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After photographing dozens and dozens of weddings, I’ve found that a lot of brides spend A LOT of money on very LOW IMPACT aspects of their day. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re a visual bride, your money could be better spent! Instead of spending two hundred dollars on tiny little things (like custom candy, elaborate escort cards, etc) I would put that couple of hundred of dollars towards RENTALS!!! The longer I’m in this industry, the more I realize that rentals are one of the main ways to transform your wedding decor!

If you want to invest in something that will not only enhance the feel of your wedding but will really enhance your images as well, RENT something! It’s more affordable than you may think. My all time favorite vintage rental company is Paisley and Jade. Hands down!! We have partnered with them on so many different projects and recently, Michael and I had the chance to go downtown and visit their impressive show room!!! All I can say is WOW!

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting… maybe a few chairs.. a few couches…. I was WAY OFF! Morgan showed me their warehouse, workshop, paint shot, loading dock, show room and office and I was floored! There is SO much more that goes into running a rental company than I thought. Michael and I LOVED getting a tour and hearing about all that P&J does in their amazing space! The only thing that made me sad was seeing all of these amazing pieces and wishing I had known Morgan when I got married 4 YEARS ago!!! :)

I’m thankful that I knew Morgan and P&J when I was planning my SISTER’S WEDDING because our two rental pieces tied everything together so perfectly! (See pictures at the end of the post!) So often, I think brides are afraid to inquire about rentals because they assume that such beautiful decor HAS to be over their budget. Paisley and Jade offer quality rentals for an affordable price and there are SO many options!! So if you’re a bride and you have been considering renting some pieces, go for it!!! Your photographer will LOVE you forever! :) Enjoy some sneak peeks into the Paisley and Jade warehouse world!! Morgan thank you so much for the fabulous tour! We love you!!!

 The light in their warehouse is gorgeous! 

I love their new bars (on the right)! You can change the outer surface!! 

And here are some of my favorite rentals in action at my sister’s wedding back in May!! My sister’s wedding day was transformed by just two rentals!! It’s amazing the impact these two pieces made. These doors and buffet  were the hands down the most cost effective way to make a HUGE impact during the event and in their images!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Shannon reply

    Dang girl I didn’t know you put up posts this late/early!! Renting was absolutely one of the best things we did for our wedding. We didn’t know about Paisely and Jade at the time, though my sister really wants to use them this summer. We were super lucky and found an antique shop in Powhatan that rented us the red couch and almost every single silver detail we used, all for $75. It’s amazing what you can find/get if you just ask! My mom now has a canvas in her house of a picture you took with Travis and I on that couch!!

  2. Sachel Samone Photography reply

    Seriously? I’ve been looking for doors like that for MONTHS!!! They’re rented?! OH EM GEE!!

  3. Kathryn Grace reply

    So fabulous!

  4. Jenny reply

    Morgan & Perkins rock :)

  5. Melody reply

    Great advice Katelyn!

  6. Eryn reply

    We’ll I am
    Just in love with the pink decore because first of all pink is my favorite color and I love the doors and the vintage look , ps my fiancé s name is Jamie so the E AND J on the door just tops it off and says something to us , this is meant to be :))))))) I AM IN LOVE AND NEED THIS FOR OUR WEDDING NEXT YEAR :))

  7. Jessica Smith reply

    great article!

  8. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    Can I be the first to have my engagement session here in this warehouse? How cool would that be?? ;)

  9. Meagan reply

    Such a cute place – plus those vintage suitcases have MY intials on them :-D

  10. mary reply

    loved the behind the scenes look and thanks for sharing!

  11. amanda veronee reply

    Love me some Morgan & Perkins!! I didn’t know they painted the chairs black on the chair wall!

    … and those doors for Emy’s wedding will forever go down in history as one of my favorite ceremony backdrops #coveritinflowers

  12. Morgan (Paisley & Jade) reply

    Thanks so much for coming to visit us and for all your kind words!! We love working with you guys!!

  13. Elizabeth reply

    Wow, what an epic resource!

  14. Tatyana reply

    Obsessed with all of these pieces!

  15. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    These are gorgeous! I may or may not have taken note of a few pieces for when I one day get married. Haha.

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  17. Willa Boehm reply

    Wondering where your business is located? Fabulous Idea!

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