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cat is out of the bag! By now, most of you have heard that I’m rebranding. And after reading this post, seeing some instagrams and connecting the dots, you may have figured out that I’m working with the insanely talented Jen Olmstead. I have literally been admiring her work for YEARS and there isn’t one site or one brand that I didn’t absolutely fall in love with. I even love the styles that are NOTHING like my style and that says something! Not only have a fallen in love with Jen’s style over the years, I have also come to love HER!

She’s so much fun and it’s an honor to call her a friend! I don’t know if I was more excited to build a new website or just hangout with her!! :)  Bottom line, Jen is awesome and her work is absolutely amazing. Anyone that has a chance to work with her on a custom site is one lucky duck! The reality is that not EVERYONE can have a one-on-one Jen Olmstead experience. That’s just not possible. However, there is a way to have some of her beautiful work representing your business online and that is through the TONIC SITE SHOP! But wait…. it gets better! TONIC isn’t run by Jen alone, she has an incredible partner in crime who does equally jaw-dropping work and that’s JEFF SHIPLEY! (This is one of my FAVORITE sites he has done!) Together these two run an incredible business with the Tonic Site Shop! I absolutely love this little blurb from their site! It totally describes what they’re about and why this may be exactly what you need for your business to move forward! :

“There’s a sickness in the creative world. It’s insidious, easily diagnosed, and often referred to in hushed conversations between neon and chambray-clad tastemakers as “Boring Template Website Syndrome.” That’s right. Talented creatives everywhere, saddled with websites that fail to convey their brand’s personality and potential. It’s BTWS. It may not be catchy, but the yawns are. Fortunately, at TONIC SITE SHOP we’re here to help, and we’ve found the cure: entirely unique, completely customizable websites handcrafted for the modern, stylish creative. No listless, visually-deficient template symptoms in sight.”

So are you READY!? Are you ready to enter to win?! TONIC just recently launched a whole new set of amazing designs and they are stunning!! We have some sneak peeks below but if you want the full experience, you should visit their site!

These sites are ready to use and they are GORGEOUS! Imagine your images in some of their favorite designs below! Special shoutout to the “Mint Julep” design because they actually designed that style with me in mind!!! So sweet!!!

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  1. Blakely reply


  2. Megan reply

    i love every single site produced by tonic! The vesper design spoke the most to me… I adore the clean lines and timeless design! These sites would elevate my brand and kick off 2015 in an unimaginable way!

  3. taryn reply

    OMG! Would love this….and my business would love it even more! In dire need of revamping, and would love the extra help!!!

  4. Maundy Mitchell reply

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you two come up with!

  5. Lauren Jones reply

    I just LOVE these sites too!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  6. Tara Liebeck reply

    What an awesome opportunity! Thanks guys!

  7. Emily reply

    tonic connects the photographer to their brand! Sometimes we do ourselves a disservice if our websites don’t represent us well!

  8. Olimpia reply

    I don’t even know which one of the examples I love most, they are all so elegant in their simplicity but never boring.

  9. Emily reply

    I’ve been wanting to rebrand for a year just haven’t done it!

  10. Natalie Kunkel reply

    wow! Those look amazing!! Would be so awesome to have an opportunity to work with such amazing talent!

  11. Lauren Jones reply

    i just LOVE their sites!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  12. Nicole reply


  13. Kimberly Lewis reply

    I just started my own photography business this past year and have not yet set up a website. (cost prohibited at this time)
    I would SO love to win a website that shouts who i am and who someone can be through the eye of my lens. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Brittany Claridge reply

    I am so excited for your rebrand katelyn! Your work is already stunning so I can’t wait to see where Jen takes you! This tonic give away would be an amazing opportunity for me if I were to win!

  15. Mary reply

    ohhh, too many pretty designs to choose just one!! Such a wonderful giveaway!! xoxo

  16. Mary reply

    Ohhhh, so many pretty designs to choose just one!! Such a wonderful giveaway! xoxo

  17. Maggie reply

    this is so great! I love these sites so much!

  18. Rochelle reply

    i live all the Tonic designs! This would be amazing!!

  19. Jillian glaser reply

    so hard to pick a fave! Going to go with mint julep I think. Beautiful and clean and a touch of whimsy. Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. laura hernandez reply

    I am in LOVE with the Southside site. But how could you chose one!?!?! These guys are fantastic! What a huge blessing it would be to have them help with a new re-do. thank you kj!

  21. sarah gill reply

    This will be my second year of business without a website. It’s been my plan to rebrand this Winter and start a blog and website. I absolutely love their French 75 site! I am a wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer but primarily shoot weddings. The French 75 site would be a beautiful way to display my work. I love it.

  22. Melissa Waller reply

    I would love this so much! It would be exactly what i need to propel me into 2015. thank you so much for offering this give a way. xoxo

  23. Angela reply

    Thank you both for having such an awesome contest! I’ve been thinking about changing my business name and this would be a great foot in the door to do that! Lots of love!

  24. Ruxy reply

    i love the Romantic!! And mint Julep! I can’t decide, they’re both beautiful!

  25. Alex reply

    Can’t wait to see what you two cook up!! Love tonic!

  26. rhonda reply

    This would be soooooooooooooo amazing!! what a wonderful opportunity to start off the new year with a new look!!! pick me!!!

  27. Nicole Henry reply

    Oh my goodness, I would love to win this! My website that I have now is a minimalistic free template that I found online, however if I were to win one of your sites it would be a complete game changer for my brand. thank you so much for this opportunity!

  28. Britney Tarno reply

    Ah! This would be incredible :) Thanks again for this week! We loved it. And we’ve 100% decided the Tarnos is where its at. So excited for this new chapter :)

  29. Kylee daniels reply

    ahh! I would LOVE this! We are in such need of rebranding!

  30. Erica reply

    I would love to win this! I just rebranded and have admired the tonic shop for a while that it would fit my new look!

  31. alison reply

    Oh I love them ALL! I’ve loved Mint Julep for the longest time but Paloma especially caught my eye today :)

  32. Mary Maier reply

    What a fun giveaway! Tonic designs are the best!

  33. Traci hendrickson reply

    i would love this!!

  34. Elizabeth reply

    Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous giveaway!! A couple faves would be: Paloma, old fashioned, & mint julep, to name just a few =) Thanks for letting me know about this gorgeous site!

  35. Elizabeth reply

    Oh and the ”why” would be such clean, classy yet youthful styles!

  36. Sarah Johnson reply

    I would love this. They do amazing work and my website is ready for a revamp. :)

  37. Leslie Moffat reply

    Gorgeous!!!! Would love to have one of these incredible sites!

  38. Mindy galloway reply

    her work is amazing!! I have been dying for a redesign!

  39. Meredith Sledge reply

    I love Paloma the best I think! Love all the geometry!

  40. reid riggan reply

    We just looked at Tonic Site Shop last night! We decided in our effort to rebrand to go with one of their pages! It would mean the world to win. So expensive getting a business off the ground.

  41. Aislinn Bailey reply

    This could be the next step in my career and I would be beyond blessed to win this. Here’s hoping. :)

  42. Kristi ellis reply

    I love Paloma! It’s descriptive, easy to navigate and visually appealing! I would love to have it as my site!

  43. Rachel reply

    i love the mint julep! Green, classy, and simple.

  44. Seneca Epley reply

    I fell in love with Tonic websites when I became a Showiteer a year ago. This prize would mean so much. It would help me launch my new brand and website that I’ve been anxiously awaiting to do. Their website best represent my design and personal taste. Thank you so much for offering this prize. You rock!! Best of luck to your re-brand launch as well!

  45. Brooke reply

    I LOVE Mint Julip!! I was actually just over looking at these two days ago and looking at my books to figure out how to make this possible right now! The simple yet sweet details are just perfect. Although… Paloma has definitely caught my eye too…. way to many gorgeous options to choose from! Fingers are crossed, but win or lose, THANK YOU for offering this and for continuing to be such an inspiration.

  46. Ashley Edmunds reply

    I love the opportunity you are giving all of us, how exciting. Thanks so much!

  47. amanda reply

    I love all of the Tonic sites for their sohpisticated yet simplistic sleek look. I would be over the moon to have a site like this!

  48. Mackenzie Clark reply

    I love Mint Julep. Such a perfect design for a southern photographer!

  49. Ryan reply

    Tonic is so clean and pure! Love the styles!

  50. Anna reply

    Oh, i adore tonic designs! Can’t wait to see your rebrand!

  51. Alicia Lacey reply

    This is my absolute DREAM giveaway to win — I recently bought one of their blog designs and would love to complete it with a website!!

  52. Jill Powers reply

    YES Please!!!!

  53. Karina Vaandering reply

    Tonic is AMAZING!! I am dying to get my hands on one of their new sites. I am so in love with Paloma!!! I just love the layout, fonts, how clean it is and love that it makes your photos stand out! I saw it when it first launched and can’t stop thinking about it!! I would LOVE to win :)

  54. Kristi reply

    Ooooo…this just leaves me speechless!!! rebranding and a new website…what an absolute dream!! i have been dreaming of the day to do both and to continue to grow our business!! and absolutely can’t wait to see your new rebrand!!! soooooo exciting!!! and with a tonic site!! ahhhhh-mazinggg!!!

  55. Daniëlle reply

    Oh MY! May I drool? I love them :)

  56. april Maura reply

    I really hope to win this giveaway. I love the designs tonics has done; the whimsical elegant style represents exactly what I want my brand to say. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  57. Becca reply

    Would love to win! Stepping up the photography game to be able to go part time at the “real job” and stay home with baby Emma.

  58. Meg reply

    Beautiful sites! I love Mint Julep and Limoncello!! Who could pick just one!?

  59. christina reply

    The gorgeousness is beyond over the top….to think that I may have the chance to win an amazing new website that would help take my business to an entirely different level…is just awesome!! Crossing my fingers and praying!!

  60. Amber Hatley reply

    I love the Paloma website design!! It is beautiful and easy to navigate. I’m drawn to the freshness it provides, clean and real – this fits my style and i would so love to win this website design!! all of the designs are beautiful!!!

  61. Maggie reply

    Such beautiful websites! I’ve been baking with mine for almost a year now (trying to upgrade it myself) and it would be so amazing to stop worrying about it. I could be doing so many more productive things with my time instead. Lol. It would be amazing to win!

    P.s. so excited to see your re-brand!

  62. Kaylie reply

    I love a lot of these designs but my favorite is probably Negroni! Can’t wait to see YOUR redesign!

  63. Julia Lamberth reply

    My fave is “negrini.” There is so much power in simplicity, and I think in a world where we can be overwhelmed with too many images and options, such a simplistic style is key to my business. Hoping to win this!!!

  64. Lindsay Kaye reply

    ohmygooness. I spend a lot of time drooling over tonic sites. Right now my favorite is paloma. It’s so clean and I love the layout of the images on the home page. Thanks for doing an awesome giveaway!

  65. Rebecca reply

    Impossible to choose one! Amazing professionalism! Paloma seems special
    And unique! Love them all thought!! Thx for the opportunity. Rebecca

  66. Kristi reply

    and ahhhhh, soooo many favs!!! i am loving the paloma!! i love the simplicity of it but with a little fun flare too!! It would be perfect to show the things we love as a husband and wife team and move closer to that becoming a reality! i also loveee that you can get wordpress and pro photo blogs with it because that is where my blog currently it!! such an amazing feature to add on! also loving the negroni because it showcases vertical shots which i have found that i shoot a lot of!! and the cleanness and simplicity of it is perfect! loving alll the new sites!!! What an awesome opportunity!!

  67. Alex reply

    This is so great! Having a Tonic-designed website is on my 2015 business goals!! Their work is unbelievable! I love ALL of their sites, but Southside is my fave! This is so wonderful, Katelyn! Thank you!!

  68. Shannon m reply

    yes pleeeaaassse!!! Love you guys!!:)

  69. Erin reply

    I love the Southside, so classic and Gorgeous!

  70. Janae Tomas reply

    Tonic sites is genius and so creative *swoon* their work beyond beautiful. how cool would it be to win this. ;) My favorite site is paloma, i love how it’s fun and fresh, and the contact form is Neat.

  71. Katelynn reply

    These sites are amazingly simplistic yet stunning at the same time! My favorite is the Mint Julep. Clean lines and soft colors, Gorgeous!! Katelyn, thanks for this opportunity!

  72. michelle burke reply

    need this, want this – thank you so much for the opportunity to win such an amazing gift.

  73. Brittany Humes reply


  74. Kelly Williams reply

    Beautiful work!

  75. Lauren reply

    I love the process layout! Love the beauty and simplicity of it! This would be a dream xx

  76. Lauren reply

    I love the process layout!!! I love the beauty and simplicity of it! This would be a dream to win! Xx thanks for doing this!

  77. Casey reply

    Oh my…. these are GORGEOUS!! How can you choose just ONE!? I’m pretty-darn-partial to the Paloma site, though. I’ve never LOVED my site… and I’ve ‘redone’ it probably 3-4 times in the last two years alone. Guilty as charged. This would be an AMAZING opportunity as I launch my business full time in 2015! A mediocre website has gotten me by as a part-timer these last 2 years, but this would be WONDERFUL!

  78. Katie reynolds reply

    OMG how to choose! They are all gorgeous! I think my favorites are Cosmo and Sangria. THis is such a fabulous giveaway so thank you katelyn and Tonic site shop for even having this giveaway! my blog could definitely use a face lift for 2015! winning this would be amazing!

  79. Lindsay reply

    Oh my gosh this would be such a dream come true!!! I love Jen’s work and my site is definitely in need of a creative (and more professional) reset to reflect my work! one of my projects for this winter is to rework my site and I’ve had no idea where to start- this would be the most perfect gift!! And ahh i’m so excited to see your rebrand- I love that you’re using Jen, I agree that I love her work even of styles that are completely opposite of mine! Congrats and thanks so much for offering this!!

  80. Lindsay reply

    Oops!! and I Love the Mint Julep site- it’s southern but sophisticated! Clean and Classic but with a pop of color. Exactly what I want to represent my work to my couples!

  81. Brittany reply

    Reid and I were just drooling over Tonic’s sites last night, trying to choose which one will be our new site! We love gin fizz!

  82. Dana reply

    I LOVE Tonic and currently have the Mint Julep template for my site. Have been looking at their new ones and would LOVE to revamp next year!!!

  83. Lauren reply

    What an amazing opportunity to really kick things up a notch for a small business. Would love the opportunity to work with them!

  84. Alysha christine pennypacker reply

    Ohhhhhhhh my goodness!! so stunning. i can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to have any one of their site designs…seriously like willy wonka: Golden ticket level :) I have been struggling for months to rebrand on my own because every possible penny has been going toward goodies to give my brides for 2015.

  85. Addie Eshelman reply

    Katelyn you have such a sweet heart for others for hosting this giveaway! You are going to bless someone so much :) these sites are gorgeous and if would love to be lucky enough to win one

  86. Trevor reply

    Their designs are amazing! Would love to use one of their sites for my videography work.

  87. Chelsea Anderson reply

    I’m just now going
    Through my first real branding process and this would be such a huge blessing!!!

  88. Corrin Jasinski reply

    These designs are stunning and engaging. My favorite is Paloma. It may be because I love the photos, but the placement of the photos are eye catching and help costumes navigate throughout the website.

  89. Stephanie reply

    I would love this so much! I’ve been stuck in a design mess all year!

  90. Jennifer Lozano reply

    This is AMAZING! People That Do work that INSPIRE you to do BETTER work!!! does that make sense? Can’t wait the outcome of your rebranding :)

  91. Madison Short reply

    I LOVE the Paloma site!! The layout is like nothing I’ve seen before, it’s so playful and unique!

  92. Kim reply

    This would be an amazing gift. I have not been able to afford a new website for more than 7 years. Love all the sites but think Vesper is favorite.

  93. Amanda manupella reply

    Love this, J+M were just showing me this site in mentoring! Talk about the irony now!!!!

  94. Shanon reply

    Love them all especially Mint Julep!

  95. Rachel reply

    I absolutely LOVE the Limoncello site! But then I also love the Gatsby site, and they are so different! Oh no, How would I ever decide?

  96. Jeanne reply

    these sites are so fabulous it’s really hard to choose a favorite!! I think my favorites are retro and Gatsby! They both fit my brand and I love anything retro and vintage.

  97. rachel reply

    Would love to work with her, too!!

  98. shandi reply

    Negroni is so perfect. I love it!

  99. Katie reply

    These websites are gorgeous!! I really loved the look and feel of the paloma site.

  100. Melisa draper reply

    i love them all!!! Amaretto sour is pretty amazing!

  101. Jenny reply

    Oh, I LOVE all of these!! I’m especially loving Paloma! I’m also rebranding during slow season this year and I feel like this is exactly what I’m looking for! I love the more whimsy fonts and overall fun vibe of this site!

  102. Michelle white reply

    i would love to have one of tonic’s sites. I’ve been an admirer for a minute! I decided to do my photography passion full time and this would be just what I need to start my
    New year off awesome!!!

  103. Brianna reply

    absolutely love their work!!

  104. Jessica Burdge reply

    would be a dream!

  105. Hannah Nielsen reply

    I hate my website (it’s just not me) and I’m obsessed with tonic. This would be amazing!

  106. amands swiger reply

    Gah! I would die if I won! I have been looking at their sites for years and never have the money to invest. This would be a dream come true!

  107. April Z. reply

    I love the paloma site. It’s stunning!

  108. Kaylina reply

    These are gorgeous! I’m so torn between Artistry & Adventure and Paloma – both very different but so great in their own ways. I love the simplicity and clean, editorial style of Artistry & Adventure and I love the modular feeling and pops of color in Paloma!!

  109. Alina Thomas reply

    What an amazing opportunity! I was drawn to the Paloma design the most. It just seems like the missing piece in my branding puzzle. I love clean designs and the Paloma one definitely spoke to me.

  110. Rachel reply

    I’ve been eyeing a tonic website for a while now!! they are all so great & and really stand out from any other ‘template’ Design.. because they are so well done!!

  111. Chelsea Mazur reply

    i love them all but My favorite is probably southside. I love how delicate and pretty it is!

  112. Catherine reply

    I love the paloma website! I feel like it represents who we are, super fun!

  113. Missie reply

    They are all so lovely, the paloma Site really stands out to me!! So Pretty!

  114. treneka reply

    I would love to win one of her designs! I was just looking at them yesterday. I have been looking for a design and platform that would work for me as I have been trying to work on branding my business. I think one of these designs would be perfect! Thank you so much for the opprotunity!

  115. Peyton reply

    Dios mío!! I can only choose one favorite Tonic site to obsess on! This is a tough one – because I adore all of them. My particular favs being the French 75 (A French 75 will make any gal happy)! Don’t get me started on the Amaretto sour (Glamorous indeed)! And the Negroni (so fresh and so clean)! Alas, if I must choose one… then it would be (drum roll please)! The Amaretto Sour (Though at the moment I’m drinking a French 75) but my heart is craving an Amaretto sour. It’s just so fantastic! I mean look at it showcasing those beautiful vertical images like a fancy layout from a French Vogue. I love the layout, the font, the clean lines, the way it tastes (oops I mean.. wait who am I kidding – it’s delicious)! And the blog – absolutely perfect. A photographers reverie!
    I am currently in the process of Reviving my photography business. I want to present myself in a new light and I want it to be unique, clean, lovely and yes glamorous! That is why I daydream of the Amaretto sour. Cheers and Viva la cocktail!

  116. Cherie Mariko Murashige reply

    I still adore the mint julep in all its perfection! ;)

  117. melissa reply

    I am having trouble starting up my website for my photography. this would be amazing

  118. Laura reply

    I will also be rebranding by changing my business name because I’m getting married! I’d love the opportunity to get a new and better site than I have now!!

  119. Olivia reply

    I love all designs. But i think the Paloma is my Favorite because it is very clean.

  120. Kristin Wall reply

    So excited for you, Katelyn!! How fun & exciting !!! I would love to “win” this for Emily as she is taking over our business in January. . . and our branding isn’t her style. :)

  121. Kathleen reply

    Wow! So many amazing websites, but I would have to say my favorite is the Paloma layout. So my style! Would be such an awesome opportunity for my business if I got a new website! Love all your work! you guys are amazing!!

  122. Denise Gotcher reply

    SO many to love! I’ve been a fan of gin fizz for a while, but the new Paloma and Cosmo sites are favorites too! We’re currently working on a rebrand and a Tonic site would be the perfect addition to our new look!

  123. Kristin Dunker reply

    I do love the Mint Julep, but I also really loved the look of the French design! It connects with the simplicity and beauty and classic styling that I want to have connected to my work!

  124. Deborah Zoe reply

    Love tonic Sites:)!

  125. Deborah Zoe reply

    Ooops forgot to add… I can’t wait to see the new redesign!!!

  126. mary reply

    this is awesome! would love to win and can’t wait to see your new site

  127. Brenna reply

    What an awesome thing to win! Any business would be lucky to get this!

  128. Chelsea reply


  129. Carri reply

    I love tonic sites! And mint Julep is my favorite too – must be because I’m also from VA :)

  130. Kristina reply

    What a great giveaway! I love the old fashioned design as well as the streetcar design. Both so clean and timeless, love them both :)

  131. Suzy reply

    Oh my word!!! How absolutely amazing would it be to win!!!!!! Thanks so much!!

  132. candi reply

    I so need to rebrand! LOVE these! Can’t wait to see your new site!

  133. Joy Phillips reply

    The Index is my fave!

  134. Bethany reply

    All of the sites are so amazing! I’m in serious need of a rebrand (since I haven’t updated my website in about 3 years!) This was just the inspiration I needed!

  135. Melissa reply

    i love tonic sites! love the mint julep, clean, simple, eye catching. this would be an amazing way to kick off the new year!

  136. Jacinthe reply

    Oh this is amazing! I’ll totally be entering the giveaway! Thank you, KJ + Tonic Site! Two clicks on my website are sufficient to show how much I do need a new website. :) Can’t afford it for now though so having it for free would be out-of-this-world. Seriously!

  137. Brooke reply

    Beautiful websites!! I can’t wait to see your new design!!! I would love a new design for my site!

  138. Joy Phillips reply

    OK wait – I guess it’s called the Amaretto :)

  139. Maggie Hargrave reply

    Beautiful work! My site is in definite need of some changes. I’ve been wanting to update/completely change it for so long now and thrus would be perfect for my business!! Katelyn, you’re so sweet to extend the love for someone else. :)

  140. Andrea reply

    OMG PALOMA! THis would make me the happiest girl in the world! I’ve been trying to find the perfect site for so long…

  141. Lesli Escano reply

    i absolutely adore their designs. But being on a budget can really determine the type a website you can have. This is exactly what we need to take out business to the next level. Crossing my fingers, this would be the best birthday present ever.

  142. steph reply

    Entered and fingers crossed!

  143. Julie reply

    i would love this! Great way to start a new website off right! Currently, trying to brainstorm a new look, this would be so helpful!

  144. Julie reply

    Ahh Beautiful!! Definitely diggin Paloma!

  145. melissa reply

    Ah! A new website has been on the top of my to do list!!! Thanks for the opportunity:)

  146. Amanda Krovic reply

    I have been following and admiring the works of Jen Olmstead for a while now. She is so talented and I look forward to seeing your new branding, Katelyn!

    I just love the clean, simplicity of French 75. It is in perfect line with my personality and vision of my brand. I would LOVE to win a Tonic site Shop!!

  147. Adrienne reply

    These sites are classy, elegant, and iconic. I love them all and would absolutely love to showcase my work in one of these beautiful layouts. Well done!

  148. Lee Mitchum reply

    ooh I really love the Paloma design! I love the focus on the photos, the fonts, the layout… It’s awesome! I would be so thrilled to win! What s blessing!

  149. Anna Satalino reply

    These Web designs are stunning! Love the simplicity of them! I hope when you rebrand it will stay teal!! :)

  150. alicia sturdy reply

    i love the amaretto sour site because that brush font is TO DIE FOR!

  151. Devon Donnahoo reply

    I love the south side site! i could just picture my work in this layout and it gives me butterflies. All of the sites are beautiful and i would be so thankful to have an opportunity like this while i’m rebranding to help me really stand out.

  152. Anna Hughes reply

    I want to redo my site this winter SOOOOO badly!!!

  153. Lindsay Welke reply

    These are so beautiful! I’m laughing a wedding planning business and I love these! What an amazing talent!

  154. Erin reply

    oh my I would literally die! This is so exciting!

  155. Diana Boumel reply

    I would love to win this! The web designer I was working with never finished. I haven’t bothered to change my site because pre-mades are so… pre made. Hope to win thanks for an awesome opportunity!

  156. Evian reply

    Starting a new business in nyc, this would be awesome! I love Jen’s work!

  157. krysta Ardigo reply

    I am in dire need to help revamping my website. In addition to my home based business

  158. Meg Thue reply

    I “LOVE” the Bloody Mary website layout. The design of it is so clean and the text elements really add a personal touch! It’s truly hard to pick a favorite, but my eye kept gravitating back to that one!

  159. krysta Ardigo reply

    I am in dire need to help to revamp my website and branding. Between my business, family (husband and two little girls), activities, etc., there isn’t much time for “updating”. Please pick me:)

  160. Chaney reply

    i think my favorite is Paloma, but i love them all! I love that it’s clean and modern – right up my alley!

  161. Ilaria reply

    Wow, it’s amazing :)

  162. Melanie reply

    I don’t deserve this. At All. But it would be an answer to prayer for me. I’ve been wondering if I should walk away from my hobbyist haven and step into something professional. One of my hold ups has been BWTS. Help me start on the path write something something stylishly creative. I would be honored to have a tonic design!

  163. Rebecca reply

    UM YES PLEASE! This is the greatest giveaway ever!

  164. Kathryn reply

    i live the one with the picture of pippin hill vineyards the best, but they are ALL amazing!!!

  165. Sarah reply

    I love and NEED this!

  166. Natasha reply

    This would be sooo amazing!!!!! Love paloma!!!

  167. Sarah reply

    My favorite site on here is Amaretto Sour because of its simplicity and classic aesthetics! They are all gorgeous, but this is my favorite!!

  168. Megan reply

    What an amazing experience! Can’t wait to see what awesomeness you gals come up with! Kudos!

  169. Laura Archer reply

    Oh my goodness.. what an awesome giveaway! We are currently rebranding and LOVE looking at all these amazing designs!

  170. Ashley reply

    That would be so nice to win!! I’ve been working on my website for the past 2 years and keep hitting road blocks!

  171. Ashley reply

    I’ve and working on my website for over two years and keep hitting roadblocks!it would be so awesome to win!

  172. Jessi reply

    i have LOVED the Tonic sites ever since my mentor raved about them, and invested in one herself! They are just stunning, and It would be the biggest blessing to win one! I’m beginning to rebrand, myself, so this would be the ultimate kickoff! The Paloma style immediately jumps out at me with its rich, PNW feel! I’m dying over here… They sure know what they’re doing!

  173. Alysha hogsett reply

    I love them all. So beautiful. So talented.

  174. carlyn kachurek reply

    can you really only pick just one?!?!? wow, stunning designs! makes me wonder how i have never heard of Tonic before?!? clearly i’ve been missing out. I drooled over ALL the designs, but I wanted to cry when I got to the Hemmingway. I feel like someone peeked into my brain and saw everything I imagined my website to be! I would love to revamp my web presence with this wonderful look that I feel encapsulates my business and style perfectly!

  175. Shaina Koren reply

    These are beautiful! What an amazing giveway! I cannot wait to see your rebrand with Jen!

  176. Laura reply

    If I ever needed anything so much for my business this would be it!! Thank you so much for this giveaway and chance!

  177. Karlee reply

    My website is still in the works, but I had used an inexpensive, do it yourselfer, and would love a beautiful brand!

  178. Victoria reply

    This would be so AWESOME!

  179. Kalina Duck reply


  180. Dave reply

    Either Paloma or Amaretto Sour as they both fit what I wish my branding was, ha, are stylish, and really functional for a user. Jeff and Jen are the stuff!!

  181. Emily reply

    We are beginning our first major rebrand immediately after the holiday season ends…and what an incredible start a tonic site would be!

  182. Emily reply

    …and, oops! Forgot to mention: we love the whimsy of Paloma – a perfect fit for the brand we’re developing.

  183. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I love the paloma design because of the big images and the crisp, clean categories. I’d love to win this! My website definitely needs help! Thanks so much for putting this on!

  184. Kaitlin reply

    id LOVE to win this!!! ❤️

  185. Tiffany Bailey reply

    I love the vesper design, it’s just so beautiful and feels just how I want my brand to look!

  186. Shannon reply

    I love the vesper and ameratto sour ! Clean lines, simplicity meets elegance! Eye catching! Love them! Love them all!

  187. Rachel D reply


  188. Paulina reply

    i love vesper! it’s a tie between vesper and negroni-i love how they feel like a book! =)

  189. Rebecca Marshall reply

    This would be a game changer for me! I really really want to win! I love ALL her products!

  190. Laura reply

    This sounds absolutely AMAZING!

  191. leah otten reply

    This is an incredible gift. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I have dedicated 2015 to growth, and a new website is part of that growth. However, a new GORGEOUS website by this amazing talent would take the cake. Cheers loves!

  192. Tenley Clark reply

    I’ve been obsessed with the Paloma design ever since they released it! I’ve been searching so hard to find a template that matched my branding perfectly and it was like a sigh of relief when I saw it. It mixes everything I knew I wanted in a site (the clean design, modern and handwritten fonts, quirky text, personality) and more!

  193. ariella reply

    I would love this! It’s my birthday! :)

  194. BEcca reply

    Love this!!!!

  195. Madeline reply

    the simplicity of the Paloma site is clean and stunning!

  196. molly @ still being molly reply

    I LOOOVE Mint Julep! It’s such a fun, bright, but clean design!

  197. Abigail reply

    I love all these!!! They are so simple and elegant. Breathtaking! I currently have a blogspot website for my photography business, and it gets the job done, but wow! I can’t imagine having a website like these! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  198. Jill reply

    Ooh, I’d love to win this.

  199. Jill reply

    I’d love to win this!!!!

  200. Jessica Warren reply

    Thank you so much for providing us the opportunity to enter into this amazing giveaway!!! amaretto sour is my absolute favorite designs, I been eyeing it for months! I not only love the style, but the typography is amazing! I cant imagine the roi when implementing one of these sites into your business. bravo to superb creativity!

  201. Amanda reply

    I love everything about Tonic Site Shop! I discovered them earlier this year and have been in awe of their work ever since. The Southside light has been my favorite, but I also love their new Vesper design! It’s so elegant and understated in the most beautiful way! My current site definitely suffers from Boring template Website Syndrome and I’m worried it holding me back from reaching the couples I really want to work with. A design by Tonic would go a long way in helping my husband and I (we are a team!) reach our goals!

  202. Charlotte mcgarry reply

    Love love love. I would love the mint julep. Clean classic and perfect for my wedding photography vision.

  203. jane reply

    Negroni Is stylish and simple. I love it.

  204. Amanda reply

    Oh this would be amazing!!! We are ready for the next step in branding and this would be a blessing!

  205. Hannah reply

    SUCH a great opportunity! :) Can’t wait to see YOUR new brand!!!

  206. Lindsey Yeagley reply

    I love the Paloma site!! I would love to win this opportunity to grow my business and create a gorgeous new brand. Thank you for this amazing offer! Can’t wait!

  207. Alisha Kistenmacher reply

    Are you for real!! This is an awesome giveaway! Hope I win!

  208. Alisha Kistenmacher reply

    Awesome giveaway!! Hope i win!

  209. Jessica Green reply

    i don’t think that it is even possible to pick one single tonic website that is my favorite because I love them all!! They are all so classy and tie the photographer and their work together so well and smoothly. I would be more than honored to win this giveaway! It would literally be a dream come true and a Christmas miracle!!! (:

  210. Loria reply

    Ooh, this would be lovely!

  211. Katie reply

    I love the Tonic Site shop! Simply stunning designs. I can’t wait to see your rebrand! :)

  212. James Sturos reply

    A new website would be awesome! I think the Paloma website would be a fantastic website for my new photography business! You two are an inspiration to couple photographers, thanks!

  213. Katie reply

    I love the simplicity of Negoroni. So beautiful!

  214. Kandice Stewart reply

    This would be an absolute dream come true. I am in desperate need of a re-brand and new website… so this would be unreal! PLEASE pick me! :)

  215. Jenna shriver reply

    So wonderful! I’m in such dire need of something like this!

  216. Rachael reply

    OMG…I love every single design that Tonic does! I am in dire need of rebranding (ok, just plain branding!!).

  217. Timothy reply

    I love True Romance and Negroni They are so clean and timeless. Love how they make images come alive off the screen.

  218. Heather reply

    Oh my goodness!!! This is just what my business needs and would be a great motivator! And I absolutely love the Mint Julep design, so perfect!

  219. Sandra Whitty reply

    I’m in the process of starting a new business, which we all know is costly. Being gifted a website would be the most amazing and helpful thing that could happen for a new entrepreneur. These website designs are elegant, easy to read, and evoke a professional and stylish feeling.

  220. Robert reply

    Amaretto Sour is my favorite. Would be a great design for our business!

  221. Natalia reply

    While I love nearly all of these, I particularly Paloma! How Beautiful!

  222. Sara Wilson reply

    This would be amazing!! I love the Studio but all are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your new branding Katelyn james!

  223. Ashley Crutcher reply

    wow!!! That’s amazing. i would so love to win this. Can’t wait to see your rebrand :)

  224. Christy reply

    Wow! What a way to start off 2015 with a brand new gorgeous site!

  225. Sarah Elgersma reply

    I think winning would be the very best Christmas present yet!!

  226. Bri reply

    wow this is amazing!! I would love to update my website!

  227. Jama reply

    Oh I’d love any one of these, so pretty!

  228. brittanee reply

    Mint Julep is my absolute favorite!! I am in love with every single thing about that site. i have been eyeing it forever…

  229. jessica keeley reply

    I would love to win! This would help tremendously! !

  230. Kathy reply

    Exciting!! I could really use this! :)

  231. Ali reply

    I honestly cannot choose between Paloma and Mint Julep, but if I had to I’m sure I could manage it! :) I would love a new site!!

  232. Alex Lucas reply

    Paloma wins in my book. It’s super clean and bright with a splash of color. I think clients love a clean site. It’s easy to read and navigate. I think it would also display my brand perfectly1 Thanks for the share guys!

  233. Marina Ryan reply

    I LOVE Paloma or Sangria! The sites are so beautiful!!

  234. Lori reply

    OOH these are so perfect!

  235. Latanya reply

    I absolutely LOVE every site!!! But if I seriously had to choose just one, gin fizz is speaking to me. I love everything about it!

  236. Lauren reply

    What beautiful sites! Oh! And can’t wait to see the rebrand – your work is stunning!

  237. Rebecca reply

    These are simply amazing! The layouts are perfect.

  238. Annamarie reply

    Yesss!!! This is so exciting!!! And I’m so thrilled for you and your new website!!!:)

  239. kati reply

    these templates are SO beautiful! I would be so thrilled if I got the chance to rebrand my site with the help of such talented artists!

  240. Maria reply

    LOVE tonic site shop! Would love to win a website!

  241. Cait King reply

    pick me!!

  242. Amanda reply

    I am in love with all of the sites! I can’t possibly choose!

  243. Erin reply

    I am most drawn to The mint julep site for its elegance and softness. I am also attempting a rebrand for 2015 so this would be a huge blessing!

  244. Kara Dodge reply

    I love their work!! Oh my goodness, this would be awesome to win as I’m working on rebranding for 2015!

  245. Elyse reply

    Would l avvvvvvv! To win!! :D my site is in desperate need of help

  246. Victoria Wilson reply

    These sites are GORGEOUS! Would love to have a pro design my blog ;)

  247. Angel pilgrim reply

    I don’t know how I could pick a favorite! They are all amazing! I would love to have one of my own.

  248. Casey reply

    Ah!! Can’t wait to see what Jen comes up with for your new brand & site (& for Justin & Mary’s – so many exciting rebrands happening right now!) My new Tonic favorite is the Paloma. Probably in part because it features the lovely work of Ben Sasso, but also because I really like the way the photos are interactive and the grid layouts are clean & simple, which is very much my style!

  249. Katie Jackson reply

    I can’t wait to see your new branding Katelyn!! and I would love to win one of these tonic sites!!! They are so beautiful!

  250. Leah reply

    I would love one of these sites!!!!

  251. Kate W. reply

    In need of a makeover after the busiest year of my career! This would be a godsend!!!

  252. Jessica Cooper reply

    I am in love with everything they do. I just signed up for showit so this would be incredible to win this!

  253. Angela reply

    i love these templates” they are all so modern and sophisticated!

  254. Johnna Hetrick reply

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE their designs and style. I am in DESPERATE need of a new site and am having trouble getting it all together (it’s a big task!). I am re-branding over the holiday and a new site would be the perfect accent. I absolutely love the Paloma. It is easy to navigate and showcases the work. I love the coloring and how it pulls the site together. I love how most of the site home pages have an intriduction. It’s a great way to present the site from the beginning.

  255. Daniela reply

    Love Paloma! It speaks to me!

  256. Katie reply

    This is so great Katelyn! Your generous heart is so wonderful to see.
    I absolutely LOVE the Negroni! I’ve been drooling over it since it was released. The clean aesthetic
    is perfect for my brand and direction I am wanting to go in the new year.

  257. Cristal Veronica reply

    I’ve been dying over their sites from some time! #fingerscrossed

  258. Allie reply

    LOVE these sites!! How awesome would it be to win one! :)

  259. Rebecca Johnson reply

    I might have just fainted a little. Everything Ive been shooting for is right here. just out of my finger tips and could possibly change everything for my business and my family! So amazing that you guys are doing this!

  260. Lacey reply

    I love those websites!! They are just absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait to see yours Katelyn!!

  261. Heidi Margocy reply

    omg. Still, Lemoncello and Vesper are my dream sites!!! Their aesthetic go perfectly with what our new site is going to be all about!

  262. Rachel Wells reply

    I love all of their designs! Crossing my fingers & toes!

  263. Mirna reply

    Absolutely beautiful work. What an honor it would be to work with the creative minds behind tonic.

  264. Suzanne McNeil reply

    Wow…..I have to pick only one? I love Mint Julep. The full size image grabbed my attention first.

  265. Irma neufeld reply

    I love all of them it would be a very hrs des idiom to make but I think would lean more toward either the vesper or mint Julip I love how clean and simple yet element they are

  266. Jenny reply

    this would be a dream!

  267. Andrea reply

    These are absolutely lovely! Stunning work!

  268. Laura reply

    This would be amazing! Love your work

  269. amelia charleen reply

    would love this!

  270. Meghan reply

    i love the cosmo blog! it seems so open and inviting!

  271. Lindsey reply

    This is amazing! I can’t even pick a favorite! I love the mint julep and sangria and so many more!

  272. Breanna reply

    I love them all! But I think my favorite is the Southside. :) It is clean, fresh, elegant. It is perfect!

  273. Jeffery reply

    This is so exciting, thank you Katelyn!

  274. Shakira reply

    I am in the early stages of branding for my event coordination business K.Ginelle winning this website would afford me the web presence I need to reach a broader clientele and take my business to the next level I would be forever grateful! Though I love all of the tonic sites my favorite would have to be the velspar! I am a lover of all thing elegant, timeless, and classic. It is so K. Ginelle!

  275. Shakira reply

    Vesper* ….Ugh auto correct!

  276. Lacey Rabalais reply

    this would be such an amazing blessing.

  277. FABIANE reply


  278. Emily reply

    Oooh , I like Amaretto Sour!

  279. Klaudia reply

    I really love all the designs. Any one of them would improve my current web site tremendously. Each one is so unique and beautiful.

  280. Gabrielle Halle reply

    These are beautiful! I love all of them and tonic designs are so unique and in a class of their own.

  281. kimberly carlson reply

    PALOMA! PALOMA! PALOMA! i LOVE THE LAYOUT AND THE MULTIPLE IMAGES ON THE HOME PAGE. IT DRAWS ME IN AND LEAVES ME WANTING TO SEE MORE! i also love that everything (all options) is visible on one page. Beautiful work. I can totally envision my photos are here. If you pick me you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

  282. Angie reply

    Oooh, I would LOVE this!! MinT Julep is definitely my favorite. Love the big photos and fonts! :)

  283. Allie reply

    i am dying to have an updated website to keep up with my quickly growing business. I don’t have the time to focus on it and need the help of a professional. I love all these sites and know it would elevate my work to a new level to be showcased in this way. :)

  284. Kel reply

    Oh my goodness!!!! I was about to cry today trying to figure out a new site on my own! This would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

  285. Christene Logesky reply

    Can’t wait to see your rebrand and j+m’s! So exciting!

  286. Lauren reply

    Ah! My friend and I are just starting our own business and one of the biggest obstacles is the initial site (and paying for the professional look we want). This would be awesome!!

  287. Ellie reply

    I adore the Paloma Site…elegant and simple…it would be perfect for showcasing my whimsical artwork…perfect for my brand launch!

  288. Yvette reply

    Gatsby is my fave!!

  289. Tonya Hurter reply

    Yes, I would so love to win this!

  290. Kim reply

    I’m definitely suffering from a bad case of BTWS! so happy to have discovered Tonic. Truly gorgeous designs! Negroni is just perfect & I’m really inspired to rebrand in the new year! Thank You!

  291. Rebecca reply

    I love the sidecar site the most. I think they are all amazing. Great new clean looks!

  292. chaquana denise reply

    omg!! omg!! this would help my business out a ton!!

  293. chaquana denise reply


  294. Melissa Ramsey reply

    Oh my how can one make up their mind!! Beautiful designs but two that really pop out at me are Paloma and Mint Julep!!

  295. Jodi reply

    Southside!!!! I have been dying to have this website for so long, but haven’t been able to put aside the $1200 for it yet!!! I die over TONIC!! Their designs are so so so so good!!!

  296. Kelli Garvin reply

    This is so great! What a blessing this would be!

  297. Cameron Burns reply

    Oh. My. Lanta. This has to be the greatest thing ever! All the options are jaw-dropping, but, Mint Julep has won me over!

  298. Paige Gabert reply

    she’s incredible. I would be honored to win the chance for her to design my website!

  299. Jenny spires reply

    Oh man, oh man. This would be the very best thing to win as my little site is saaaadly outdated! My fave is definitely mint julep!!! But really, I love so many of them!

  300. Jenny spires reply

    Oh man, oh man. This would be the very best thing to win as my little site is saaaadly outdated! My fave is definitely mint julep!!! But really, I love so many of them!

  301. Catherine reply

    Oh this is so exciting! I’ve been admiring tonic designs for a year now and would absolutely be thrilled to win!

  302. Erika reply

    I love the simplicity of “Bloody Mary”.. Simple, clean and subtle elegance! Would love a chance to work with Tonic and these incredible designs!

  303. Tyrell Banks reply

    I love the negroni!! i just started shooting film and I love how clean and simple it is for my style. i want it not only because it is beautiful but it will also match my blog as it is negroni i recently purchased :)

  304. Shi reply

    love all these sites, they are amazingly chic and modern. my fave is limencello…classic with a feminine twist. :-)

  305. Betsy Allen reply

    Love love love the negroni design! So simple and clean. Perfect for displaying my portfolio! It was a tough choice between that and the paloma design.

  306. Michelle reply

    Love love love the sites!! So simple and elegant and that is my style!! :)

  307. Karen reply

    we’re three years in
    And growing fast
    Our old website is a thing of the past

    Katelyn and tonic have inspired me so
    Its time for me to let the old me go!

    I can smell it in the air
    So strong is the aroma
    A new kg website
    For me its paloma!!

    (That took me ages to write!!!) love you guys! Xx

  308. Gabby / En route photography reply

    How come I didn’t come across their gorgeous work until now? Insane! Cosmo stole my heart but French 75 is the most me!!! Ah wouldn’t it be awesome….. xx

  309. Celeste DeMoore reply

    I am in love with all their sites and have been saving up to purchase one. This would be amazing!

  310. Maura reply

    Oh my gosh, didn’t know there was an official diagnosis but I definitely have btws! Must. Fix. Immediately.

  311. Asashia reply

    I loved all of the sneak peeks! But I think me and Negroni would be the best of friends!!!

  312. Kelly Mars reply

    Super classy and pretty sites. I am in dire need of a new fully functional, lovely site – I would choose negroni…..I think….the choice would definitely be hard as they’re all beautiful.

  313. Jennifer Donald reply

    I really like paloma because your eye is focused immediately on the image, and then the caption/text. Great for art work

  314. Jennifer Beck reply

    Just wow! i would love this so much and my business would thank you a million times over! best santa evvaaa.

  315. Lisa reply

    Oh, I would LOVE THIS!! I love tonic’s sites & branding – and I’ve been going back to mint julep over & over- my favorite!!

  316. Nancy Pennington reply

    ….. gifting this opportunity to a young lady who has professionaly admired Katelyn James for many years would be ….well …. over the moon exciting !!

  317. Lauren reply

    I LOVE Vesper! It’s my favorite :)

  318. Tatum McWatters reply

    i think Paloma has the most potential for my business. All the layouts are awesome and I would LOVE. Refresher for my business!!

  319. Tracy reply

    my favorite is Negroni. Thank you

  320. Kayla Lapp reply

    Ahh- This is such an AMAZING giveaway. I would be thrilled to win this. :)

  321. Shaunae reply

    Omg what an amazing opportunity! All of tonic shop’s sites are so fantastic and beautiful. I love them all but My new favorite design is Paloma. It’s crisp and fresh and looks stunning!!

  322. Samantha Ruddock reply

    I love tonic Sites!!

  323. Shay R. reply

    I Would LOVE TO WIN!

  324. JoAnna Dee Weddings reply

    Clean, crisp, and oh so gorgeous! After moving cross country from DC to south padre TX, it would be spectacular to be able to create a fresh new site since I have to rebuild my brand from the ground up. Imagine the template Paloma flooded with gorgeous bridal pictures on the Gulf! :) Thank you for offering such a great give away!

  325. jen reply

    This is insanely generous…love tonics work and happy to be a new fan of you! Fingers crossed! :)

  326. Brittany morgan reply

    i absolutely love south side and negroni! I love how light and timeless they are while still be stylish and sophisticated. I would love love love to win one of those sites!

  327. Jaimie Krause reply

    i love tonic shop! Their designs are modern and elegant- which equates to perfect in my book! I am in desperate need of a website facelift- this day in age, your website is a potential client’s first impression of you, and I desperately need that edge!

  328. Laura Crosby reply

    what an amazing giveaway, Katelyn! I absolutely love the Paloma website. It’s classy and all about showcasing the photographers portfolio! I love that it is both simple enough for me to like and is so beautifully designed that it’s not boring!

  329. Dilia Cohen reply

    This is awesome! I have been working on re-branding and it is really has been a journey, which I’m sure will never end. But that’s marketing for you. Wishing you the best in your re-branding process!

  330. Michele Dowd reply

    I would absolutely LOVE this. I need it. Not just want. But, Need. to. have. it.

  331. Kelby reply

    They are all so amazing amazing! one of my favorites is the VESPER

  332. Kelby reply

    They are all amazing. One of my favorites is the VESPER.

  333. Rebekah Petersen reply

    I LOOOVE Mint Julep! It fits my branding style PERFECTLY!

  334. Melissa Kilner reply

    I am deeply in love with Amaretto Sour. I’m preparing to re-do my website and it is the exact vision of what I want. Simple, clean, with a touch of fashion and glamour. Basically it’s me in a website. :)

  335. Catriona Stewart reply

    After gazing at many of the beautiful website designs, the one that struck me most was Mint julep. It feels so simple, fresh and beautiful to me. I love the photo background with framing round the edge, and the elegant feel to the layout and flow. it’s such a difference from my 4 year old boring template website!

  336. Susie reply

    I love the mint julep one! But really all of their designs are awesome. I’m totally inspired to revamp my web presence now.

  337. Tangie reply

    I love, love, love the Paloma!!! The bright colors are gorgeous and I love the simplicity of the website. That vesper is HOTTTT, too!!! LOL!!!

  338. Ingrid wilson reply

    WHAt fun! Trying my luck. :)

  339. alex reply

    Gorgeous designs!! :) I have a new favorite company for websites for sure! This would be wonderful to win, thanks for the opportunity. :)

  340. Cassandra Zetta reply

    Ward 8 is my absolute favorite design! The white space allows for the images to stand out, and this could truly bring my website to the next level.

  341. Lindsay reply

    What an amazing giveaway. I am rebranding for the new year and would just love this opportunity. things have been crazy this year with our new addition and i would just love to spend the time on my website with tonic!

    my favorite site is the mint julep site!

    Happy holidays :)

  342. amy simo reply

    I do like quite a few of the websites, but I think I absolutely love the Vesper design. clean, modern I can really make it my own!! Thank you so much for contest!!

  343. Kayla reply

    For being a first year business owner, this would be an amazing opportunity to work with the talents at tonic! Thanks so much for doing the giveaway and fingers crossed that I may be lucky enough to win! -may the odds ever be in our favor- :)
    Kayla from Delila Kay Photography

  344. Erika reply

    whoa, looks like some beautiful work. I have been wanting to redesign mine. Thanks for the opportunity!

  345. Sarah reply

    Mint Julep is my fav…

  346. Sarah reply

    i absolutely love the sleek and chic feel of Paloma. It’s gorgeous and fun and totally contemporary! Perfect!!

  347. Michelle reply

    Oh my word!! I can’t wait to see your new site and I wish I could have them do my new site too!! Ah!! THese are amazing. That Paloma is perfect!!

  348. louisa reply

    What an awesome giveaway! If I was to win, I’d pass the kindness forward by giving away a free family photoshoot!

  349. louisa reply

    ps. and my favourite design is paloma!

  350. Allison Mannella reply

    Totally in love with their new Vesper design!

  351. Taylor reply

    Oh my gosh. These are such beautiful designs. I really love Paloma. It’s so simple and clean. I would loooooove that for my business.

  352. Lauren Buman reply

    The Palomar’s bright colors and laid back style totally caught my eye! Beautiful work!

  353. Rachel Taylor reply

    My website is awful, and I’ll be the first to admit that! The Paloma site is simply stunning and would help my photog biz tremendously! Definitely my favorite!

  354. Chantall reply

    Oh wow! I would love a new site and I’m totally in love with the negroni theme. it’s clean and simple and fits my brand. i’m starting a new chapter in my business next year , how amazing would it be to have a new gorgeous website with that!

  355. Chelsea reply

    I am in love with all of the themes, but I keep drawing back to mint julep. Thank you so much for the contest and best of luck with the rebrand:)

  356. jessica reply

    The Mint Julep one is my fave!

  357. Lisa reply

    I love the Paloma design! This would be amazing to win. I have been wanting to redo my website for so long! But with a new baby i haven’t had the creativity or budget. This would be such a blessing.

  358. Eileen Broderick reply

    Wow. How to choose one?! I think I love Paloma most for my style of photography. I like the option to have a small collection of images on the home page to draw viewers in and i like the menu options readily available from the home page as well. but mint julep is also gorgeous and negroni is incredibly elegant. that might be my runner up!

  359. Amanda Burnette reply

    Oh goodness, What an amazing opportunity! Web presence is SO important- this would be an incredible gift to my growing business to help me hit the ground running in 2015!

  360. Abby reply

    These are so beautiful! I love Tonic!

  361. Addie Eshelman reply

    I love the mint julep!

  362. Trevor reply

    I am in the processing of creating a new website, i would love this!

  363. Kate Jenni reply

    OH MY I have been lusting over the tonic site websites for months now and have finally decided which one I want most. I would Love to win this!!

  364. Tiffany Fetterman reply

    LOVE tonic site shop!

  365. Rebecca reply

    I’ve been following Jeff & Jen’s work for a while. They have something so special in their designs that I haven’t seen before – truly unique designs and creativity. I’m so excited to see your new website Kaitlyn!! Though I’m in love with EVERYTHING Tonic puts out, I’d have to say my faves are the Southside and Amaretto Sour. xo!

  366. Jenni reply

    oh man! I love the Paloma! This is absolutely what I need to revamp my business! I feel like it was made for me!

  367. Jenni reply

    I am kind of in love with Paloma! I would seriously like to marry it to my branding!

  368. Maria Burnham reply

    Gosh I am just like you and everyone else who commented, I LOVE all their designs! The Vesper or Negroni or Southside. All of them are timeless and just simply chic!

  369. Hannah reply

    I have admired Jen’s work for ages as well! Love what she created for Emily Crall Photography. After giving birth to our baby girl the first of this month, I would love the opportunity and time saved with new branding from tonic sites!

  370. Sarah Houston reply

    Would love love love to win this!!!

  371. Alicia reply

    I wanted one of Tonic’s sites SO badly, but we opted to rebrand our logo first. Hopefully soon I will be able to spring for a Tonic site – Jen is such a fun person and I’d love to work with her!

  372. Buddy Powers reply

    All of these sites look amazing!! I would Love to win one!!

  373. Anna reply

    Oh these are amazing!

  374. Candice K reply

    tonic sites are so well designed and classy. I would absolutely love to have one.

  375. Angela Newton Roy reply

    so exciting that you’re rebranding! I am also working with Jen on a rebrand based on the negroni template, so winning this would be perfect timing! She is amazing! Can’t wait to see your new branding and the results!!

  376. Kate reply

    My favorite Tonic site is French 75. The layout, colors, and fonts are all exactly what I have been searching for! It’s completely unique! I have a money jar on my counter labeled ‘website’ while I save up for this site, BUT i would be ecstatic to win it!!!!!

  377. Aaron reply

    Negroni is definitely my favorite! Clean lines, simple, elegant, romantic- it’s everything I’d want my website to be!

  378. Lance reply

    Entering for my fiancé – she likes the Paloma because it is clean and fresh.

  379. Kristin Firewicz reply

    I have loved the Tonic sites for as long as I can remember and have always drooled over each design. I would love this opportunity!!

  380. erika reply

    I love the fresh feel of paloma!

  381. Brittany@brittanybrookephotography reply

    I love Paloma and Mint Julep! Both are so stunning and bright!!

  382. Court reply

    I absolutely love Mint Julep. It feels like it represents me and my business and I know my clients would respond so well to it!

  383. Jaime Williams reply

    I adore all of their sites. My favorite is Negroni!!!

  384. Laura reply

    Oh my gosh yay! I’m so excited for you in your branding process! I can’t WAIT to see what it’s going to look like! I would absolutely love to this, my site is in need of a refresh!

  385. Jaime Williams reply

    I love all their sites! My personal favorite is negroni!!!

  386. Julia reply

    I’ve been dreaming of tonic site for a while now!

  387. Amy reply

    Jen and Jeff are amazingly talented! Their sites are creative and beautiful!

  388. Jenna Marie reply

    I ADORE Tonic & KJ! I feel like through my photography I have found my true self and it’s been so awesome seeing myself and my business grow over the past few years. I would love to have one of tonic’s amazing templates help show my love for my job to future clients! I am smitten with True Romance & Negroni! Fingers Crossed! Xo!

  389. Logan reply

    my wife would die if i won this for her! she loves the work that you guys do.

  390. Cindy Habel reply

    Wow this would be amazing to win!! I love the clean minimal look of negroni. I desperately need to update my brand and website so fingers crossed!! x

  391. Glenda Harris reply

    Katelyn I love your site. Just a thought, I love your branding and its recognizable to me. Isnt the point of branding to be recognizable and set yourself apart? If we all go rebranding ourselves every few years, what the point… customers cant keep straight who or what we are! Shouldnt we generally pick an asthetic and keep to it? Maybe a tweek here, a shade change there…. but a total rebranding? I associate your brand with certain colors, fonts, etc and creates that warm feeling when I see them. If you change it up… it takes away from that.

  392. Calgary wedding photographer reply

    Love this blog post. I am looking at switching to Showit and have fallen in love with the Tonic websites. I just have to decide which one to purchase :)

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