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BLOG! I was so honored when Cameron emailed me several months back and inquired about a portrait session.  He wanted to surprise his girlfriend of 3 years with a session because he KNEW she would love it! He was right. Emily was smiling from ear to ear the ENTIRE session. She’s so joyful and happy, I loved her from the moment I met her! Cameron and Emily drove down from fairfax for a portrait session in downtown Ashland. The light was gorgeous and even though it was a hot one, the evening couldn’t have been more beautiful! We walked and talked about their dreams and how Emily is going to be an awesome wedding

planner one day.  It’s so fun being young and having your whole life ahead of you. Deciding to do what you love as a career is awesome… but it takes SO much hard work. So we talked about small business stuff and what they will do after school. I was so honored that they love my work enough to make this a part of their anniversary celebration! We walked the streets of Ashland and had a blast! It’s so much easier to shoot in a town where there are NO tourists walking around. I shot this session and then one day later, I was shooting in NYC so it was quite a different experience!


Cameron and Em (I call her Em because we’re just that close:), I loved getting to know you two and I’m so excited to show you some of your images. Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!!!!:)


Loving those TOMS!

Cameron gave Emily a charm bracelet with charms from different things they have shared.. and so for this occasion, he gave her a camera charm… best. boyfriend. ever.

Loving the light!


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  1. Abby Grace Photography reply

    Love that second diptych with the TOMS- such a cute session! adorable couple :)

  2. katie reply

    I wish I lived near such beautiful buildings/fields/wonderful photo backgrounds! gorgeous photos, such a sweet couple!

  3. Sara reply

    These are so adorable! What a great gift :)

  4. candace reply

    Katelyn, these are so sweet and precious. i love how you captured their love. :) I also love Emily’s camera charm! I want one!! :):)

  5. molly buckley reply

    LOOOVE these. what a sweet gift!!

  6. Alicia reply

    OMGOSH you did such a good job with these two! Emily has been taking about you for months and I’m sooo glad Cam got her this as an anniversary present!!! I know she told you that you were going to do her engagement pics when the time comes, but I have to tell you that you’re going to do my engagement pics and wedding!!!!

  7. Charity reply

    Seriously the bracelet with the camera charm?! Great job cam. :) The pictures were awesome, great job!

  8. Sydni Jackson reply

    how thoughtful is Cameron!! the charm bracelet idea is so sweet. i love how bright this session is! love the one with the tree and the Ironhorse

  9. Christy reply

    Absolutely love these images! Such a sweet couple – and such a thoughtful gesture!! :)

  10. Leslee reply

    Katelyn, I had a few classes with Emily at R-MC! You really captured her bubbly personality well! As always, your images are amazing!

  11. sherri lynn reply

    What a cute idea! I love the ones up against the tree.

  12. ashley barnett reply

    Aw these two are SO cute!! And her outfits rocked- loved the ones of them on the purple bench! What a great anniversary present! :)

  13. Emily reply

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!! they all turned out so good! Cam and I are really excited to show them to our family and friends!!! Thanks so much for all the advice about wedding planning and for being a part of something so special!!!

  14. Alex reply

    love all the colors, especially the purple bench. great job with the lighting. emily and cameron are adorable!

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