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So tell me…. does the SOUND of these words make you cringe and break into hot sweats?! :DARK CHURCHES, BUSY BEACHES, ZERO WINDOWS, RED CARPET, HEAVY SHADE, GREEN GRASS, GREEN TREES, GREEN FACES!!! Yikessssssss!!! It doesn’t matter HOW experienced you are as a photographer, these situations are NOT FUN! They can be downright frustrating, annoying and crippling if you don’t have solutions for handling them!
I’ve been there and I get it! Today I had a conversation about these struggles we all experience as photographers and I recorded it for you!!

The beauty of getting to do these FACEBOOK LIVES is that we get to reach so many more people than we would if we just simply wrote a blog post. I hope you enjoy this one. If you’re a photographer with concerns about location scouting and finding natural light that strengthens your style and helps you minimize your editing time, stick around!! We’re going to be chatting about that topic A LOT this fall!!! So enjoy today’s video and before you go, we have a little treat for you!!

I’ve written out my thought process on how to make a “lousy” location look amazing! It’s hard to do but it’s always possible to take a tough venue and make it look stunning! If you’re interested in learning how we make our low budget weddings look consistent with our HIGH BUDGET weddings, click HERE and I’ll email you some information that hundreds of other photographers received access to today!!!

Again, enjoy this video and PLEASE take a minute to get a good chuckle out of Michael’s close up at the beginning! Ha! :


xoxo, Katelyn
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    “our low budget weddings look consistent with our HIGH BUDGET weddings”
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