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overwhelming. It just is. Even if you’re a people person… it’s a LOT! I’m definitely an extrovert…. I would talk to a TREE…. but at the end of the day at WPPI, I am SO ready to just lay in bed with my laptop and look at blogs (such a photographer….that’s what we do for “fun”).  At WPPI it can be hard to find specific people and I knew that if we didn’t have some type of meetup, the VA photographers would never find each other! There are some some VA photogs that I literally NEVER saw but I knew they were there (the MGM Grand is GINORMOUS!)! So Wednesday night we had a VA Photog WPPI dinner date at the Venetian!

At first I was a little worried about getting there…. it was definitely an adventure and Michael wasn’t there to be our tour guide. However! I feel like the adventure getting there was part of the fun! Everyone who attended had such great attitudes and really just wanted to hangout with other cool people!! It was an awesome break from the craziness of the convention and not to mention… the food was INCREDIBLE! Not only did we have awesome VA photogs join us… we had a few friends from Oregon and TEXAS and Southern Cal! So fun. This night will definitely be remembered as a WPPI favorite:). If you attended on wednesday night, checkout everyone’s links below and stay connected!!



Jessica Smith

Sarah Danaher

Michelle Cross

Jill Taylor (almost Powers!)

Ali Williamson

Julie Massie (& Chris!)

Ashley Barnett (& Jeremy!)

Hope Helms

Karen Scott

Jim Blocker

Mike Lesnick

Cory Brodzinski

Carly Arnwine

Elizabeth and Ryan Bowers

Jessica Shae

Kimie James

Terra Dawn

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  1. Amanda West reply

    my goal……….. to b in that picture next year! I am going to make it to WPPI next year!!

  2. Hope Helms reply

    Oh my gosh, I love the last photo! ha! WHY am I one of the only ones with my tongue out?! I thought they said crazy! haha! I had a totally fabulous time with you all!

  3. Jill Samter Photography reply

    Lexi and I can’t wait to meet you after we move! You are just too precious! Looks like a great time and I look forward to meeting many of the people you had the pleasure of hanging with too! :-) Hugs and thankful you had such a great time. Congrats on your feature in Southern Weddings!!!!

  4. Kristin Nicole reply

    I almost died laughing when I saw your comment about how looking at blogs is what photographers do for fun…it is so true.

  5. Karen Stott reply

    This dinner was by far one of my WPPI highlights. Thank you so much for letting a lil’ Oregonian hang out at your Virginia meetup. I LOVED meeting everyone and am so excited to stay connected with my new friends. Hugs!

  6. ashley barnett reply

    Yay! This was definitely one of the highlights of my week, and it was DEFINITELY an adventure getting there LOL. Thank you so much for putting this together and introducing me to so many wonderful people :) And I love how everyone in the front row has the “sorority pose” going on!!

  7. Mike Lesnick reply

    Thanks for the invite!! I had an awesome time!

  8. Jessica Shae reply

    Yay! This was so much fun, thanks for letting me in on the fun, even tho I wasn’t from VA, and for posting the pictures! Love you guys! :)

  9. Terra Dawn reply

    Wow. Am I late in the game or WHAT?? LOVED hanging out with everyone!!! :D Lots of fun getting lost in casinos and meeting brand spankin’ new people!!

    Can’t wait until next year!!

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