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My Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Peacock

I have admitted before that I spend WAY too much time on wedding blogs. I stalked these blogs BEFORE I was engaged and now that I can justify it, I let it consume hours of my time!  (yes, I said hours….don’t judge) I love wedding ideas that are new and fresh and CHEAP! The more I stalk, the more I realize that the possibilites are endless when it comes to designing a wedding!


After Michael proposed, I remember people asking immediately “What are the colors?! Blue? Green? TEAL?!” I was so overwhelmed.  This was a huge decision. The colors of a wedding really dictate that overall feel of the day! I wanted them to be perfect.  So riding home from dress shopping (literally 4 days after we got engaged!), I thought of peacocks! I loved them, they were classy, and elegant and TEAL! I decided to go with it! Teals and browns and greens, it was exactly what I wanted! I immediately told Michael the idea and like usual, he said to go with it! I started planning immediately.  I found deep teal bridesmaids dresses and started collecting antique votives and vases.  Figuring out our theme was what really allowed me to start planning! Before, I had no idea what direction to go in.


One thing that really helped was collecting images from wedding blogs that really caught my eye. I LOVE creating inspiration boards and so I thought I would share a little inspiration for my wedding! Enjoy!


Ps. If you would like to help us out with our wedding you can VOTE HERE! We are entered in Crate and Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest and would love your vote! Out of hundreds of entries we are still staying in the top ten, but barely! So please, if you have an email or two, give us a vote! You’re awesome! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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  1. J.T.: ( )

    You’re wedding is going to be gorgeous. I want pictures, sooooo many pictures.
    I know I’ll get them, haha.

  2. britney: ( )

    cant wait! #tententen!

  3. Jessica Beale: ( )

    OMG. 10.10.10. I’m so freaking excited!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get my dress!!! This is going to be the greatest day ever! And I LOVE WEDDING WEDNESDAY!!! WOOO!!! Love you, KK!!

  4. Jess Mosley: ( )

    Oh I LOVVVVE the bird’s nest bouquets! And I lovvvvve wedding Wednesday!

  5. Randy Thomas: ( )

    I’m not the biggest peacock fan but you guys are going to make it look great if thats what you go with

  6. j gar: ( )

    omg, special k, you are so good at blogging! it must be becaase you do it everyday, it must. i have never said or typed omg before, so that will be both its maiden and final voyage for me. well done with wedding wednesday. alliteration. you’re great!

  7. Michael: ( )

    Why are J Gar’s Comments so funny…#tententen its gonna be epic. Love you, Glad I saw you at Panera working on Senior Seminar…or are you just blog stalking there?? PS…are you gonna wear that white thing on your face?

  8. Jessica: ( )

    stunning! :)

  9. Dr. Meyer: ( )

    I’m pretty sure if I ever get hitched, I need to hire you to help me out!! After you finish your degree, of course. :o)

  10. em: ( )

    YAY!! KK I can’t wait for 10.10.10….. its gonna be amazing!!!! You are so creative, your wedding is gonna be FANTASTIC!!! (and p.s. im so stinkin’ excited you enjoy stuff like this cause i dont. So you can practically plan my wedding) =)

  11. Connie Beth: ( )

    My theme is vintage country….and I have been stalking blogs too! I just started my own blog as well to make me more aware of planning :o)


  12. Torrie Robbins: ( )

    I love Michael’s comment, “PS…are you gonna wear that white thing on your face?” Haha! Classic!

  13. Kristina N.: ( )

    I love the shoes…. yay for 10.10.10!

  14. AshleyP: ( )

    This is going to be amazing!! October wont get here fast enough!…We picked out linens for my Moms wedding today and the lady was telling about a client that LOVED teal and I immediately thought “Katelyn!” lol

  15. marissa: ( )

    love it. that is a great color. love the shoes.

  16. Marisol Izaguirre: ( )

    Hi :) I voted!

  17. Leslee Lynch: ( )

    I’ve been browsing through etsy looking for stuff for my wedding, and everytime I run across some type of peacock thing, it reminds me of you! How is your planning coming along?

  18. caroline: ( )

    oh my goodness katelyn this is CRAZY. (and by that i mean awesome, not insane haha) your wedding is going to be really cool. SO EXCITED!!!

  19. ericamay: ( )

    so, so pretty. i love the color palette, and this inspiration board you’ve put together. it makes me want to plan my wedding all over again. :) i voted for you in the C&B contest! C&B = love. :)

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