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days when I feel like I have nothing to say, nothing to blog and nothing to share. Today is one of those days. I’m just being honest…. so I’m sharing that I have nothing to share. How lame. Because this overcast thursday has turned out to be a day lacking in inspiration….I am going to do a POLL! I have been meaning to do this poll for quite some time but just never got around to it! This will help me immensely! I am so honored that so many check the blog on a daily basis but I want to know who you are!! If you’re all 60 year old men that ride Harley Davidsons in your free time, I really should start blogging about different topics…

to better suite my audience! Ya know?! I highly doubt that you all are 60 year old men with motorcycles, but I would really love to know who you are and why you love the blog! I can’t thank you enough for supporting me and my work! I feel like after blogging for 2+ years, you know me pretty well! ….. So I want to know YOU and have a better understanding of who I am talking to everyday!! So thank you for taking time to do this little poll! It will definitely help me keep delivering material that you LOVE! I’m excited to hear from you!!!



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  1. Nancy Mitchell reply

    I am seriously old! I had to choose the 35+group:( Haha…Great job getting to know US! I would someday LOVE to meet you Katelyn in person! Keep up the great work! You are such an inspiration!

  2. sharon elizabeth photography reply

    yay!!! i love polls! i feel helpful even though i haven’t done anything!! hehe ! =)

  3. Laura Fiore reply

    I love that you want to know us, hate that I got to choose only one option, LOL
    Nancy, I’m over 35+…feeling older by the minute!
    Katelyn-I come here mostly, because I love your enjoyment of what you do. You share your excitement and joy really well here! I’m inspired by your photos, and uplifted by the joy you find in taking and sharing them!

  4. Lauren Wakefield reply

    Yay polls! So I checked “I’m a photographer” which I am but for the sake of correct records…I will be a bride sometime in the semi-near future and I fully intend on having you as my photographer…just sayin. :)

  5. Julianna reply

    You’re sweet. Thank you for caring about ME!!!!

  6. reply

    We’re happy to participate in your polls. Hopefully you’ll share the results! We are a combination of vendor, bride, and just really interested in weddings over here at Weddzilla. We love your blog because you are a positive, fun, talented photographer who serves as a good role model to others.

  7. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    FYI, I picked “photographer” but I wouldn’t count myself as professional, in any way, though I’m hoping to get there! :) Also, I chose “wedding and engagement” and “Ask Anything” as my favorite posts but if I could’ve checked them all…I would have! :)

  8. caroline reply

    for the posts you love the most, there should be an “all the above” option :) love you!!

  9. Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    I like the home decoration posts the best!!!

  10. Emy reply

    “” huh?! sounds kinda sketchy. haha just kidding… i love that you do post like this, even though you know I’m 20 and that I really like weddings and personal posts. AND last time i checked i wasn’t a photographer, bride, or a vendor… so i guess im pretty normal, but of course, you know that already. :)

  11. Elizabeth reply

    this is such a great idea!!!

  12. Kristina N. reply

    I had to put “just like pretty pictures” because that’s the kind of blog reader I’ve been the longest but I’m also a BRIDE!!!! :)

  13. Sarah Danaher reply

    I like ALL of your posts, love.

  14. Adriana Morett reply

    Hi Katelyn! I really love your blog, I’ve been a follower for only a couple weeks but everydday I love it more and more =) Just one question.. how come in your poll ALL women over 35 get just one option? I mean, I’m close to 30 and already approaching a “If you’re older than this I don’t even care how really old you are”? LOL super sad really =P

  15. Mollie reply

    I love all of your posts. I think you just take wonderful pictures and I have you tagged in my reader as a great photographer! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  16. Jill Samter Photography reply

    Oh I love this photo of Michael and you! So beautiful! Jasmine did such a great job :-D Love that you are asking about your readers – fun! Ha! I’m thankful you ended the age at 35+ – no need to be reminded that I’m over…ahem that age by a few years! LOL!

  17. Dara reply

    I can’t remember how I stumbled onto this blog, but I keep coming back because I just love your attitude! This page makes me happy! And all the photography stuff is the icing on the cake.

  18. Ashley reply

    The sister of one of my friends used you as her photographer, and I have been following your blog ever since she posted the link on her “theknot” blog. The plan is to get married to my fantastic boyfriend within the next two years, and I will be contacting you :)

  19. Anne I reply

    I love you blog. For everything really…the posts, the photos (especially the photos), the personal stuff, the encouragement, the faith that shines through everything and your dedication. I guess that’s what makes you and Jasmine my favourite photographers. :) You’re both so genuine and likeable. Thanks for sharing and encouraging!

  20. Shelley Bucher Photography reply

    Katelyn, you’ve got me hooked. I am a photography student and you are probably my biggest inspiration. I don’t even remember how I found you, but once I saw your work, I couldn’t look away. Your personality and genuineness in every aspect of your website and blog shines so brightly that I genuinely look forward to hearing what your up to. You have no idea who I am, yet I feel like you could be a best friend haha. Your photography is breathtaking. I know you asked us to pick our favorite posts from your blog, but personally I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to, they are all wonderful in their own way and I wouldn’t change a thing. The photographer in me is dying to know how you achieve such incredible images, and at the same time, the girl in me can’t wait to hear what’s new with you and your hubby. (Plus the decorating side of me is totally jealous of your interior design skills! Seriously! Your office is incredible!!). You’ve tarnished all other photographer for me, haha. The moment I get engaged, I’ll be calling you :] So thank you, for being so honest and transparent, and a huge inspiration to others. Your kind heart and joyful spirit is contagious.

  21. Niki Kelly reply

    I’m a stay at home mom who is not all that into motorcycles ;) If loving the color teal is a sickness, I have the fever, which is what made me stop here in the first place. Im not actually a “wedding” person (I happily eloped) but find that Im drawn to your cheerful attitude and your pretty pretty pictures. My bestie is a photographer so I like to share links like your sugar shoot and ask anything posts. Keep it coming ! Your site is such a beautiful distraction.

  22. Kaury (Anllelina) reply

    I looooooove your blog!!! Looking forward to meet you one day soon. Your work is wonderful, and I believe you’ve become a mentor to me when it comes to photography :) 
    thanks for sharing all these wonderful posts, it’s been a blessing and I’ve learned A LOT!!! :)
    God Bless You Katelyn

  23. Lanye reply

    This may sound corny, but reading your blog makes me happy! I’m not sure if it’s all of the TEAL or your sparkling personality but every time I visit I get a little pep in my step.

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