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a happy post for me! As a bride, I worked so hard at planning our wedding. Hours of sitting on the basement floor, sorting through moss and peacock balls and never ending phone calls with vendors left me exhausted.  However, as I look back on my wedding day, all I remember was that it was perfect. I laughed and cried and squealed with my hands in the air… A LOT. They say that your wedding day is one of the best days of your life and I’m happy to say that that was so true for us. We LOVED our wedding and I wish I could have shared that day with the WORLD! The joy and happiness that filled that small country church was

indescribable and was so much more than I could have ever hoped for!  So now that it’s been 9 months since the wedding, I have started to forget just a little bit of that excitement. Sure, I still pull out our wedding album for ANYONE that walks through our front door (obnoxious? Yes.) but I haven’t taken the time to sit back and really think about that day for a while.  Well, that all changed yesterday when I came home to find my copies of the The Knot VA, MD, DC on my doorstep.  I tore open the package and sat in my living room, flipping through the pages to find our wedding!! There it was, page 50-53.  All of my details and hard work, displayed for future brides to gain idas and inspiration! Michael and I are THRILLED to be featured and we’re so thankful for everyone who made our day possible.  One very important couple to thank would be Jasmine and JD.  I’ve said it before but they added so much to our wedding day.  Choosing a photographer is not about just finding someone who takes “pretty pictures”… it’s about finding a friend and a person who you TRUST completely. We found that in Jasmine and JD.  We’re so thankful for our wedding images and I’m excited to share some of them with the wedding world! Also, a huge thanks to all the fabulous ladies at The Knot!!!


I know this is crazy….but I was so excited that they used one of our images for the Table of Contents!! It’s the little things in life, right?! Right!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rhonda reply

    YOU MADE IT!!!

  2. Hope Hughes reply


  3. Shuva Rahim reply

    Congrats, Katelyn!! It was an awesome wedding, and thanks for sharing so much of it with the rest of us online :-)

  4. TheGirlTyler reply

    How thrilling Katelyn – I know you all are over the moon. It looks like a beautiful feature and I hope I can get my hands on a copy soon. All that hard work paid off again : )
    Oh and I could not agree more that your photographer should be someone that has become a trusted friend. It not only makes the experience better for everyone but the final images too!

  5. ashley barnett reply

    Congrats Katelyn! I need to go pick one of those up! :)

  6. Danny Douglas reply

    Yeah! This is awesome! Beautiful couple. Beautiful photographs. What great memories!!

  7. Jillian Tree reply

    That is so exciting & awesome, congrats! Jasmine took some amaaaazing photos & you did such a great job of planning a beautiful wedding! :)

  8. Robin reply

    Such luscious colors and wonderful styling! Everything is just beautiful!

  9. Jennifer Jar reply

    OMG! Congrats girl! It must be so amazing to see YOUR WEDDING in print!

  10. JasmineStar reply

    LOVE you. Always.

  11. Emy reply

    You’re awesome! and half of my body is famous cause im on page 51!! :)

  12. sherri lynn reply

    Katelyn this is awesome!! I just saw on Jasmine’s blog and I’m so excited for you! So question: is it more exciting for you to see YOUR wedding in a magazine, or for your photography to be featured??

  13. Auriel reply

    This is so exciting! Can’t wait to get my hands on this magazine :) Your wedding deserved to be shared!! So happy more people will get to see it now.

  14. beverly reply

    wow!!! I know how much this means to you!! I can hear your little, but oh so cute squeals as you opened up your copy of the magazine!! is this the ultimate compliment for 10-10-10? has to be one of the top 3! so happy for you!! Its almost been a year since your wedding, and its still getting talked about….DANG GINA! :)

  15. brooke bowland reply

    so wonderful. congrats to you and the feature and of course to jasmine who we all know rocks. looks like the perfect day!

  16. Jennifer Krieg reply

    That is beyond AMAZING! I will be heading out shortly to get my hands on a copy of this issue!! Congrats!!!

  17. Abby Grace Photography reply

    YAY! I was SO HAPPY when I saw this on Jasmine Star’s page! Your wedding looks like so much fun, and it sounds like you put your heart and soul into it, so I’m so happy to hear that it received the attention it deserved! Katelyn James + Jasmine Star = best wedding combination ever.

  18. Sydni Jackson reply

    oh my gosh Katelyn you must be so estastic!! congratulations!!!!! you deserve it!!! for real.

  19. Aimee reply

    I think you can may take credit for all teal themed weddings through 2012! Truly beautiful!

  20. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE THIS!!! I was a bit disappointed when I ran to Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy and the old one is still out through July 11th! UGH! I hate waiting :)

  21. caroline reply


  22. caroline reply

    holy smokes!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  23. caroline reply


  24. caroline reply

    Im having a hard time containing my excitement. sheesh

  25. LeolaK reply

    Congratulations Katelyn and Michael!! Very well deserved ….your wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! I loved every unique and elegant! Awesome job!

  26. Kristina N reply

    So exciting!

  27. Jamie (Tim Jackson Photography) reply

    How exciting! Congratulations on the beautiful wedding photography layout.

  28. Jamie (Tim Jackson Photography) reply

    Congratulations on the beautiful wedding photo spread.

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