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Virginia Beach, Founders Inn Wedding Photographer
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There is a theme

…this summer’s theme is HOTT. Just plain HOTT! Sunday, as I was driving to the Founder’s Inn, I looked at my thermometer in my car and it hit the triple digits. As I sat on 64, I slouched in my seat and prayed 1. That my car would make it! (I don’t understand how they run in 100+ degree weather sometimes) and 2. That I would survive this outdoor ceremony and that the guests would too! Well, I arrived and was informed that everything had been moved inside because of the intolerable heat wave! woohoo! I was so relieved! Although Karynne had dreamed of an outdoor garden wedding, having it indoors was such a smart decision! …. and it was still gorgeous! Josh and Karynne have one of the most interesting stories! When we met …


…for engagements, they explained to me that they were already married!!!  Wait, what?…They explained to me that because of military reasons and timing and job locations and school…all of these different reasons, it just made sense for them to be married last July! July 4th to be exact!  However, they were married in their family’s backyard and never had the oppurtunity to celebrate with family and friends like they had always wished they could. So! They got married again!! I loved it! It was so neat to see family and friends so ready to celebrate this new marriage,… even though it isn’t 100% new! Josh and Karynne were glowing and you could tell that they had been waiting for this day! Celebrating with those that love you is such a huge part of getting married and I am so thrilled that Josh and Karynne got a chance to experience that!


I loved this wedding and I apologize in advance for having a long post!! Josh and Karynne, you two are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be there to celebrate along side of you! Best wishes!!!


I was loving her lace dress!! Can you tell?!

We had a mini-bridal session!

Can’t forget the boys!


We could only stay outside for like 10 minutes at a time because of the heat! Josh, you’re the man! …Wearing a suit in 106 degrees and still looking cool! That takes talent!

ohhh light!

Look at that crazy lens flare! Weird!

These two were so excited about their portraits!! It made me happy!!

I lied earlier, this is my favorite!

First dance! I love first dances… I love everything about weddings! I love my job! Hope you enjoyed these!

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  1. Catie: ( )

    Wow, I agree, the detail on that dress is fantastic!!!! Love these shots!!! <3

  2. Malina: ( )

    Katelyn – these are nothing short of AMAZING! WOW! You truly captured their love and passion! What a fun, beautiful couple – I loved their story! Another unbelievable wedding series! Thanks for sharing – you are so inspiring! :-)

  3. jessica: ( )

    amazing KK.. this was such a great ceremony to attend these two certainly deserved such a day

  4. Katie: ( )

    I LOOOVE the one of them doin’ a little dip action on the porch with the brick and the windows and YUM!!

  5. Amanda West: ( )

    I check your blog atleast three times a day, waiting for something new. ;) You are sooo talented and I love your work. These were fantastic and worth checking back throughout the day!!!!!!!

  6. Corinne: ( )

    KK!! These are so good! I was at the Founders Inn last weekend for a ball tournament and one day we were at the pool and we saw this whole group of people and one girl with an up-do and we thought maybe there was a wedding! I can’t believe you were there! So crazy!! Great pics!

  7. JasmineStar: ( )

    Love it! :)

  8. Connie Beth: ( )

    Karynne looks AMAZING….these are by far some of the most beautiful wedding shots I have seen, love the ones outside with the sun shining so brightly behind…gahhh!!! sept. is SO close!

  9. ejames12: ( )

    KK love them!! these are really good =)

  10. Caitlin: ( )

    LOVE THESE – so perfect. amazing as usual!

  11. Michael: ( )

    dang girl….these are some of my favorite ones yet. The one of her in front of the window…that needs to be in a magazine. Such a classy wedding, Great Job!!!

  12. Erica: ( )

    AMAZING!!! There isn’t a single one that I didn’t totaly fall in love with! you are amazing with that camera in your hands!!

  13. bhuley: ( )

    Loved this shoot!!

  14. Brittany: ( )

    I love these! The indoor ceremony site was still garden-y…gorgeous! Beautiful couple, beautiful pictures!

  15. britney: ( )

    uber classy. great light. nice lens flair. well done.

  16. Heather Corporan: ( )

    I love this! My husband and I had a similar story. Except unfortunately, for our “second wedding” our photographer was THE WORST! I cried for literally weeks about our photos, or lack there of. The ones they did take were amateur-ish, and they missed TONS of shots. Like our ‘first kiss’ etc etc etc. And we thought we did pretty thorough research. We’ve decided we’ll renew our vows every fives years as a way to remind ourselves of the immense committment which is marriage. Maybe I’ll get to hire you in three years : D – LOVE LOVE your eye for photography! They’re a lucky couple : ) (sorry for the long-winded comment lol)

  17. Jodi: ( )

    Gorgeous Katelyn!!! I’m a sucker for lace dresses as well…sooo beautiful! :)

  18. Karynne: ( )

    So I made a comment weeks ago but I guess it did not work! But thank you thank you thank you! I love these. So many of my friends love these! I could not have chosen a better photographer to be a part of my wedding day.

  19. Rachel: ( )

    All of the photos are beautiful! Karynne was gorgeous! Katelyn, you did a wonderful job capturing the excitement and celebration during the day. :)

  20. Haleigh: ( )

    Karynne these pictures are beautiful. Congrats!

  21. Alexandra Borza: ( )

    THESE ARE THE GREATEST wedding PHOTOS i have ever seen. my friend was so beautiful. you should send these to Vogue. :)

  22. Josh: ( )

    You look so beautiful Karynne! I love you so much! Thank you Katelyn for capturing the best day of my life (one of them at least- I got to marry her TWICE!)

  23. Lori: ( )

    The wedding was so beautiful, and these pictures are breathtaking! Those outdoor pictures are amazing-the one in front of the water with Karynne’s veil blowing in the wind is my favorite.

  24. Lindsey Martin: ( )

    i am in LOVE with your pictures, Karynne!!!!
    You were a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!! :)

  25. Melissa: ( )

    What a great beautiful wedding, the pictures are awesome! You were the moste beautiful bride Karynne!

  26. Amanda: ( )

    These pictures are amazing!!!! Katelyn, you really did a great job – they are so unique and artistic! Karynne was such a beautiful bride and her wedding was such a blast!

  27. Amy: ( )

    The wedding was beautiful-as was the bride! The photographer really captured the feel of the day. Great job!

  28. Ben: ( )

    We had a great time watching Karynne and Josh get married. The pictures are just as great as the wedding!

  29. Kathryn: ( )

    I am sooo amazed at these photos. I loved Karynne’s dress! and all the angles and poses in the shots! Great photgraphy!

  30. Amber: ( )

    I like the group photos around the pool table. Very fun!

  31. Jessica: ( )

    very pretty!

  32. Vickie: ( )

    I just can’t stop looking at these pictures!

  33. Dad: ( )

    Friends at work say it was great to see a bride bubbling with joy and Katelyn really captured the joy of bride, groom, friends and family. Thanks much!

  34. Maddie Carrigan: ( )

    These are brilliant. You did an amazing job! :)

  35. Zeb Carrigan: ( )

    The pictures were fantastic and thank you for not making us stand out in the 100 degree weather

  36. Dana: ( )

    You looked absolutely stunning Karynne! So classy and full of love! And I’m glad you got the photographer of your dreams to capture that special day!

  37. Angela: ( )

    Katelyn…you were soo much fun at the wedding!!! And this pics are truly stunning!!!!! I look at them often and have shown many of my friends and family them too!!!

  38. Megan: ( )

    these are amazing!!! I love them so much!!! You were a fantastic bride!!!

  39. Denise Rowley: ( )

    Absolutely the most beautiful wedding photographs! Katelyn did an outstanding job capturing the classiness of this wedding. Karynne was a stunning bride. Loved being there to celebrate with Karynne and Josh!

  40. Daddy: ( )

    I am very proud of both of you. Those pictures look like the ones you see in a glamore magazine.

  41. Brittany: ( )

    Girl these pictures are drop dead gorgeous! You all are so cute! Love the photo shots.

  42. Andy Carrigan: ( )

    We were so blessed to be able to be a part of the wedding. It was beautiful and honored God. Plus, we were just happy to be inside after almost a week camping in VB!!!

  43. The Christopher: ( )

    The pictures look great, but do you think I still have a shot with Josh or is he pretty much spoken for?

  44. Chelsea Haskins: ( )

    these picture are gorgeous! Karynne, you were a beautiful bride (not that anything less was expected)!! and Katelyn, because I saw my friend’s pictures on facebook… I am now obsessed with your blog. Maybe you’ll be hearing from me in a year or so :)

  45. Mikki Carrigan: ( )

    I have never seen wedding pictures this good. They are works of art. Amazing. It was fun to relive the memory of Josh & Karynne’s beautiful wedding.

  46. RIdley: ( )

    These pictures are incredible! You did an amazing job, and Josh you and your wife look wonderful!!

  47. Chelsea Thorne: ( )

    These photos are phenomenal. My mom has already told me that when I get married Katelyn James will be doing my photography. Haha. It looks like it was a great day, Karynne!

  48. alena: ( )

    these pictures are TOTALLY awe-inspiring!! you guys seem so perfect together!!

  49. Joy. « Katelyn James Photography: ( )

    [...] Haymes + BeccaJosh + Karynne [...]

  50. Anna: ( )

    These are gorgeous! I’ve recently discovered your blog and am so inspired! I’ve been working my way through all your posts. What I’m most impressed with is what an amazing business you’ve built in only a few years. It would be amazing to be a part of one of your workshops someday.

    <3 your new addicted follower from Lewisburg PA

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