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I love

bridal sessions! Normally, if a bride opts for a bridal session, they have also done an engagement session and so by the time the wedding comes around, I have worked with the bride on two different occasions.  This makes a HUGE difference on the wedding day. I get to know the bride so much more and show up to the wedding knowing what poses she likes most and how to make her feel most comfortable…. and every bride wants that on her wedding day. Trust me.  Emily and John were married on Saturday and I absolutely loved being there.  After engagements and then Em’s bridal session with her and her mom, I felt like I was a part of the family!

Emily’s bridal session was so EASY! The Bolling Haxall House was full of large windows and great natural light and when you have lots of awesome directional light… you’re going to have awesome bridal portraits!! I can’t wait to show you these shots of Emily in her gorgeous gown! It was absolutely stunning. When I first saw her, I was speechless……she looked amazing! And while it’s so awesome for a photographer for have a bride that looks like she just walked out of a magazine…. it also raises the bar. These needed to be GREAT!!! I hope I did them justice.  Emily was a gorgeous bride… simply stunning. Enjoy some of her bridal portraits!!

Emily….you’re gorgeous! … I feel like I’ve said that a million times…. I need a new word!:)

Loved these!

Em you are the epitome of a classy bride! From the hair to the jewelry… your “look” was perfect!


Were these taken in a parking lot? Yes, yes they were. And they’re still beautiful! Sometimes the not so pretty areas are the BEST!

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  1. Catie: ( )

    Amazing! I love the window shot, you captured the light perfectly! <3

  2. Kristina Neighbour: ( )

    The window shot is my favorite too!

  3. stephanie b: ( )

    seriously, she is the prettiest bride ever!!

  4. Leslie: ( )

    1. I hope she already got married…
    2. ive been watching alot of americas next top model and i am impressed at how well she elongates her neck.
    3. the lighting is so good inside..guessing its from that huge window. love when you can capture natural light when youre inside. You’re a pro.

  5. Emy: ( )

    Holy guacamole!!!! KK, these are beyond gorgeous! Such a beautiful and extremely classy session. These are by far some of my favorite shots EVER! Love it.

  6. Lauren B: ( )

    so beautiful!

  7. Clare: ( )

    Katelyn I can’t WAIT for you to shoot my wedding at the Bolling Haxall House next year!! Ahhhh this just made me EVEN more excited!

  8. Sarajane Case: ( )

    I LOVED these! They are so unique to her!

  9. Emily: ( )

    I’ve been following your blog for a while, but don’t think I’ve ever commented…but today I had to becuase these are absolutely gorgeous!! And as beautiful as that house is, I really do like the shots in the parking lot, too!! :)

  10. sherri lynn: ( )

    wow what a gorgeous place to have a bridal session! all of them were so elegant and classy

  11. Sarah Danaher: ( )

    love these!! great job.

  12. svetlanaHillKovich: ( )


  13. ashley barnett: ( )

    These are so CLASSIC and beautiful! Great job using that indoor location it just fits perfectly with her style!

  14. Elise: ( )

    I love the ones in front of the door! :) All of these are so pretty, gorgeous bride!!

  15. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    Ohhhh how incredibly gorgeous. Mannnnn. I love these. They deserve to be in a magazine. No, three magazines.

  16. Erica: ( )

    I love this!! She is gorgeous and you did a great job. I love the contrast of the indoor photos and the photos in the parking lot. IT showcases the variety in your portfolio. Great job!

  17. Cati: ( )

    These pictures look like they came from a magazine! :) My favorite post in a while! WOW

  18. Maggie Fortson: ( )

    oh my gosh . . . these are INCREDIBLE! The light . . .perfect. She is stunning.

  19. megan: ( )

    the b+w ones are awesome!!

  20. Allison: ( )

    Love, Love, Love, Love, LOOVEEEE!!!!!

  21. Ashley Terry: ( )

    Gorgeous. Talk about needing a new word–I feel like this is always what comes to mind when seeing your work. And I totally agree with the “not so pretty” areas. Keep workin’ it, girl!

  22. Lynn Wisman: ( )

    OMG, these are beautiful Katelyn. Love, love love!

  23. Brenda: ( )

    beautiful! Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Very classy. I really like the very first one . . . in front of the fireplace and with the piano off to the side . . . stunning! Great job KK

  24. Carly Arnwine: ( )

    WOW. Speechless is all I can come up with! These are completely stunning, Katelyn, amazing job! And I totally agree with your statement of some of the best places are the ‘not-so-pretty’ ones — I love old places that contrast with ‘pristine’ :)

  25. Tammynize: ( )

    She is gorgeous. This location is exquisite. I’m loving the pictures. amazing bridal session. :)

  26. Kelley Finnegan: ( )

    I love her dress! Great photos!

  27. katie g: ( )

    haha i 2nd what leslie had to say about her elongating her neck! she is a total pro!!! and has clearly mastered the “serious look” – i love that this shoot was so different from your others…indoors and with different lighting. the bride’s BOW! oh myyyy oh myyy i LOVE! abby’s sister had a bow on her dress too & i looove the look of it! too cute.
    what a beautiful bride!! but where is her husband/ husband to be?

  28. Brittany: ( )

    These are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see the wedding!!!!

  29. Erin S.: ( )

    LOVE these photos! Gorgeous, classy bride and fantastic photography!

  30. Sydni Jackson: ( )

    oh wow these are soooo good!! i love her “look” by the end – esp the ones in the parking lot. LOVE the pose where she’s leaning over a bit standing in the rocks. loved the red couch and spiral staircase in the mirror. loved the window picture and then saw the next shots in front of that door (the first one on the right) – somehow it’s even better than the “classic window shot”!! way to come up with something AWESOME!! great work :)

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    [...] Taking shots of Emily in her gown will never get old! Did you see her bridal portraits? [...]

  32. Ahna Beth Photography: ( )

    WOWZERS! Her model face is gooooorgeoussss! & that indoor venue is phenomenal!

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