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we go! This could either be a major FAIL or something new that gets incorporated every now and then into the blog! We’ll see! Video posting and recording is NOT my strongest area! As you will be able to tell, my train of thought escapes me sometimes! However, despite my mess ups and murmuring, you get to meet Bokeh and hear 3 tips about how to PREPARE THE GROOM for the engagement session!  This is actually a VERY important  thing to consider before your shoot.  The more your fiance’ is prepared, the more relaxed he will feel and the more genuine your images will be!


So hopefully these 3 tips will help out not only MY BRIDES… but other brides out there as well!! Please excuse the following: Bokeh looks like he’s about to bite my hand off at one point… he’s teething.  I talk with my hands… that gets annoying REAL quick and lastly, I ramble… I know I do.. I’ll work on that for next time:).



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Deborah Zoe reply

    OMGOSH, I love you! You’re so adorable:)!!! And yes. video posts are SO. HARD.

  2. McCall Doyle reply

    Ridiculously cute and natural…this helps everyone get a better sense of who you are AND how comfortable they will feel working with you, so great job!

  3. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I LOVE this, Katelyn! My brother-in-law has been bugging me to get into video blogging since day 1, but I’ve been so hesitant because I didn’t know where to begin! So thanks for the inspiration! This is yet another way to show off your amazing personality, and I feel like we just hung out. Keep doing videos – you’re great at it!! :)

  4. Jess Schudda reply

    What a great post! I am SO excited for our shoot coming up soon. Thanks for all of the tips. :)

  5. molly stillman reply

    LOVE it! you need to do more video blogs! loooove!

  6. ashley barnett reply

    You are cute. The end :) So is Bokeh!

  7. Jillian Tree reply

    You did awesome Katelyn! And Bokeh’s soooo cute <3

  8. Nancy Mitchell reply

    This is super cute Katelyn! I get to finally hear your voice:) You did a great job and YES it is hard to do, but the more you do it…the easier it gets really!

  9. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    Great idea! It’s fun to see you speaking :D. And I love your outfit by the way :D.

  10. sharon elizabeth reply

    ahhh! i miss you and i really miss you talking with your hands!!! =) you are amazing and personable and i just love you!!!!!! <3

  11. Emilia Jane reply

    Love this! You are too cute :-) And Bokeh is ADORABLE.

  12. Katie Reynolds reply

    Bummer. Guess I will have to wait and watch this one at home tonight. LOL reading/watching blogs is probably frowned upon at work. At least I can sneak reading in!

  13. Serena reply

    Love this video post! Katelyn, you + Bokeh are too adorable. =)

  14. Lupe Ruiz reply

    LOOOVE the video post!!! And where did you get that necklace??!! GORGE!! :-D

  15. jamie reply

    loved the new post with video of you and Bokeh too! Thanks for sharing, loved the third tip!

  16. Jessica Duke reply

    Awesome! …. as always!

  17. Alison Mish reply

    You are awesome! That’s all :)

  18. Courtney Clarke reply

    Katelyn! This was awesome! Such a good idea and you implemented it so well! Love it!

  19. Meredith Sledge reply

    This is AWESOME. I love videos and your dog is still the cutest dog in the world, in my opinion. But I think the whole world knows that by now since I’m always stalking your Instagram photos of him. :)

  20. BrittnieWorley Worley reply

    I love this idea of vlogging! Great video katelyn!

  21. Lauren Shirley reply

    LOVE IT! What great timing… I was just talking to Jame about our upcoming session the other day… glad I was on the right track! :) And I have to say, I appreciate that you talk with your hands b/c I do too & people like to pick on me for it!!!

  22. emily reply

    as a photographer, this was a fantastic post! i love when j* does her shooting star posts, since there is so much more of a connection between actual people than reading words on a page. love love loved the advice you gave!

  23. Shauna reply

    Loved it. So cute! It shows your personality. I should try this some time if I ever get brave enough to be in FRONT of the camera :)

  24. Jade reply

    Love love love it…. :) Go you…

  25. Shuva Rahim reply

    Love your last suggestion! Thanks for the video post as well! Nice work :-)

  26. Mia Bjerring reply

    Definitely NOT a major fail! You are so cute and I hope you will make more videos like this! Bokeh is beyond adorable!!

  27. Elizabeth reply

    LOVE this!!!!! you did a fabulous job!!! :)

  28. Laura reply

    This is great — definitely not a fail! I hope you stick with it, because I will watch every single one.

  29. Christy reply

    Ummm ya’ll are ADORABLE! Great tips and also – I can’t believe you got him to just go lay down after he was nibbling all over your hands early in the video! My pup would have been all over me the rest of the time. LOL!

  30. Ashley Link reply

    KATELYN! you are so awesome! i love the video. bokeh is hilarious! thanks for sharing. you are a wonderful teacher and i learn so much from your posts. the video post is super cute too! it gives us even MORE of your personality and i love it. thanks again. stay sweet! <3

  31. caroline reply

    bahahaha Katelyn I absolutely LOVED this haha. side note – I pulled up the blog. in class. totally forgot the sound was on. and suddenly your voice filled the room. No worries. I got a little katelyn james promo in there for ya :) love you!!!

  32. caroline reply

    ps i kinda had some barefoot flashbacks there. you’re precious!

  33. beverly reply

    sophisticated, business-like, yet so warm and inviting.

  34. Emma reply

    Loved it Katelyn! I’ve been reading your blog for ages but have never commented for some reason. When I read your blog, I never read it picturing a Southern accent even though I know that you should have one… and yours is so cute! Great information and love the video format!!

  35. Lauren Wakefield reply

    SO well said!!! And I love the commentary!

  36. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    Great video! I can narrow how to prepare your fiance for the e-shoot down to ONE point….

    Tell your future husband you just get to kiss a lot!

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