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This coming August will mark exactly 6 years since I started this crazy business! I honestly can’t believe it’s been THAT long!! When I first started, I didn’t have money to spend on advertising and didn’t have a business plan because I was a college student that was just trying out a dream to see if it would become anything. At first, I had low expectations for my business because I didn’t want to be disappointed when it failed. Who was a kidding? I didn’t have experience in BUSINESS! How was I going to gain an audience and a demand for my services?

Well…. six years later, I have at least one answer to that question… BLOGGING! My blog averaged about 40-70 hits a day my first six months in business and today, my readership has grown to the thousands. It hasn’t been easy… and it wasn’t overnight. It took A LOT of hard work and commitment but it’s worth it because this is my marketing! My blog is the #1 referrer for my business. There are hundreds of tips for blogging but today I’m just focusing on one main question that I receive often.

“What platform should I use for my blog?”

I recommend WORDPRESS! Hands down! It’s the largest blogging platform and has amazing resources for photographers and ANY blogger for that matter! I have used wordpress from the beginning… well, after I had Typepad. Typepad was the platform for my FIRST blog and guess what… it’s still LIVE!! How embarrassing!!! I honestly thought that coloring my watermark to match each image was a great way to show my creativity. YIKES. You know I love you if I’m showing you this!!! You can read my OLD BLOG here! That’s where it all began folks! Whew, thank goodness for change. Ps. If you haven’t heard about “Inspired Designs” and why I changed my business name, you can read about it HERE!

So why do I love WordPress? Well, here are a few reasons:

  1. Prophoto Templates : These templates can be customized and are optimized for displaying images! 
  2. Plugins : SO many plugins! These awesome (and often FREE) tools can be used to enhance functionality. Plugins can improve SEO, catch comment spam, improve your blog’s caching system so that your site loads faster and much more! 
  3. Constant upgrades! When the web changes, so does WordPress! 
  4. User friendly interface. WordPress’s interface is easy to navigate… even for a newbie! The learning curve isn’t steep and so even new bloggers can learn the ropes!
  5. It’s Affordable! Now I have a CUSTOM WordPress Blog from Flosites…. so it was a pretty penny. However, standard themes that can be customized are VERY affordable! You don’t need a several thousand dollar custom site to have a great blog.

If you’re considering blogging… DO it! WordPress is the BEST place to start! 6 years and I’m still a HUGE fan!! Happy blogging!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kat reply

    hahah I LOVE looking through your old blog. So funny!!! it’s nice to know that everyone had to start somewhere :) Good luck with the wedding festivities!!! xo!

  2. Anna Burke reply

    Love this :) You’ve come a long way in the past 6 years, and not just in your blogging :) earlier this week, I was looking through all of the pictures you’ve taken of us… Mother’s Day, Proposal, Engagements, Bridal Portraits, Wedding Day and now other weddings I’ve done with you… Looking forward to many more weddings… especially TOMORROW and 10.22.14 :)

  3. Vanessa chupp reply

    Love wordpress! And pro photo is great especially if you don’t have the HTML knowledge but want to make changes to your site yourself! They make it really easy :) I’d love to hear what some of your favourite wordpress plug ins are- it’s great there’s so many but it’s hard to sift through the bad to find the good sometimes! Xo

  4. Kathryn Grace reply

    Fun looking at your old blog…. gotta love all the tilted photos. ;-)

  5. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I have WordPress too but it seems like my photos come out looking a bit pixelated. When I have them on blogger they look smooth and crisp. Any ideas on why this is? I use BlogStomp for all the photos I upload to my blogs…yet in blogger they look great and in WordPress not so much. Tis puzzling…

  6. Evonne & Darren of U Me Us Studios reply

    We totally LOVE WordPress too! :)

  7. Colleen reply

    Hi Katelyn!
    I have a wordpress blog, but don’t have a template from phophoto.. and i was wondering if there were any plugins that allow you to optimize displaying images?

  8. Caitlin Alexander reply

    Hi Katelyn! Any advice on INSTALLING WordPress’ software?! It’s ridiculously confusing! ;)

  9. Kelsi reply

    If I’ve been blogging on Blogger for over a year but have considered switching to WordPress, is it possible to just transfer my blog over without losing everything I’ve blogged? Or will I just need to start from scratch?

    Thanks! I find you so inspiring!


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