Mike’s wedding, but the love that they have for one another. It is bursting through the screen!

  29. Erica T reply

    The vibrant colors are nice but I especially love how elegant and timeless the black/white shots look. Good luck Amanda & Mike.

  30. Ro G. reply

    These pictures are gorgeous Amanda. Congrats!!

  31. Jasmine Moore reply

    You are the cutest bride ever and these pictures are absolutely amazing!

  32. heather reply

    such beautiful pictures!!! amanda you’re gorgeous.. i’m going to have to keep katelyn in mind for when i get married ;)

  33. Teresa reply

    You guys look so BEAUTIFUL!

  34. Jennifer Beyers reply

    Katelyn you did a fantastic job! Beautiful pictures! Amanda you looked gorgeous!

  35. Ashley Shepherd reply

    these pictures are incredible. i can only hope katelyn (or amanda :) ) are available for my wedding! congrats on a beautiful wedding!

  36. Jacqueline Reddy reply

    The venue, the colors, the cake eEVERYTHING was so perfect! Amanda and Mike deserve it so much! So beautiful and so fun, I just love it

  37. Alexandra Hilborn reply

    I am so proud to be the sister of the bride, and even more excited that I get to have mike in my life all the time now! the wedding couldn’t have gone more perfect, and katelyn was absolutely amazing. the pictures are perfect!

  38. Jessica reply

    These pictures, and your blog are just wonderful. I think you captured Amanda & Mike perfectly – you managed to capture the love they have for each other in a way that most people cannot. Great job!

  39. Carrie reply

    These pictures are amazing. Just like a story book fairy tale. You did wonderful capturing their special day.

  40. Traci Daniel reply

    Beautiful pictures… beautiful bride!!! Congratulations again to you both :)

  41. GEORGE HILBORN reply

    The story Katelyn wrote at the beginning of this and that first picture of the dunes, sea oats and the storm clouds that had just blown over really capture the true spirit of the wedding. Thanks to all the family and friends for making this day perfect.

  42. Tina reply

    Amanda I LOVEEE these pictures! <3 you look so beautiful!!! :) love love love!

  43. Eva reply

    GREAT PICS!!!!

  44. Missy K reply

    I love these pictures…they are so beautiful. I don’t think your day could have been captured any better!

  45. Karen Havelka reply

    Congratulations Amanda to you and Mike. You were a gorgeous bride. I loved your photographers touch. Your big day looked perfect! Everyone prayed for your fairy tale to come true and I am so happy for you that it was just the way you wanted it to be! Congratulations again!!!!

  46. Ben Termini reply

    Congratulations to you both! I so enjoyed reading the whole story, your colors chosen, the cake was a “work of art” and the pictures are just beautiful!!!!! All my best wishes for a lifetime of health and happiness!!! Love each other “ALWAYS”!!!

  47. Andrew Hilborn reply

    Great pictures of the bride and groom but the best pictures are of me dancing with all the bridesmaids!

  48. Laura reply

    I absolutely LOVE Amanda and these images! :) Your wedding was beautiful :)

  49. Cassie J. reply

    These pictures are AMAZING!! Congrats to you and your hubby!! Ya’ll are the cutest couple!

  50. Lauran Huffman reply

    Gorgeous photographs!!!! So glad your day was so perfect for yall!!! Obviously yall had the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIVES!!! Congrats!

  51. Jill Archer reply

    These pictures are beautiful; they are full of life and absolutely lovely!

  52. Laura W. reply

    Amanda- you look so beautiful!! Congrats!

  53. Jess reply

    Absolutely stunning!

  54. Rachel Camilo reply

    these two are utterly adorable and the photographs capture them perfectly. beautiful peeps, beautiful pics! :)

  55. Kristin Lindsey reply

    Beatiful pictures to compliment an amazing couples perfect day! Congads you two, no one deserves it more then you!

  56. lauen reply

    These are so stunning. I would tell you my favorites, but it would probably have to be a tie between every single shot taken. Congrats again and I love you both! <3

  57. beau ferguson reply

    amazing photos, katelyn did a wonderful job. best wedding ever

  58. heatherr reply

    you are beautifull!!!!

  59. Lakisha Scarborough reply

    Amanda, these pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your day looks like it was really special. Congrats again. The photographer did a great job!

  60. Katie Hedgepeth reply

    Wow! You couldn’t have captured the day better! I love these pictures!

  61. Kasey Warner reply

    Beautiful pics! I agree, Katelyn, the vertical is a keeper…

  62. Patrick reply

    Mike and Amanda are so much fun and these pictures are fabulous!

  63. Tiffany reply

    Truly beautiful!!!

  64. Kathy Adams reply

    Mike and Amanda, thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos with us. Love to you both 4-ever.

  65. Pat Stott reply

    A memorable day for us all.Thank you Katelyn for your beautiful pics.

  66. Stephanie reply

    Unbelievable! Such amazing pictures from a truly beautiful event!

  67. Crystal reply

    Such fabulous pics! You guys look so happy :)

  68. Boston Mat reply

    This couple is downright HOT…way to go Mikey for landing such a beautiful bride…on and the pictures!! OH THE PICTURES! Glad the weather held up for you, but it really made for a great picture

  69. claire reply


  70. Gillian Bura reply

    Again, love the pictures! I have never seen a happier bride :) Love you both Amanda and Mike!!

  71. Justin Erbe reply

    Nice to see the pictures came out so well! I know Gillian had a great time being there with you all!

  72. Christa reply

    gorgeous photos! Amanda chose some great colors and the photos are vivid, just like all of the brightness that she loves, regardless of whether they’re in color or black and white.

  73. Katie reply

    beauuutiful pictures, what an amazing couple! glad those storm clouds stayed away and it ended up a perfect day

  74. Katie reply

    Love it all…glad it was such an amazing day for you!

  75. Marisa “Rici” Chronister reply

    Gorgeous pics!! I love how colorful everything is and the photographs captured the colors beautifully! I especially love the vertical photo on the beach. Congrats to Amanda & Mike! :-)

  76. Alexandra reply

    woww, i love the pictures! they are absolutely amazing and you both look so happy :)

  77. Morgan J reply

    Gorgeous pictures Amanda! What a BEAUTIFUL bride you made. Yall have to be the most precious couple ever!

  78. Stacy reply

    Love the pictures Amanda and Mike! You guys make a beautiful couple.. I wish nothing but the best for you both in the future! So glad the rain cleared up for you both!

  79. Megan reply

    Absolutely beautiful! Can’t pick a favorite…love them all!

  80. Elizabeth FRiske reply

    Beautiful wedding and bride.. I follow your blog and am so impressed with your style. I am an aspiring photographer and learn so much from you! So thank you!

  81. Alex Hilborn reply

    super classy :)

  82. Teresa Rios reply

    you look so sassy ;-)

  83. cindi blackman reply

    you look so beautiful amanda! everything was gorgeous! congratuloations guys!!

  84. LaxWife reply

    I love these pictures! Amanda and Mike make the cutest couple! Good Luck in your future Mr. and Mrs. !!

  85. Brenny reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding photos! You are going to make beautiful babies!

  86. Tish Pugh reply

    Here is to a wonderful marriage, and many successes in your future! Congratulations Amanda!
    Doodle sends big kisses!

  87. Pat reply

    CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you!! Waterman’s again?

  88. PD Massey reply

    The photo’s are amazing but you couldn’t have had two better people to take photo’s of! CONGRATULATIONS!

  89. Brittany Davis reply

    such amazing pictures !! && Amanda & Mike , you two look so happy! this wedding was precious , so classy ! :)

  90. Gillian Bura reply

    telling you again that you’re one hot momma and those pictures are gorgeous!!

  91. Briana Klink Macon reply

    Beautiful wedding and beautiful captured memories for two beautiful people, inside and out! Love you guys!

  92. Yen Pham reply

    great pictures! your wedding pics are beautiful amanda! congrats and best of luck as husband and wife.

  93. Brianne Gayle reply

    Your pictures are so beautiful!

  94. Maggie reply

    Lovley Pictures! Doesn’t get much better then a storm so that the rest of your days are sunny!

  95. Lauren reply


  96. Chris reply

    Fantastic photos!

  97. Bren reply

    Congratulations Mike and Amanda! The photos are amazing but they don’t compare to how fantastic you two are in person!

  98. Rosie reply

    Love all of these. She is beautiful and you captured everything splendid :)

  99. RJ reply

    This wedding couldn’t have been any better. I was worried for you guys, that storm was nasty. Then the skies opened up and everything went on as planned. Wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t there to witness! Luckily we have these great pics to look back on and remember how great it really was. I still look at them all the time. Congrats guys!

  100. Kelly reply

    The little stories with the pics made me get all teary! Pics are beautiful! Amanda I am so happy that you found the man of your dreams! :)

  101. Shilpa reply

    Gorgeous! Congrats! Wishing both of you a beautiful married life!

  102. Julianna reply


  103. Karan Hodges reply

    Had a ball with the Hedgepeth family. Katelyn did fantastic job just like I knew she would after seeing Jason and Jackie’s from last December!!

  104. Mark Hodges reply

    Great to share w/ my bud Brian Hedgepeth in this event. Should have taken the two of us in a picture, but didn’t want to steal the light from the bride and groom.

  105. Mark reply

    Where is my message – – I just left one???? Oh well….

  106. zoe reply


  107. Kristen Allen reply

    These photos are amazing! They REALLY capture the happiness and love of your wedding day. :) Beautiful <3

  108. Erin reply

    fantastic photos!

  109. Kelly Madures reply

    Not only are the bride and groom absolutley adorable these pictures are amazing!

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