We're Building a House!

  • A Massive Personal Project

never been more EXCITED and simultaneously SCARED TO DEATH about something before in my life!  Michael and I have some BIG news!!! We’re building a HOUSE?! I say that with a question mark because I still don’t believe it! I’ll believe it when they start digging up the ground!!! We’re obviously at the beginning stages and since we’re such newbies at this, we’re the weirdos that drive by our lot every other day just to make sure “nothing has happened”.  To say we’re excited would be an understatement!  I mentioned a few days ago that we were working on a MASSIVE personal project…. well this is it!

This is the largest purchase, biggest decision and wildest adventure we’ve jumped into thus far in our marriage! We’ve lived in our Cape Cod for almost two and a half years and we love this cozy little house!! …. We’ve also MAXED it OUT! Talk about something being well used…. our current house has been WELL used! It’s small enough to be the size of an apartment and yet we’ve had 30 teenage girls all spend the night at one time! YIKES! Literally, they were sleeping on the kitchen floor! We’ve had SHARE group meetups and dozens of “Guys/Girls” nights with our youth group kids, dinners, parties and a ton of coaching sessions have taken place here!! Our cozy house has served us well and it has gone above and beyond its’ hosting capabilities. A little home without an open floor plan was never created to host dinners for 15 people!!…..but we’re continually making it happen!! Even if it means sitting on each other’s laps!! If you hangout at the Alsop’s house, you’re going to get CLOSE! …. Literally.


Sharing our home and our life is what we love MOST and we’re SO excited to be able to do even MORE of that in our new house.  Whether it’s teaching photography, leading small groups or hosting a Christmas Parties…. our prayer is that this new house will be used 10x more than our current house!!  Something I love most about Michael and I is that when it comes to people and sharing our life, we’re 100% on the same page. Michael desires to open up our home and share life with friends and family and photographers JUST as much as I do. So that’s why this project is so exciting for us! Sure, picking out countertops and door knobs and crown molding is FUN…. but the best part is going on this journey with my husband and dreaming about all that we’ll be able to accomplish with this new space!!

So, like most everything else in my life, I’ll be documenting bits and pieces of this journey and sharing our progress on the blog!! As of today… we have a few stakes and straw to show and that’s about it!! But the exciting part is COMING!!!! We have a while to wait and so for the next 6 months we’re going to keep maxing out our cape cod and loving every minute of it!!


Happy weekending everyone!!!



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  1. Abby Grace reply

    That is so EXCITING!!! Congratulations, Alsops! This is making me want to make the move down to Richmond even more- housing up here is so dang expensive that my dad laughed at me when I told him I want to build a house one day. :)

  2. Julie reply

    Congratulations to you and Michael!! that is SO exciting!! you’re going to have so much fun sprucing up the place and I KNOW it’s going to look gorgeous! I have a feeling your office and all your living spaces are going to be pinned like crazy and they’re going to look like something out of HGTV! I wish I could hire you as both my wedding photog AND interior designer! haha ;)

  3. Christy Tyler reply

    OH MY GOSH!!! SO EXCITING you guys!!! Congratulations!! I’m sure this home will be ridiculously beautiful with all your design skills Katelyn! And I”m sure it will be well used for amazing purposes of community. Can’t wait to see the whole thing come together!

  4. Melissa Kate reply

    Ahhh! This is so exciting! I’m going to live vicariously through you on this! haha :)

  5. Mary Marantz reply

    Ahhhhhh CONGRATULATIONS you guys!!! That is SO exciting! Can’t wait to see it all come together! xoxoxo

  6. Karena Dixon reply

    Congratulations!!! That is so very exciting! Love the tree line in the back!

  7. Charlotte Bryer-Ash reply

    Wow!! What an exciting adventure!! Congratulations, can’t wait to see the photos :)

  8. Alex reply

    AHHHH! this is super exciting. You are so grown-up, it’s scary!!! I cannot wait to see the plans and your thoughts take shape. I am now very anxious to see everything…the landscape, layout, decorating and whatever awesome Ideas you come up with!! Best of luck, I’ll be praying for you both =]

  9. Serena Severtson reply

    This is so, so awesome. Huge congrats to you both on the fun, new life adventure! <3

  10. Suzanne reply

    Congratulations! My husband and I are building a house right now, too! It’s such a fun (and sometimes overwhelming) process. We just met with our builder yesterday to pick out the design options, like floor colors and cabinets… I can just imagine how beautiful your place is going to be. You’re so creative! I’m looking forward to following along with you on the process.

  11. Anna K. reply

    Ah, Katelyn! I am so excited for you and Michael and I can’t wait to see what you do with the new space! Yayayyyy!!!!

  12. Sabrina reply

    oh YAY!! CONGRATS!!! That’s so exciting!! Can’t wait to see the progress and the final product and all of your fun decorating :-)

  13. Tiffany Farley reply

    Oh my goodness how exciting?! Think of the office studio space you can create!! :)

  14. Dennis Bullock reply

    Congrats guys! Will Bokeh get his own room?

  15. Vanessa Chupp reply

    Congratulations you guys!! SO SO exciting! : ) Love your desire to share your home – the best and most cozy homes are the ones that are lived in and enjoyed! : ) xo

  16. Mallory reply

    Ahh Congratulations!!! I’m so happy & excited for you both and I can’t wait to see how you document the journey…..right through the finished product! :-)

  17. Kristin reply

    I knew there was a reason for all those pins on Pinterest that I’ve had to repin myself! :D Congrats girl, I’m so happy for y’all!

  18. Sydni Jackson reply

    congratulations!!! you will bless so many people through your home!

  19. Bethany Cox reply

    Congrats!!!! That is fantastic! Enjoy every single minute of it :)

  20. Gina reply

    Congrats!!! That is awesome :)

  21. Stephanie Mesick reply

    YAY! Congrats Katelyn! :) I seriously am looking forward to how you DECORATE the space! I’m sure you are just brainstorming like crazy ;) I’m glad I got to visit your cozy cap cod when I had the opportunity!

  22. Jen reply

    Congrats!! That is SO exciting!! What a blessing :)

  23. Brittani reply

    So so soooooo very exciting!! Cannot wait to see you guys travel this new little journey :) Congratulations!

  24. Sarah Adams reply

    YAY YAY YAY!! So excited for you! Can’t wait to see the whole process unfold! :)

  25. Rici reply

    WOW such a cool new project! COngrats!!!! ~ Saluti.

  26. Sara Winant reply

    That is AWESOME!!! I know it will be an awesome place!!!

  27. Kathryn Grace reply

    Congratulations! So exciting!!

  28. Blythe K reply

    Congrats Katelyn!! That’s so exciting!! :)

  29. Katie Reynolds reply

    Congrats!!!! That is soooooo exciting! Can’t wait to see all of the pictures as you are building! It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

  30. molly reply

    YAY!! so exciting!!!!

  31. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh my goodness! Yay!! So excited for you both!

  32. Lydia reply

    Wow, that is exciting!! My family has built a couple of homes, so I know all the work that goes into it. But it’s so worth it! Can’t wait to follow you along on your new journey and also see how you decorate the new rooms!!

  33. Brittany Claud reply

    This is such wonderful news Katelyn! I am SO excited for y’all!!! Can’t wait to see all of the progress! :)

  34. Shawnea Frett Ajao reply

    What a great BLESSING! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can’t wait to see the office and decor I know you’ll rock out of this world!

  35. LeolaK reply

    So awesome!!! Congratulations!! I can see it now..this house is going to be FABULOUS!!!

  36. Kristin reply

    So exciting! Congrats!

  37. Michelle Stoker reply

    Awesome!! Congratulations! I love how open you both are with your home. That’s great. :) Enjoy the building process!

  38. Kristina W. reply

    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s wonderful news! And it means more amazing blog posts with building details and more interior decorating! I am so excited to see it come about bit by bit! :)

  39. Elizabeth reply

    Yay!!! This is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to follow you on your new adventure! :)

  40. Kristen @ miss prissy paige reply

    Oh how exciting! I’ve noticed more house pins lately and now it all makes sense! Congrats on the new adventure!

  41. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you guys!!

  42. Old Santa reply

    Congratulations from everyone here at the North Pole on building your dream love, Santa , Mrs C and Elf Noel

  43. jenn reply

    yayyyyy!!! so exciting!!! congratulations you two for a new milestone!

  44. Sarah Goodwin reply

    Yay! Oh the joys (and tears) of home ownership! It’s definitely an adventure but such a great one. Can’t wait to see what snazzy interior designs you whip up :)

  45. Annetta reply

    Way to go! Can’t wait to see how you decorate this one! Owning a brand new home is fun. We did this too about 12 years ago. Hope it all goes well for you.

  46. ashlyn reply

    wow- that is amazing! can’t wait to see progress!

  47. Jessica Horton reply

    We’re building a house right now too!!!!! It IS exciting & terrifying!

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