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started in Vegas at WPPI. We had met Ali at the beginning of the week and we were able to spend a lot of time together. This trip was a crazy one for Jill because it was hard for her to focus on business stuff when she was in the middle of planning a WEDDING!  We were talking about her plans and her dress and their farm (you’ll hear about that on Thursday!) and we casually mentioned that we should do a bridal session…. just for fun! And then we were like “No, really…. lets do this!” And we put it on the calendar that moment. The crazy thing is that it HAPPENED! I drove up to the farm, Ali met us there

and we shot Jill’s bridals a few weeks ago at Grey Gables! It was beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful! Jill looked stunning and the light was PERFECT. However, poor little Ali was constantly fighting away the farm dogs that wanted desperately to get near Jill’s perfect gown. Um, I don’t think so!  Jill looked amazing and as much and I’m dying to show you these bridal portraits… I’m even more excited to show you their WEDDING from last weekend! Seriously, one of my favorites…. ever. And after shooting over 50+ weddings, that’s a huge compliment! So get excited to see those on Thursday!!! You don’t want to miss them!


Just to make sure everyone knows, Jill is one of my dear dear friends. I love this girl. She’s funny, she’s beautiful, she has the most amazing personality and she’s probably one of my favorite people to spend time with.  This past weekend I was with her from the Thursday before her wedding until we waved them off to their honeymoon Saturday night! It was such an honor to be a part of this special time in their lives. I’ll never forget the people that helped me and surrounded me as I got ready for my wedding day. Those moments are priceless! ….ok Katelyn….focus on the bridal session. See! I just gradually start talking about the wedding because I loved it so so much! If I could post it today I would but I’m afraid I took well over 5,000 shots and I’m still culling through them today! So I’ll just leave you with this beautiful bridal session and it will have to hold you over until Thursday!


Jilly, You’re gorgeous. I loved our time together during this shoot…. running from dogs and hiding from Buddy. I’ll never forget it.  And ALI…. I owe you something HUGE for taking care of those crazy animals!!! You are the BEST!!!!!

Ok, we had to style it up a little! Just for fun!:)

Guys! I made that bouquet…. and I’m still proud of it! I have no idea what makes a good bouquet but I thought this was a good little one… especially since the flowers are from MARTINS!

Grey Gables! You’ll hear more about this beautiful place on thursday!

Jill I just love you!

Seriously?! Jill has a GREAT model face…. I’m a little jealous of it actually.

How amazing is this LIGHT?! Ah!

Love this farm!!! How beautiful is that?!

These are definitely favorites!

Yessss!!!! Love the flowers and the light and Jill’s dress…. so perfect.

aww chicky chicky!

All time fav! Right here:

I was probably squealing when I took these… more than likely.

Jill you are gorgeous!

Oh yea… she laid down in her DRESS… before the WEDDING. Jill is a photographer too and she understands that it’s worth it to take risks and have awesome pictures! Her dress was TOTALLY fine!

We call these the “Pride and Prejudice” shots….

Hope you enjoyed them!!! Get ready for Buddy and Jill’s Wedding! It’s coming on Thursday and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. jewels martin reply

    Beautiful, so fresh looking.

  2. Brittany reply

    stunning! can’t wait to see the wedding!

  3. katie reply

    Jill – i hope you read this
    you are such a a natural beauty !! Katelyn, you did a great job! but needless to say your job was pretty easy!!! Jill you look so relaxed and such a natural model!
    ahh so happy for youuu

  4. katie Supples reply


  5. Korie Lynn reply

    These are breathtaking! I adore the ones with the pink flowering tree and the chicky! So many of these need to be blown up HUGE and put on a wall somewhere :) High five, girl!

  6. Leslie reply

    Love them all! Especially the one with the little baby chick. SO SO cute!! :)

  7. Annie Mason reply

    These are absolutely beautiful. A beautiful bride in a beautiful setting…with an outstanding photographer. And, I am thinking the photographer is probably beautiful, too. (Did I say BEAUTIFUL enough)????

  8. greta reply

    these are absolutely STUNNING.

  9. sherri lynn reply

    what a beautiful setting! can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!

  10. Em Scott reply

    Jill you are GORGEOUS! Katelyn way to rock this out. love!

  11. Rachel Washburn reply

    I’m so in love with these! Is it weird that I want to make one of them my desktop background at work??

  12. Karen Shinkins reply

    LOVE! That light, to die for and the bride, stunning.

  13. Julianna reply

    AHHHHH!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooo beautiful. I loved the ones of her sitting down and the last few ones on the grassy knolled setting! And the CHICKY CHICKY!!!!!! Perfect touch. Yay Jill! You are married and you are gorgeous!

  14. lisa reply

    what a beautiful friend I have! Jill you are gorgeous, Buddy is one lucky man! Great shots Katelyn!

  15. Abby Grace Photography reply

    I LOVE the double of her holding her dress with one hand while it it’s blowing to the side- sooo romantic! gorgeous shots, Kaitlyn- now I REALLY can’t wait to see the wedding!

  16. Resi reply

    Can I say: WOW! Jill looks beautiful, the farm, the light, the magnolias…. I’m really looking forward to see the wedding! Love how you get to photograph LOVE and share it with us on your blog and how your love of what you do comes through every picture and every word! Thank you Katelyn!

  17. Elizabeth reply

    eeeeeeek i love them!!!! amazing light, and i LOVE the “pride and prejudice” shots :D

  18. yen reply

    katelyn, i’ve been blog stalking you for a month now, and i just have to comment. these photos are fantastic! the light is just delish. :) and fyi, i love pride and prejudice. it’s the one movie that i put on and just listen to it from the kitchen while i’m working because i can visualize the movie… such sweet photos.

  19. Molly reply

    I am obsessed the pride and prejudice shots!

  20. Meredith Sledge reply

    These are by far the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever laid eyes on!!!! EVER. Holy moly.

  21. Allison reply


  22. Johanna B reply

    Augh! Gorgeous!!! I’m now going to try and figure out how I can keep a live baby chick prop on staff.

  23. beverly reply

    gorgeous. brings tears to my eyes from the beauty you have captured of one of my dearest friends. it is to hard to choose a favorite–but i would say the one that she is coming down the stairs outside her home :) there is nothing sweeter then to see and hear a friend laugh because of the joy that is spewing from her heart.

  24. Pam Kosmowski reply

    Jill – you look beautiful – congrats to you and Buddy

  25. Mandy reply

    Oh my goodness…these are STUNNING. Jill you are SO beautiful! I love the “warm creamy” light (as you would say KK) :) and the setting and the horses…just wow. Great work!!! Can’t wait until Thursday :) :) :)

  26. Sydni Jackson reply

    wow these are so good! i LOOOOOOVE the price & prejudice shots – esp the first one!! and i love your “all-time fave!”

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  28. Emy reply

    Jill, you are gorgeous!! Wow, these are absolutely stunning pictures of you. I’m sure on your wedding day you took Buddy’s breath away! I can’t wait to see the wedding day shots… KK says it’ll probably be one of my new favorite weddings!! yayay!!! I’m so excited!!

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