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I love my KJ Brides!! To death! Every weekend I’m reminded of how amazing it is to have friendships with our couples! They allow us to be creative and they give us time to shoot what we need to shoot. That’s why we’re able to shoot SO many images! However, there’s always A LOT to think about on a wedding day and I’ve realized that it’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged for BRIDES! My “Wedding Wednesday” posts have been neglected!! I’m so sorry!!

Here are FIVE things that a lot of brides end up forgetting on their wedding day! It’s never intentional… these things just slip through the cracks and it’s totally understandable! A little reminder is always nice so enjoy!! :

top 5 things most brides forget!

1. Bouquets need to be delivered to YOU, not the church.
This is SO easy to forget and it’s totally fine if it happens! However, if you can remember to have your bouquets delivered to where you are getting ready, you’ll be able to have detail shots with your florals! I LOVE shooting the rings on flowers but I have to have the bouquets close by in order to make that happen! Even if you’re not sharing a first look, we still need your bouquets for bridesmaids portraits! Same for the bouts!

2. Don’t give the wedding bands to the best man! You’ll need ALL three for detail pictures.
I know, every planning book says to give the best man the rings to hold onto before the ceremony but that actually isn’t ideal for your pictures! I can always shoot the ring shot during the reception but you’ll have more variety and natural light if I shoot them during your details in the morning!

3. Try sitting down in your dress before the wedding so that you’re aware of how hard that may be if your dress is tight!
This sounds dumb but it’s actually a real thing! I’ve had at least a dozen brides not be able to sit for dinner because of how tight their dress was! It was hard to BREATH when they sat down! So try your dress on beforehand and try sitting to make sure it’s possible! This is especially important if you’re having a sit down dinner!

4. If you want natural portraits, your heels are going to sink in the grass! Get heel stoppers!
Everyone LOVES those natural portraits in the field or under those gorgeous trees… but some brides forget that their precious heels are going to SINK on their walk out to the their portrait location. So, I recommend having a spare pair of flats or some heel stoppers to save the day!

5. You can’t see little imperfections in photos!
Brides, if you don’t remember any of these tips…. remember this one! Tiny imperfections do not show up in your portraits. If you have a little dirt on your dress, it’s really ok. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand wanting to be perfect going down the aisle! However, if something does happen and you have a little imperfection, don’t stress! I’ve had so many brides go down the aisle with a little spot here or there and I guarantee you can’t pick out those weddings on the blog! :) So don’t let that stress you out. It’s ALL good! You’re going to look amazing!!!!

And here’s a little extra tip! ENJOY your day and stop every now and then to take in what’s happening! You’ll remember so much more of it if you STOP and enjoy specific moments throughout the celebration!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply


  2. Lisa reply

    In response to 4 – without heel stoppers you fall during your first look, which may not be ideal for some (but if you do, just laugh – the photos come out more amazing than you would imagine). Love you Katelyn!

  3. Erika reply

    That last tip is so important!! I tell all my couples, remember as long as you two show up and someone to marry you, today you are married!! THAT is what the day is about, marriage!

  4. Nicole Salter reply

    I have a few of those worries during wedding days and tell them just this! Especially the dirt one! “Can you see it?! D:” They look surprised when I tell them you really can’t. I’m often ring security for the day too since they know I’m the one person that will be around :P

  5. Rici reply

    This is a good selection of tips! Love the wedding band one! Thank you :*

  6. Colleen Smith reply

    YESSS!!! As soon as I saw the title I said OH NO I hope I didn’t do any of these ;) Thanks to the Bridal Guide aka the Bible…I DIDNT! :) PHEWWW hahaha :) Miss yall!!

  7. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    Oh, these are all great tips! I’ll definitely have to remember them when it’s my turn to walk down the aisle! :)

  8. Alvin reply

    i think the heel stopper or flats is really important for outdoor photoshoots.. I see this mistake made by brides quite often by forgetting to bring those.

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