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of those couples that makes your heart melt.  I’m not being mushy and cheesy, I’m serious. I met Jess and Ken at Rebekah and Matt’s Wedding and my first thought was… “Well if they’re friends with Rebekah and Matt, they are probably awesome people!”… and I was right! We emailed back and forth and then set up a time to meet.  They came to my little office and we talked about everything under the sun…including their VA beach wedding that was coming up in June.   They booked and almost instantly, Rebekah messaged me exclaiming how excited she was that I was going to get to work with her amazing friends. You know, when your

FRIENDS are so proud of you that they message your photographer just to tell her how awesome you are, that’s a real friend right there!! Ken and Jess are just as amazing as Rebekah said they were and that was no surprise to me.  I’ve been excited for their wedding day ever since!!


We started their session in VA Beach on the boardwalk with PEOPLE, noises, heat and some crazy light.  Normally I’m a little nervous to start that way but they were pros, immediately. Don’t believe me? The first images you will see are from my first 15 shots. They just get it and they’re beautiful!!!! Their gentle, soft spoken personalities help create sweet, genuine images and I had a BLAST photographing them! We worked the boardwalk, the pier, and some buildings on the strip before we headed to a park right before sunset.  Ken and Jess’s wedding is going to be here before we know it and I can’t WAIT to celebrate with these two!! It’s going to be a fun one, I can tell already!!


So Ken and Jess, THANK YOU for allowing me to document this fun time in your life! You two make such a beautiful, fun-loving couple and I can’t wait until the big day! Enjoy my favorites… many many favorites!

LOVE the carnival in the background!

Jess, I like your style girl!!


Who knew under an old pier could be so AWESOME!?


Love this! There was something making a weird noise behind that orange door…. so we snapped these as QUICK as possible!

Definitely a favorite!

Ken, your choice of bling is IMPRESSIVE

you guys are cute:)

Perfect way to end the shoot!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    OH. MY. GOSH. Katelyn these are so super gorgeous! You really captured these two amazing people SO beautifully!!! Oh, my I am sitting here alone in my office having a dance party all to myself. GORGEOUS! I cannot wait to see your pictures from their WEDDING!!!

  2. molly reply


  3. Emilia Jane reply

    Gorgeous! As always :-) And can we talk about how GORGEOUS that green dress is?? Where is it from?!

  4. Melissa Bruere reply

    these are amazing photos. Kathy Angel and i are in a network group on facebook and i came over from her link. You take amazing pics.

  5. Jess Schudda reply

    Ahhh- these are so special and beautiful, Katelyn. Thank you SO much for capturing these great shots. Ken and I will treasure them for so many years to come! You are absolutely amazing to work with, and you’re without a doubt an incredible photographer. I am so honored to have you as a part of our special day, Katelyn. It’s truly a DREAM COME TRUE! -xoxox

  6. Lisa reply

    These are amazing!

  7. Cecilia Flaming reply

    Wow! love all the colors! The bling is amazing and I love her dresses! Gorgeous couple!

  8. Jeannie Panza reply

    Amazing pictures – absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  9. Deborah Zoe reply

    you know how much I love the ocean! I love this:)!!

  10. Regan reply

    LOVE these!! Simply gorgeous. You never fail to amaze me! :)

  11. Lindy reply

    love love all of these!

  12. Abby Grace reply

    These are all so cute! I love all of her outfits- she has great taste in clothes. Also, I love that you can see little green aphid bugs on the plants you shot her ring on. Lol

  13. Sydni Jackson reply

    yessss i love seeing you shoot at the beach! these are great! love all the different color backgrounds :)

  14. Cassi Claire reply


  15. Tracy Acela reply

    Absolutely LOVE the photos—captured Jess and Ken BEAUTIFULLY! We cannot wait for this Wedding day!

  16. Ahna Beth reply

    Wow! I love these! I live in VA Beach. Did you take the last few in Sandbridge?

  17. Annetta reply

    Great shoot, Katelyn. I like the ring shot on the green plant but the gardener in me sees the aphids which I battle with all summer long. I like the photos on the beach the best.

  18. danielle honea reply

    I NEED her green dress lol… these images are stunning, and this couple knows how to pose and be totally comfortable in each other’s arms and in front of the camera. Stunning images Katelyn

  19. Ali Peterson reply

    These are great! Do you use flash fill, 4-in-1 or natural reflectors or just expose for the subject?

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