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When I scan through images right after a session…. or 4 days after a session, depending on how behind I am…I use a method I like to call “5 starring”.  I scan through the images and “5 Star” the best of the best! This has become a commonly used phrase around my house and I even have some spectators that like to watch this process! After scanning through TJ and Steph’s images from their Smithfield engagement session this past Sunday, I ended up with over 450 “5 starred” images!!! Are you kidding me?! Yes, they are THAT photogenic but NO, I do not normally edit almost 500 images for an engagement session! I then had to go back and was forced to be selective. I hate having to choose!

Tj and Steph are one of those couples that I met and immediately knew that their session was going to be awesome! How could it not be?! Look at them! They’re gorgeous and they’re in love! Perfect combo! The way Steph laughs and smiles at TJ is so sweet and genuine and I loved spending the afternoon capturing that! As we walked and talked, they explained that they had actually met on their VERY FIRST night at college. What are the chances?! TJ and Steph both attended JMU and within their freshmen year they met, fell in love, and started a friendship that has grown into a lifelong relationship! They have a beautiful relationship I cannot WAIT for their wedding this summer! It’s going to be here before we know it and it’s going to be fabulous!

TJ and Steph, thanks for swatting gnats, climbing through weeds in heals, and trusting me with your engagement session! Love you guys!!

Gosh. How cute is she?!

THANK YOU STEPHANIE! She climbed down to this location in heels!! Wasn’t it worth it?!


So fierce, I love it! I need to get tips on how to have an amazing “model” face like Steph’s before MY wedding! Jstar would be so impressed!

The late evening light was perfect!

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  1. Cati reply

    First comment! :D Something good about being up at 5:45 AM on 5 hours of sleep……. these are only some of the BEST photos yet!!!!!

  2. Steph L reply

    YAY! Thank you Katelyn! They look awesome! I was very excited to have this as my morning “wake me up.” See you in July! Thanks again!

  3. ashley reply

    awesome pictures and looking so in love and happy together! cant wait for the wedding!

  4. Michael reply

    I really liked the pics in Narnia…And the one with the piece of the American Flag….and is that little house for sale, because I would like it. Great Job, Great Couple!!!

  5. Hilary Tebo reply

    These are beautiful!
    You have chosen a wonderful photographer and I know you will be happy with all your photography needs!

    Beautiful JOB!!

  6. Sam reply

    SO PRETTY!! I loved all of them! My favorite were the ones in the field. Nice serious face Steph ;) I love you both!

  7. Jessica reply

    I haven’t commented in a while, but these are GORGEOUS. Absolutely love the locations and the cute/dressy photos and then the change to a big more casual. And she does have an *awesome* model face. :) Great job, Katelyn!

  8. TJ reply

    I never thought taking pictures could be fun! They look great Thanks for all the great pictures!

  9. Shannon reply

    I love her smile!! and that black dress is gorgeous. Awesome job KK!

  10. evelyn reply

    katelyn these are so beautiful! your angles, the lighting, just everything. each day i’m amazed at your talent. keep it up girl!

  11. erin reply

    Your pictures are amazing! I LOVE looking at your blog. . . these engagement pictures are simply fabulous!!

  12. Alex reply

    Michael’s Narnia looks more like the field in Twilight to me. I especially LOVE the one with the sunlight radiating onto Step and TJ! Oh and the first one after they changed outfits is so classic and sweet, they look so in love. Katelyn you always amaze me. These are wonderful!

  13. Patti Allen reply

    They are beautiful pictures! Great Job Steph and TJ! And of course the photographer!!
    I love the ones in front of the different houses.

  14. Katherine reply

    I love these! SO cute and personal. :) :)

  15. Katie reply

    OH MY GOSH!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!! You did SUCH a good job. I am quickly becoming a huge huge huge fan of yours!!! Loveeee that amazing location in the trees. So green and beautiful and the light was stunning!

  16. em reply

    love love love them. what a cute couple! she’s adorable. Great pictures KK! =)

  17. Catie reply

    loved all of those shots. the woods, so pretty, great job capturing the light and both of their personalities! so cute!

  18. Anna reply

    they are such a cute couple :) awesome job, KK! you’re soooo close to being DONE with school and being a “full-time” photographer! YAY :)

  19. Britne reply

    I really really love these pictures. This couple is so amazing! I love the grassy area ones…what a great spot! Beautiful!

  20. Stephanie reply

    They are so adorable!!!

  21. Bobbie Brown reply

    LOVE these – all of them are amazing!

  22. Mo reply

    love this session! the lighting looks so beautiful! great job!

  23. sheri burns reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Truly captures the love. I can’t wait for the wedding, those pics will be spectacular!!!!!!

  24. Alice Owens reply

    Oh my gosh…..absolutely georgeous…..awesome work once again Katelyn!!

  25. Beverly reply

    A very classy shoot! I admire your tasteful photos, Katelyn! There is something pure, but still sexy about your shots! Stephanie, you are a gorgeous girl–love the hair cut and the outfits you chose! :)

  26. Lynn reply

    Wow, these all are 5 stars!!!! Beautiful!!

  27. katie g reply

    i realllllllly mean this as a compliment and i know it sounds lame but i think in some pictures this bride to be looks like kristen from laguna beach…. sorry! i just had to share my thoughts
    sooooo pretty!
    i love her simple dress and brown/tan shoes
    she has such a cute smile
    and my favorites are of her lovebug kissing her neck :) ! haha

  28. Amanda Hilborn reply

    these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! what an adorable couple! :) great job k james! <3

  29. Brooke Huley reply

    Yay for couples meeting at the beginning of their freshman year at JMU!! (That’s how I met my husband!) :) Another great shoot!

  30. Douglas reply

    I like the vivid colors and amazing landscapes. These are well shot pictures! Goos pics Steph.

  31. Felicia reply

    this pictures are GGGgorgeous!! i love the colors and the gardens are beautiful…. :) i cant wait for the wedding photos!! love ya!

  32. rita campbell reply

    They look so happy and in love. Looks like you had fun GREAT PICTURES!!!!

  33. rita campbell reply

    You are really a cute couple,looks like you are having fun . They are great pictures!!!!!!

  34. Girish reply

    Fantastic, fantastic and more fantastic !

    Great photographs, expressions and real real nice candids.

    I would really like to read your workflow about a shoot, specially the poses, candids, and tech information like f-stops etc.

    Can you share that, please.

    Real fan of your photography

  35. Richard Allen reply

    Beautiful pictures but I was surprised to see you had your mouth closed in some.

  36. Sarah reply

    BEAUTIFUL photos!! I love them all!!

  37. Julianna reply

    Soooooo cute! She is adorable!

  38. Wesley reply

    Prettiest pictures ever! Can’t wait for the weeding!!!!!

  39. Allison reply

    Very cute couple!!! I love the last few with that adorable blue house!! Awesome job.

  40. Spring reply

    These are amazing!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love how you use all these cute houses in the background… is there any significance to them or are they just cute houses?

  41. Jasmine* reply

    You’re right…I’m SO impressed!!! :)

  42. Dad reply

    I luv the beautiful scenery. Oh and you two too……

  43. caroline reply

    cuuuuute!! golly day you do a great job! i loved the ones with the brick wall and on the pier (of course!)

  44. Leslie reply

    somehow i missed these..idk how! but theyre so good!! theyre so cute!

  45. Mom reply

    Great pictures! Cute couple. I’ve never seen a picture of Stephanie where she wasn’t smiling. They are amazing.

  46. Jerry reply

    Official comment #46: I must admit, these are fantastic shots!

  47. kortni reply

    I loved them. I thought they were perfect in every way!! Love ya Steph(:

  48. Jessi reply

    Loved every one of them! Can’t wait to see you guys in July! Love ya! :)

  49. Erika Cox reply

    I saw your pictures…..very pretty! Love, Erika

  50. Tom Murray reply

    Awesome photos…looking forward to the wedding!

  51. Kate reply

    Such pretty pictures! Love all the different backrounds

  52. nicalaws reply

    This is my other favorite… Absolutely breathtaking! Love your work, Katelyn!!!! :)

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