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to colonial Williamsburg to meet James and Nicole, I glanced up at my thermometer in my car and it read “102”. Oh my gosh. I immediately double checked to make sure I was wearing a somewhat dark shirt so that no one would be able to see just how much I was sweating! Can you imagine shooting in 102 degree weather?! Then add humidity in and it’s 10x worse! The air was so thick, it felt like you could touch it! Virginia has been having some hott days recently and I have definitely been getting a workout while shooting these past few sessions and weddings!  So the reason I’m telling you about the crazy weather is because you need to understand

just how awesome James and Nicole are! They somehow managed to have a GREAT session even though they were miserably HOT!!! I mean, who wants to hug and kiss someone in 100 degree weather? These two made it look easy.  I know it wasn’t comfortable but they were troopers and worked with me!  We walked around the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and passed all the cute  little shops and a few tourist groups (really? I would have stayed in the Cheese Shop all day if I was a tourist! WAY too hot for walking tours inside non-airconditioned buildings!).  James and Nicole talked about wedding planning and all that they were working on. James is really involved with the whole planning process and I told Nicole she had found herself a keeper!! Any guy who will schedule “taste testings” and help pick out colors gets an A+ in my book! These two are getting married up north and even though I will not be with them on their wedding day, I’m so honored that I was able to meet them and capture their engagement session. They seriously blew me away with how well they did in the heat! And when we were done and heading to the cars…. James mentioned “Maybe we should use that fence over there”…… He was still in “picture mode”!! So awesome. So James gets credit for the last fence shots everyone! Enjoy!



Nicole you’ve got some gorgeous eyes girlfriend!

I can’t decide if the little girl in the corner is cute or creepy! ha!

Loving this light!!!


Loved meeting you too!!! Congratulations!!!

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  1. Abby Grace Photography reply

    Oooh, I’m loving those ones in the street! Colonial Williamsburg holds a special place in my heart. Love this session!

  2. caroline reply

    GORGEOUS!!! seriously Katelyn!! words do not do your photography justice! pure gift from the Lord. whew. I love this location, the lighting is perfect AAAANNND they are so in love. Way to make a hot day HOTT (notice the spelling heehee) I love the one of them holding hands and running. Talk about love in action :) you’re great

  3. Kristina N. reply

    The fence shots were such a good idea! They’re great!

  4. Kari Jeanne reply

    Amazing!! I LOVE your rings shots – how do you do it?!?!

  5. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Loved the shot through the trees and in those tall plants!! Beautiful!

  6. stephanie boyer reply

    LOVE all the ring shots!!

  7. Girish reply

    Great set of images. Whenever I visit your blog I am expecting tons and images to watch and really get inspired. Keep posting.

  8. Katy reply

    Gorgeous photos!! And I love her dress!

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