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This time last year, we had just become a husband/wife team…. officially. We were about to start packing up our cute little house because the new house was almost done. We were learning how to “work together” and finding it to be a little difficult at times. We were worried about income and a down payment and health insurance. This time last year we were in a MASSIVE transition period in both our business and personal lives. It’s funny when you look back at certain seasons of your life and you realize just how CRAZY you were.

This time last year was WILD. However, when we were in the midst of it, it was manageable…. it didn’t seem SO crazy. Closing on a house, moving and becoming a husband and wife team all the middle of wedding season?! Piece of cake. (Just kidding) Looking back, it was a hard season. It was full of uncertainty and we were just keeping our heads above water. But now we’re a year removed from that season and things are much different these days. The new house feels like our HOME, we are really learning what our”systems” look like as a husband/wife team and life is more peaceful. Sure, we’re busy but we’re busy TOGETHER. We have food in our fridge and our laundry pile isn’t a month old. We’re not passing each other on the weekends and waving from a distance.  I’m not continually stressed and we have FREEDOM with our schedules. Now our schedules may be packed…. but if we want to take an afternoon off to go to the outlet mall, we can. :) I have no idea what the rest of our lives will look like… but right now, in this season, I love where we are. Some would say that doing EVERYTHING with their husband would drive them crazy and I’ll admit that we have our bad days…. but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is our dream.

The craziest thing about looking back to last year is realizing that the stress and tears and hard decisions have led us to an amazing new season in our marriage and in our business.  We have had so many amazing opportunities to share our story with so many couples in similar situations and next week, we’re doing it again! Michael and I are speaking TOGETHER at the Connect Marriage Retreat in Rome, GA. We’ve never spoken together before and so this should be INTERESTING! …. But I’m so excited. I’m excited because it has never been more clear to us that this is where God wants us. He’s doing big things…. and we’re just honored to be a part of it!

So this weekend we’re flying to Georgia and preparing our talks and I thought it was only appropriate to recap and acknowledge just how FAITHFUL God has been in our life this past year. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we do know that living in God’s will for our lives… even when it can be painful and heartbreaking at times…. it eventually leads to a life of peace and purpose. So happy weekend friends! Enjoy it and good luck to all of the photogs out there who are starting their wedding season!!!

Photo credit: The sweet Abby Grace! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Melissa reply

    Thanks for sharing, Katelyn! You’ll do great speaking together! :)

  2. Annamarie reply

    I’m so excited for this and can’t wait to see you two there next week!:) Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!

  3. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    You two are such a wonderful example and encouragement to me! I’m so thrilled to see the peace you guys have after making this transition :)

  4. Sabrina reply

    Love this. God has shown Himself so faithful this past year – to y’all and so many others. I’m so excited to see and hear from you BOTH next week! Can’t wait :-)

  5. ashley barnett reply

    This post makes me happy :) Jeremy and I are going through a very similar season as you two as we try to buy a house and it’s encouraging to know there is light at the end of the tunnel! :)

  6. Kristie keenan reply

    You’ve become a celebrity in my eyes and while I’ll never be able to have you as my wedding photographer, building that friendship you talk about with your bride’s, just following you and Michael through your adventures at a distance is great. It’s wonderful to know you’re “normal” like the rest of the world with good and bad times but yet be able to look up to your relationship and it’s good times. I live in rome,GA and I like our town. You should check out the Berry College grounds, it looks like a photographer playground, it’s where I wish to get maternity photos taken if we can find the money before I hit my third trimester. And if you were ever a fan of the movie Sweet Home Alabama the big white house in the movie just happens to reside here as well. Hope you have safe travels!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    It feels so good to stop amid the chaos and acknowledge how blessed and wondeful life could be! I think one of the biggest sentimetns I’ve had this year is being grateful! I’m so happy that you and Michael are enjoying this season of your lives!

  8. ashley link reply

    i’m so glad you guys can experience this amazing adventure together! God is doing crazy-awesome things through y’all!!! i love it! have so much fun!

  9. Robyn reply


  10. Katie reply

    Love you two so much! Thinking back to this time last year makes my head spin!!! so happy to be right where I am with Andrew by my side :)

  11. Amanda Veronee (Anthomanic) reply

    Thank you for the inspiration! I’m keeping faith that He is guiding me in the right direction!!

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