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up interstate 95, the dark clouds kept approaching.  The closer I got, the darker they became. It eventually began to down pour and I thought to myself “welp, this isn’t good”. I was almost to DC and there was no way we were canceling! I had been looking forward to meeting this couple since Kristen first emailed me! Brian and Kristen are both Lawyers in DC and will be getting married in LA next June. They wanted their engagement session to really show off their life together in DC and I was honored that they asked me! I pulled up to Union Station and as I frantically searched for an umbrella, I was hoping that there was just an ounce of

my mother’s preparedness in me somewhere!  I’m happy to say that I actually had 4 umbrellas in my trunk! My mom would be proud.  I made it to the front of the station with my all of my lenses and camera body dry and safe. I felt like getting to the station was a huge accomplishment in and of itself! However, it was still down pouring and we had an engagement session to shoot! I explained to Brian and Kristen that they were going to start their session in the hardest situation possible but that it would only get easier from there (way to be encouraging Katelyn!). We started shooting under the archways at Union Station with the rain pouring down right beside us and travelers and tourists walking past. It was loud and hard for them to hear what I was saying but let me tell you…. they ROCKED it. 100% pros. I explained that if they can pose and be relaxed and have fun in a situation like that… the rest of the session would be a piece of cake… and it was.


As we walked around the city, changed outfits, talked about their life, their families and their wedding planning, I quickly forgot about how horrifying the weather was when we first started. Kristen and Brian are an incredible couple. Not only are they drop dead gorgeous, they love to go dancing too. Yea, they’re perfect.  I absolutely loved my time with them and I can’t wait to show you their images! Brian and Kristen thank you for being patient, waiting out the storm and for trusting me with your engagement session!!! I wish you the VERY best!!



Kristen you’re beautiful!!!


Love these!!!

These two are pro-dippers! I was super impressed.

Gorgeous ring!

One of my favorites!!!


Gosh Kristen!! You look amazing and the light was PERFECT!


Love it!

Definitely a favorite!

Nice Brian! I wish I could say this only took me one try…. but I’m afraid we had to do this a few times before I got this shot:)


The End!

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  1. Jodi reply

    Katelyn, you rocked this shoot!! You could never tell you had to deal with crazy rainstorms! Oh and Kristen totally looks like Claire from Modern Family! :)

  2. Tammynize reply

    I love the last set of them playing freebies. Super Cute.

  3. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love them!!! What a beautiful job, Mrs. Alsop!!!

  4. nikki reply

    LOVE these! the light is beautiful – you guys really made the best of your day!!

  5. Sara reply

    OH MY GOSH I LOVE THESE. This makes me miss DC. LOVE!!

  6. Michael reply

    Wow Wow Wow…i love the colors in this shoot…rich red and blue walls…and the green of the trees and bushes…such a fun shoot!! Wish I could have been there…I love DC!!

  7. Abby Grace Photography reply

    the color in all of these images is nothing short of heaven. I LOVE these photos! And you’re right, she is gorgeous! That last image of them walking away is so stinking cute, I cna’t get over it. LOVE this session!!!

  8. sherri lynn reply

    I love the ones with the umbrella! And those blue bricks make an awesome backgrop. Such a good shoot!!

  9. Sarah Danaher reply

    right in Capitol Hill!! Crazy, I recognize the rowhouses. =) LOOOOOVE this shoot!!

  10. Jill Samter Photography reply

    you were an hour away from me :-D

    love the colors in the blue wall shots! awesome!
    love the shot of him catching the frisbee – great capture. i have to many favs in this series. fun session with a gorgeous couple! best of luck to them both!

  11. Tiffany reply

    Oh my goodness!!!! I just looked through all your pictures – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them! Seriously, you have SOOOO many great ones! The pink shirt is perfectly romantic (and your wedges!), the green sweater makes your eyes pop and the NU gear is sooo fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. Andrea reply

    First time posting on the blog after reading for 2+ years. This is my favorite e-session yet! Love the couple, and DC!

  13. Lindy reply

    Love love love them. gorgeous. Great job!!

  14. Jackie Brown reply

    As a close friend of this gorgeous, phenomenal couple, I have to say this photo shoot captures them in not only such a beautiful way but in a way that is sooo real and representative of them!!! It captures them perfectly, shows exactly who they are, how fun and enthusiastic and in love they are, from the Northwestern to the young professional to the fun in DC pictures, these pictures are incredible! Amazing work! And yes, it doesn’t hurt that Kristen is such a beautiful model as well :)

  15. Alexis N Photography reply

    Gorgeous, beautiful, perfect shots!!! Love this post and LOVE the location…you were close to us! :) Beautiful couple and love all of the themes for their session.

  16. Kristin reply

    Such an adorable session! So sweet!

  17. Alex reply

    such an adorable couple. i really like the action shots! you always do such an amazing job! I love how you presented the shots, i felt like i was getting to know them as i went!

  18. katie g reply

    love love love! esp because it’s in DC!!! yay for my home! :) you can just see their chemistry towards eachother! she is gonna be a super beautiful bride! i loooove the few shots with her hair in the low poney, so laid back! very real and she still looks beautiful !!!! gosh, katelyn i didn’t realize there were so many beautiful people in this world!!! love it

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    […] from beginning to end. I haven been excited to work with Brian and Kristen ever since their engagement session in Washington DC last year! They are such a fun, genuine couple. They’re the type of people that everyone just […]

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