Lightbulbs? Really?

  • Wedding Wednesday

It was actually several months ago when Michael walked in the house and found me tearing apart a light bulb with a pair of needle nose pliers.  He immediately told me to stop! Looking back, I realize it wasn’t the safest Wedding Wednesday idea I had ever tried. I saw this idea on a blog a while back and thought it looked fun and simple and CHEAP! So I tried it.  Evidently it isn’t that simple to cut out the inside of a light bulb. Michael had to Google it to find directions.  I gladly handed the pliers over to him and he finished the job.

So even though this is a super cute way to decorate trees or shrubbery at a reception or ceremony… it may take some skill and some time!! But hey! It never hurts to share an idea! Enjoy!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. jenn reply

    LOVE it! I’ve been looking for something to hang with flowers in for a wall in my room and this is exactly it! great idea! :)

  2. Brendan reply

    I remember when you two were working on this project!

  3. Michael reply

    There needs to be a big disclaimer on this post. This is not very safe…I know it looks cute. Just be careful if you are going to try it. Glad I caught her before she tore her camera hand up.

  4. em reply

    Michael you are so sweet… looking out for her camera hand. haha
    KK i think this is really cute! and michael you did an awesome job demolishing the inside of that lightbulb!!! =)

  5. Stephanie Wilkinson reply

    That is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen! and I sure it not easy to do and not very safe! be careful :)

  6. Leslie reply

    i was wondering why that was hanging in the tree..

  7. Britne reply

    This is extremely cute!

  8. Lynn reply

    That’s adorable!!!

  9. Girish reply

    That’s cool !

  10. Connie Beth reply

    I just might be stealing this… :o)

  11. Elise reply

    You are so creative!

  12. Laurie Mitchell reply

    Too cute!! I have a friend doing an outdoor wedding and I think she would love this!!

  13. katie g reply

    i looooove the look of this!
    so simple!
    way to take care of your girl michael!
    miss you two!!!

  14. caroline reply

    WOOAAAHHH!!!! that is so crazy!! how do people come up with these ideas?!!! bet it was shocking!

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