Today is the Day!

  • The Wedding Collective Giveaway Winner Announced!

Wow… today is the DAY!!!!!!!! What a CRAZY 7 days it has been. Voting began this time last week and we have been absolutely blown away by the excitement and support that people have poured throughout this while process!!! We are SO thankful for everyone who rallied around contestants and helped them fight for the top 5 spots. We’re also thankful for the 65 friends/family of the vendors that made the final decision. It’s a decision that we knew we couldn’t make ourselves. We are so thankful for ALL of the contestants. We love their stories, their personalities, their hearts and their excitement!!!

It’s SURREAL to be announcing this today. It was only a few weeks ago that Jill and I were hanging out in their living room just chatting about ideas and dreams. We talked about wanting to give away a wedding and now it’s happening!!! It’s really happening! And it’s happening with some of our best industry friends!!

Last night the vendors that were able to get together had a little party at our house and we filmed this little video…… where we announce the WINNER OF THE WEDDING COLLECTIVE GIVEAWAY!!!!!! AHHH!!! Watch watch watch!!!!!!

Ps. HUGE thanks to Shaina Koren and Mike for working SO hard to make this video happen OVERNIGHT!!

To watch the winner’s video CLICK HERE!!!

 And just when you think this couldn’t get ANY BETTER!!! … We’re SO excited to share that our sweet friends at Southern Weddings have graciously given us a SW PLANNER for our sweet couple!! We’re so thankful to have so much support from such amazing and admired friends in the industry!! Thank you!!


our amazing vendors!



KATELYN JAMES | Photography

AMANDA VERONEE | Floral Design

SHAINA KOREN | Videography

TART EVENT CO. | Planning and Styling

PAISLEY & JADE | Decorative Rentals

EMILY HUDSPETH | Hair & Makeup

HIGH COTTON| Men’s Apparel

JESS CREATES | Invitation Design


SORBY SWEETS | Cake Design

SHANER SOUND | DJ & Sound Service

THE WEEKEND TYPE | Hand Calligraphy

 Congratulations to our winning couple and to Megan & Justin and Sean & Lindsey for coming in 2nd and 3rd place!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sara Lynn Hoomes reply

    No big deal, just sitting on the kitchen counter crying while a toddler tries to takes shoes off because I’m distracted by their sweet (heartbreaking) video. So glad you are able to help that sweet couple <3

  2. Amanda reply

    So excited they won – I loved their story – cannot wait to see the wedding!

  3. Bethany Cox reply

    Good choice ;)

  4. Lauren reply

    Yay! I’m sure they are THRILLED!

  5. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    I’m sooooooo glad they won!! What a precious story, and how amazing that you guys get to do this for them!!!

  6. Alexius reply

    So happy and excited for them! Very well deserved!!!

  7. Melissa Farmer reply

    YAY Congrats to an inspiring couple! Hope you can move forward from your fears and celebrate this year with such an exciting event! All the vendors are such heroes for coming together and sharing this with Alex and Laura! #captainforlife #weddingcollectivegiveaway

  8. Amanda Veronee reply

    I’m looking forward to a beautiful wedding between these two! I’m happy to be a part of such a sweet gift for these two!!

  9. Kendall Lynnette reply

    Thank you again for picking us as one of the finalists, Katelyn and Michael! Just getting that phone call from you guys felt like winning to us, and we’re so glad we got to be part of the giveaway. Can’t wait to see all of the images from the winning couple’s wedding in September. :)

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