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Do you remember back in December when we surprised our parents with a TRIP TO HAWAII?! I think they would have rather heard that we were pregnant! haha But since that isn’t the case, Hawaii is probably the second best surprise!!! We are all SO excited about our trip and we can’t WAIT to share our favorite parts of Oahu with our parents! We traveled to Oahu two years ago and it was a trip of a life time! We just loved it!!! This time we’re spending a lot of time on Hawaii Island and we need your help!

For those of you who have been to Hawaii Island, can you help us out!? What were your favorite parts? What do we HAVE to see and where do we HAVE to eat?! I’m preparing myself for all of the “Oh my gosh, you need to go to MAUI!!!” We know. We keep hearing that over and over again and so we’ll put that on our bucket list! However, the Hilton Honor’s deal is on Hawaii Island and so that’s our destination this trip! haha

Here are some of our trip goals:
– Brenda James LOVES waterfalls so we have to find some of those!
– Relax on some beautiful beaches (for a short period of time since I’m a redhead and so is my daddy! We FRY out there!!)
– Take lots of pictures!
– Eat a ton of Pineapple!

If you have Hawaii experience, we’d LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you have never been but you know of someone who has been there, tag them on Facebook on our posts and see if they have some advice to share!! YAY! THANK YOU!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Shaina Diaz reply

    Hi Katelyn! You and your family are going to LOVE Hawaii Island. It is my favorite place on Earth, and my husband and I plan on moving there within a few years! I’ve been multiple times, and it’s the only vacation at the end that I’m never ready to come home to Connecticut!

    For waterfalls, I’d suggest going to Waipio Valley Lookout on the north side of the island (but if you want a REALLY spectacular view of the falls, rent a Jeep 4×4 and drive down into the valley– it’s a bit of a crazy ride (but totally fun if you’re up for adventure!) and there’s a black sand beach at the bottom too)! Akaka Falls State Park is also great to hike, as it’s a pretty easy hike in a mostly shades rainforest. Rainbow Falls in Hilo is pretty too.

    You’ll also love the drive across the island on the Saddle Road (it’s my favorite), which connects Kona and Hilo. You’ll pass between the two largest (inactive) volcanos on the island, and pass through so many different climate zones!

    For lava rock, be sure to check out Hawaii Volcanos National Park! It’s on the south side of the island, but the drive to get there is stunning. If you’re there at night, you might be able to see the lava glowing from the volcano near the visitor center lookout. The park is a good size, so you’ll definitely want to make it a day trip!

    There are a TON of places more I could recommend to see visit, as well as things to do. If you need anymore help with your trip planning, I’d love to help! Enjoy every second of this beautiful island!!

    • Katelyn James reply

      Shaina THANK YOU!!! That’s so much helpful information! We will definitely have to checkout a lot of your recommendations! And thank you for offering to be of more help if we need it, you’re the best!! :)

  2. Emily Sroka reply

    Punalu’U Beach! It’s a BLACK SAND beach that is SO unique! My favorite beach on the island!

  3. Mimi reply

    1. We were there a good while back. Craig rented a Harley for the day on Maui, loved it, BUT they did not have a helmet law. He road without and got severe sun poisoning, be sun safe!
    2. The Safeway stores sell a reddish powder that you sprinkle on fresh pineapple and other things. It is scrumptious, I just cannot remember the name. Brought some home and shared.
    3. Super waterfall on Maui….hit the road to Hana! Beautiful
    4. If you like Spam, you’ll find it there!
    5. So many wonderful kinds of fish to try.
    Enjoy and delight in the love of family, so many blessings and those parents surely need the relaxation!

  4. Kristina W. reply

    Hi Katelyn! Pale person here too – my favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 110 with Helioplex. I also use the regular 100+ one for the rest of my body. I’ll stay out in the sun all day long and only have to reapply once! One of the things I’m looking forward to doing on the Hawaii vacation I’m planning is snorkeling with manta rays! It’s something you do at night too – so you won’t sunburn. :)

  5. Corry frazier reply

    Hi Katelyn!! We lived in Hawaii for 3.5 years and took a spring break trip to the big island of Hawaii. There are so many awesome things to do!! Volcano national park, rainbow falls, Akaka falls, king kamaehamaeha’s Rock, the macadamia nut plant, black sand beach, there is a great book…ill have to look on my shelf and see if I still have it. It’s awesome for out of the way sights that are great. I’ll actually be at the pursuit conference in Rome… I’ll make notes for you. I have pics on my Facebook page….there is an album titled spring break on the big island. I think 2009 or 2012?? It’ll give you an an idea of all there is to do. Oh yeah…you can hike the rim of Kilauea, down a lava tube….hike out to see lava flowing into the ocean at night at kalapana. Oh my gosh…so much to see and do. Let’s chat!!

  6. Anna | ANNAdventure Blog reply

    Hi! I have been to Hawaii island. Waterfalls: go to Akaka Falls State Park. Beach: Head to Kona. I know we saw lava rocks that were beautiful and I want to say that it was in Pahoa or Puna but I don’t remember. Look for local markets for fresh fruit! Thy have amazing fresh fruits and produce in Hawaii :) here is one link from our trip: and the second have fun! :)

  7. Ray reply

    Our 22 acre farm is a mile away from Akaka fall.
    If you like , we can give you guys a free tour. That is , if you are into it. Thanks Ray

  8. Courtney A Montague reply

    LOVE the Big Island! I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Waimea, which makes the trips all that much more special! I second everything people recommend visiting! If you’re up for the drive, go up to the Keck Observatory – STUNNING VIEWS! Sushi Rock in Hawi (?) is a favorite, and it’s up near the turn around point for the cycling portion of the Ironman. Kona Brewery is delicious, and if you aren’t a fan of beer go for the pizza! The Coffee plantations! My family enjoys Big Daddy, and there was another one we went to a few years ago… Blue Sky maybe? Beach 69 (mile marker 69) is a favorite. GAH!!! I’ve been dying to go back, and just saw deals (from CA) for $358 round trip…. I’ve gotta make it happen!


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