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I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many tears of JOY on one wedding day! Ever! And I’ve shot over 90 weddings! Austin and Kristy’s day was full of overwhelming joy and that shines through their images so clearly. It all started with the First Look. Austin and Kristy weren’t even near each other and the tears started to form. Because of some last minute changes, Emy (my sister, she helped me out since she is good friends with these two!) and I found a new first look location that was WAY to bright but it was a beautiful view. I decided to take a chance with it, only to find out that the spot we scouted out was the same location that Austin proposed.  So as Austin waited at the top of the hill, the wind was blowing and the tears started to form.

He had waited for this day for so long. Austin and Kristy dated throughout college and they couldn’t be more perfect for each other.


As Kristy got out of the car to go see Austin for the first time, it only took one glance at him before she lost it.  As she walked closer and closer, it was hard for ME to hold back the tears! And I barely know these two! There is just such an amazing loved shared between the two of them that you can’t help but get emotional!! Kristy walked around him and he was beyond shocked. I mean, Austin probably spent a good 5 minutes telling Kristy EVERYTHING he loved. “I love your hair and I love your dress and I love your earrings…”. Needless to say, he was overwhelmed by her beauty and that is understandable. Kristy looked stunning. I spent the next two hours trying not to go overboard on their portraits because I could have photographed these two all day long!!


I absolutely loved being a part of this amazing day with so many amazing people.  I just adore the Tech community that my sister was a part of the last four years!  Austin and Kristy and their friends and family  LOVE the Lord so so much and there is something SO incredibly powerful about weddings like this. I love them!!! I’m so thankful that I was able to be part of it and I hope you enjoy my favorites from Saturday!!!  Austin and Kristy, have a BLAST in one of my favorite cities this week!! I love you both! xoxo

Kristy’s momma:)

Kristy your excitement is amazing!

Love these shoes!! 


You guys kill me! So sweet! 

Austin you may win the “Best Reaction Ever” award:)

They shared a prayer until the willow tree… so romantic! I love willows!!!


Thanks Emy for the shot on the left… so proud:)

More tears:) 


That shot on the right? My sister took that.. NBD.

Love this. 

We picked about 12 crickets out of her dress after this but I’d say it was worth it!

They had a dessert reception! Such a fun (and tasty!) idea!!

Kristy you crack me up:)

Kristy’s sporty getaway car!

Ceremony |  BCF

Reception | Sinkland Farms
Dress | Designer: Jasmine from Becky’s Bridals
 Hair & Makeup | Friend of the Bride!
DJ | Isaac Barber
Desserts | Homestead Creamery Icecream
Bollos Coffee
Bridesmaids Dresses | Chantilly Lace
Groomsmen Suits | Macy’s
Invitations | Stephanie Livingston
Honeymoon | Charleston, SC
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kristina W. reply

    I love this first look! What a gorgeous spot… and where he proposed? That makes it sooooo special!

  2. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I think I may have a new “KJ Photography Wedding.” These pictures, and couple, are amazing! I love the First Look photos…you can just tell they absolutely adore each other. The bride’s dress looks absolutely perfect on her and the colors of the wedding were just heavenly. And, as usual, the pictures were out of this world! :)

  3. katie yuen reply

    that first look had me tearing up! so beautiful! loved the way they used their colors throughout the whole wedding!

  4. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Katelyn!! This might be a new favorite!! What a GORGEOUS wedding from start to finish and what a joy-filled couple! And that shot of Anna Grace? So adorbs :) :)

  5. Annia reply

    Oooh, love that reception venue! And those floors! (Yes… I notice these things…)

  6. cassandra reply

    Love love everything about this wedding!!!!

  7. Holly Marie reply

    O MY GOODNESS! Katelyn- you outdid yourself!! These pictures are STUNNING! Kristy and Austin love each other so genuinely and purely, and your pictures captured that PERFECTLY! They radiate joy and your pictures embraced all that is TOTALLY them! What a gift!!! =) Ahhh LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these pictures and them!! =)

  8. Shalese reply

    Every time I see a new wedding post, I’m like “oh this is my new favorite!” I fell in love as soon as I saw how you hooked her earring through those amazing shoes. :)

  9. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    LOVE this wedding! The joy, innocence, color, brightness! Hooray :D

  10. Misty Minna Photography reply

    Katelyn! I cannot even stand how beautiful this wedding is!! I’m a long time follower, but first-time commenting. The way they used pink and blue/teal without making it look dated is amazing. Your work leaves me speechless.

  11. Anna Grace reply

    AHHHHH sooo fun being with you and being shot by you!!! You did a FANTASTIC job and I know my brother and new sister are gonna LOVE these when they see them!!!! You are amazing and so talented girl love you!

  12. katie matthews reply

    OH MY GOODNESS! these pictures are beautiful :) the first look ones are by far my favorite

  13. Amy Arrington reply

    LOVE this wedding!!!

  14. Annetta reply

    Beautiful everything!!!

  15. Holly reply

    omg. this might be my new favorite! the blues!! the light!! amazing katelyn!

  16. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Oh how I love this wedding, have been looking forward to it since their engagement session! What a sweet couple! And all the field photos? SO worth any number of crickets that had to be picked from her dress! LOVE them all!

  17. margaret miller reply

    These are SO beautiful…I can feel the love and emotion. Great job, Katelyn! Great job, Laura! Great job, everyone who helped to make this so special!

  18. Kimberly reply

    SO SO LOVELY! That first look was simply breathtaking.

  19. Emily Tedrow reply

    Yep. Definitely my favorite first look so far!

  20. Kristen Beichler reply

    This is just beautiful, Katelyn! Wonderful work, definitely a new favorite! :)

  21. Amy reply

    This might just be my favorite wedding of yours Katelyn! Such stunning pictures of a lovely couple!

  22. Julianna reply

    LOOOOOVE!!!!! You captured the joy and emotion of the wedding perfectly. Cried looking at the first look pictures. Sooooo precious. And yay for me and Emy making the blog!!! Haha love it. Miss you already!

  23. Katie reply

    The first look photographs literally made me tear up. I hope they always remember how simple and beautiful their beginning was. Katelyn, thanks for capturing.

  24. Emy reply

    YAYAY!!! Kristy, you are BEAUTIFUL!!! KK, these are sooo wonderful! I don’t know how you do what you do… its exhausting and I’m still sore from saturday. You’re super woman. You have such a talent for capturing beautiful moments!!! I loved getting to spend the day with you and be a part of what you’re so passionate about! I love you and miss you already!!!

  25. Meredith Sledge reply

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!! I pinned like half of them!

  26. sharon elizabeth reply

    okay…. hands down your best portraits EVER.. especially the first look series.. auh-mazing!

  27. Jae reply

    These are GORGEOUS! I don’t even know the couple but looking at these photos had me smiling from ear to ear – the love and happiness is so contagious. Beautiful people, beautiful photos…I’m inspired :)

  28. Dana Beverly reply

    This is easily my favorite blog post. Beautiful images, beautiful couple and location. The emotion and love this couple share radiate from your images. I find myself caring for them, and wish them the best. Nice work, you are inspiring. Thank you.

  29. Abby Grace reply

    The pastor who married them was the pastor of my church in Radford! His wife was my discipler :). Smaaaaall world. These images are SO BEAUTIFUL!

  30. Angie reply


  31. Auriel Johnson reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE SOOOOOO MUCH!!! These two are some of my best friends and K you did such a great job capturing that something special that make these two such a JOY to be around. I love the ones you caught of Kristy being silly and of course the one of K&A sitting in the field. I’ve been SO excited about you shooting this wedding. And wow Em you outdid yourself! (must run in the family) thank you K for these wonderful pictures of such a wonderful day :) you were so fun to be around.

  32. Britne reply

    So great! Kristy and Austin – I am sooo very happy for you. I pray that your marriage will be filled with blessings from the Lord! And Katelyn (and Em) – AMAZINGGGGGG pictures!!! Love them…so happy!

  33. Retha reply

    This is so beautiful Katelyn! Please do an Ask Anything post sometime on shooting in direct sunlight and how to edit to make the shadows less harsh? Would love to know.

  34. Janelle C reply

    The grooms reaction is PRICELESS!!! I love it!

  35. Heather reply

    I don’t think I could say enough about this wedding! I love her dress, the way he looks at her, the gorgeous outdoor photographs, and the way they decorated their reception. Great work Katelyn!

  36. tena b reply

    hey…just a shout out from indonesia…amazing. Great job, who couldnt tear up seeing the first look shots? Thanks for sharing. Rejoicing with you, LWA.

  37. Leanne Wight reply

    That seriously has to be the best First Look reaction ever! It brought tears to my eyes it was so sweet!

  38. Casey Hendrickson reply

    Omg! Like, SERIOUSLY. This wedding was 1) STUNNING, 2) ADORABLE, and 3) FUN. My goodness- I’m just in love with this one, Katelyn :) You did a fabulous job capturing their emotions too- so so so amazing.

  39. Branding « reply

    […] //Photo credit: Katelyn James […]

  40. Abby reply

    I just refound this wedding on Pinterest and realized I know the best man + one of the bridesmaids, too! Weeeird. This is still one of my favorites of yours, girl!

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