• United in Charleston 2016

Three years ago I was at a leader’s dinner during the United conference. Michael and I were at David Jay’s house in Santa Barbara when I got the text that read “You need to come back to the hotel ASAP!” This text was from a friend of mine who had been having some amazing conversations with some other friends about faith and Jesus and what our ultimate purpose is. She sent an urgent text message because our sweet friend had come to a place where she wanted Jesus to be a part of her life and she wanted me to be there. What happened that night literally changed the REST of life.

That hotel room was full of so many amazing women. We all piled onto the two queen beds and talked, prayed and cried…. for HOURS. One of these amazing women came to know the Lord that night and because of the intimacy that we experienced throughout that experience, we made it a priority to keep in touch. We’re from all over the country and so weekly coffee dates weren’t an option…. so we did what any group of millennials would do and we started a Facebook group. Over the last two years we’ve had emergency google hangouts when life throws some of us curveballs and we’re constantly checking in.

We decided last year to take a girls trip to Charleston and RE-UNITE! It was a sweet time of southern food, morning devotionals and A LOT of hangout time with one another! This year we came back for round two and I think it has been even sweeter!!! I can’t really sit here and type out every reason that this group means so much to me but I can tell you these few truths about friendship and faith…

– Finding a group of women who love and care for one another without insecurities that fester jealously & resentment is RARE… like, almost unheard of. What a GIFT!
– When your identity is based in the truth of who Jesus says you are, you can watch others succeed and soar and it doesn’t steal your own joy. Because of this, you can be vulnerable, honest and transparent within those friendships because you’re not putting on a “front” or a “show” that makes it seem like everything in your life is just peachy ALL of the time!
– When you find women who can push you closer to your creator AND encourage you to buy AND wear your first romper EVER…. you know that you’ve hit the jackpot in the friendship department!!

That night in the hotel room wasn’t just about one decision for Christ, it united the most amazing group of women and we STILL celebrate that day!!! I thank God for these incredible women and that I get to call them my friends and my sisters. Making time for all of us (we miss you Tori!) to get together with our crazy schedules is nearly impossible and yet we made it happen this week. It’s ALWAYS worth it. Happy Thursday friends! If you have some dear friends that God has used to change your life… maybe text them today and just let them know how much sweeter your life is because they are in it. :):)

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Tiffany Farley reply

    LOVE this.

  2. Katie reply

    Love love love love

  3. Morgan reply

    So encouraging to see women of all ages united in Christ and using their gifts for the Lord! So thankful :)

  4. Emily reply

    Thank you for being so vocal about your faith! I visit your blog often to be inspired and have purchased your mini-guides. Your photography is beautiful, and I love that you are so willing to teach others and share your “secrets”. (I learned so much from your webinar last week.) I will be photographing my first wedding in April and am so excited and so inspired by what you do. I am a mom of 4 young kids and am considering pursuing photography more as a business. This is a really big deal because my husband and I are on staff full-time with a college Christian ministry. It would be a huge change for us, but the Lord has put the love of photography on my heart ever since I picked it up as a hobby 2 1/2 years ago when I first started to learn how to shoot in manual. My love of photography and desire to learn has not stopped growing! I feel like the Lord has given me permission to pursue this. I am so scared and so excited, feel like walking away from this dream would be squelching who the Lord has created me to be. I don’t know what the future will hold, but am trusting the Lord with each day and walking by faith! :) Thank you for being so open about your love for the Lord and being so excited about seeing people come to Jesus!!

    • Katelyn James reply

      You go girl! Taking risks is so scary but God’s not going to fail you. Finances may be tight for a while but He’ll use your obedience for His glory! :)

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  6. Macy reply

    This post was INCREDIBLE! I am crying reading these words. What an amazing group of people you all are, and what a awesome thing for your friend to come to Jesus with all of you there. Tears of JOY!!

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