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We’ve already experienced that everyone has opinions about all things baby and we totally expected that. Some people don’t think you should find out the gender, and some people want us to share name ideas, but that’s probably not going to happen. This entire experience is 100% new to us and so we’re just going with the flow and figuring things out along the way. However, I’ll take ALL the advice I can get when it comes to the baby registry!!!

I’ll be honest. Between the end of wedding season and moving in a couple of months…. the registry hasn’t really crossed my mind. I sat at my sister’s shower and saw all of this stuff she received and thought “I never even THOUGHT about needing that! Oh man…..” so I’m asking our sweet blog friends for some help! If you are a momma or have experience nannying and you know of something that you think is a must-have that we really shouldn’t forget on the registry, please share in the comments! We’re so thankful for any help and we’re definitely not afraid to ask for it! This is COMPLETELY different than the wedding registry process!!

Also, here are a few pictures from my sister’s shower that my future sister-in-law planned and it was the cutest!!!

Michael’s mom DREW this!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Allie reply

    As a mom of three one silly thing I couldn’t live without was the Bobby Lounger! It’s perfect for a little resting place for baby. A good monitor will last a long time and you’ll always use it and my favorite nursing cover was a 1yrd square blanket instead of the fancy ones. More versatile and better coverage. Best of luck to you both and congrats!!!!!

  2. Katie reply

    Take what you saw at your sisters shower and cut it in half! ;) I swear you don’t need as much as you may think. My BEST advice is always to stock up on cloth diapers- not for diapers but as burp cloths! They are the best. I also used a lot of the newborn nightgowns, easy for late night diaper changes. The miracle blanket swaddle. A good sound machine with white noise and soothing sounds-this my girls used until they were 2!

  3. Amanda Shaw reply

    Some of my favorite ‘must-haves’ for baby were a comfortable gliding chair (you’ll spend a lot of time in it), a boppy pillow, & a sound machine!

  4. Meredith reply

    The absolute best thing we got was a portable white noise machine. It traveled with us everywhere and made such a huge difference in our kids sleeping through the night around month two. A wipe warmer may seem like a silly thing but it made diaper changing so much easier. Lastly a Boba wrap for baby wearing. I never did it with my first and it was a lifesaver with my second. I was able to still snuggle her and get things done. It also shortened cholic crying. I have a longer list if you want it.

  5. Ashleigh Gilbert reply

    These are things we definitely loved. So excited for you all!!

    Puj Tub great for the first 2 months to use in your sink and its easily transportable
    Aden and Anais blankets
    Play mat with kick piano
    Lille baby carrier
    Zipper sleep/ pajamas (buttons are too hard)

  6. Tina Farwell reply

    You will want a changing table, so you don’t have to bend over when changing the princess/prince.

    God Speed!

  7. Stephanie reply

    The registry is so exciting! So, if you plan on nursing: a good pump, nursing pads, nipple cream, milk storage bags, bottles, a nursing cover, and nursing bras. Since you work and are in the car a lot, a hands free nursing bra that holds the pump for you so you can do other things would be helpful! For the baby: diapers, wipes, zipper pjs (snap buttons are so annoying), swaddles, a baby carrier, portable sound machine like the sleep sheep, diaper cream, baby bath gel, a mirror for the car so you can see baby, pacifier…that’s about all you need for baby for the first like six months :)

  8. Elizabeth reply

    Register for the practical stuff, don’t worry about a lot of clothes. They will be given regardless! Halo Sleepsacks were a life saver, and I loved our MamaRoo Swing. I would also recommend carriers. We went with the Moby wrap and the Ergo carrier (for more support when he was older). Don’t be afraid to register for toddler stuff too, because you’re going to need it faster than you think!

  9. Emily reply

    I agree with Katie! My best advice is to not get overwhelmed with everything people say you need. Every baby is SO different. We bought an expensive swing, (that everyone said we couldn’t live with out) and our daughter hated it! Buy as you go. You don’t need nearly as much as you think! Don’t let the stress of having STUFF overwhelm you.

  10. Emily Crall reply

    If you’re using disposable diapers, buy them with Amazon Prime. The first few months are tricky because they go through sizes a little quicker, but once you figure out about how many diapers you go through, you can save a ton of cash because you get 20% off!!

    Also, if you’re breastfeeding, everyone will tell you about the boppy, but the breast friend pillow is actually much, much better, especially when they are little and you’re trying to figure it all out!

    Don’t register for clothes. People will get them for you anyway. Clothes are more fun to shop for on your own anyway than, say, burp rags and butt paste.

  11. Didi reply

    A Graco Pack ‘N Play is a wonderful item to have because it becomes so many things you need – portable infant seat & bouncer, infant bassinet, changing station, comforting songs and sounds, a look light for nighttime checks on the baby and a full time play space. Another suggestion is a Diaper Genie with refill. These are things that are invaluable for a new mother! You and Michael are so very blessed. We know you will be wonderful parents. XOXO Didi & JT

  12. Jill reply

    You wil get SO many opinions- it is hard to get through them all I’m sure!! I will make it short and sweet :) Must haves: Great baby carrier (research the different styles- everyone seems to prefer something different), Rock’n’play, a play mat, and a great swaddler (we SWORE by these- they were the only kind our kids couldn’t get out of, and they slept SO WELL in them White noise app on your phone so you have it on the go and can cue her to sleep in the car! I recommend a lighter stroller option (we got a caddy for our car seat that was just a frame) vs the HUGE difficult to use ones. SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! <3

  13. Jill reply

    Should clarify- the white noise is on our phones, and then on an old iphone in both kid’s rooms. At 4, my oldest is still sleeping with his!

  14. Amanda reply

    If I HAD to only recommend one thing it would be the Baby Shusher. It has been the greatest gift that I have ever received. I will be giving it to all of my pregnant friends in the future! Here is the link…
    My other recommendation would be to check out and look up her Perfect Baby Registry List. Not only is she always posting amazing deals on some of the best baby items but her registry lost has explanations and reviews of all the items she loves! I hope this helps! Xo, Amanda

    • Amanda reply

      I forgot to mention the the Chicco infant seat is hands down the best infant seat. Through my day job I was certified as a car seat tech (ya, that’s a thing!) and it is leaps and bounds easier to install than any other seat out there! We travel a lot with our babies and the Chicco seat is so easy to put in any vehicle! It also washes like a dream which is so important if you have the dreaded “blow-out” or a baby who spits up often! Best of luck and congratulations!!!

  15. Blythe Krzemien reply

    A few of my FAVORITE things that i’ve used OVER and OVER!!
    – The City Mini GT it’s awesome, easy to turn/comfortable to push, travels super well on planes, it’s light (one handed folding and putting into the car while holding a baby isn’t impossible), plus the travel system adapter clips for the infant seat
    – the peanut changing pad: it’s an anti-microbial changing pad, it’s super soft and comfy for baby and is big enough for a toddler. it wipes clean so no extra laundry when the inevitable mess occurs
    – a diaper basket: i use a cheap white plastic “basket” container from target to put diapers and all our diapering needs in so we can move it around and keep it contained. especially helpful early on when most of your changing happens on the living room floor, not their bedroom on a dresser or changing station.
    – basinet or pack and play in your bedroom
    – a sound machine!! plus the travel version for the car
    – muslin swaddles/blankets
    – wubbanubs!! (we have 3 – and still manage to misplace them)
    – the velcro style swaddles are a life saver and sleep bags once that itty bitty starts rolling
    – make my day silicone bibs and ez pz mats (can you tell i hate EXTRA laundry)
    – comotomo bottles (pricey but worth every single penny)
    lots of love and prayers for a wonderful and easy pregnancy and birth!!! xoxo Blythe

  16. Debbie Pyle reply

    I am the mother of three and grandmother of nine and my best suggestion to you is the Fisher Price rock-n-play. They are about $60 @ Target and not sure why the play is in the name. It is a sleep rocker & the one for newborns is wonderful. Babies often need to sleep at a 45 degree angle snuggled. This does that & rocks so gives movement. A lifesaver

  17. Sarah mullins reply

    A Solly Baby Wrap is a lifesaver! The best wrap out there! Also we used a doc a tot this time around for sleeping and it has been so amazing to not have to get out of bed for night feedings! Adam made a co-sleeper bed that attaches to our bed and we just lay the doc a tot right in it! <3

  18. Trisha Shelley reply

    Hi Katelyn! This is darling! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let out little screams of joy over your baby news and updates in the last few months! My husband always comes rushing in to see if I’m okay and thinks I’m crazy when I admit it was from excitement for the “Virginia Wedding Photographer” :) Really the best baby gift I would recommend is the movie “The happiest baby on the block–the 5 S’s” It really made the biggest difference for us and we felt so much more prepared after watching it! I’ve used those techniques at shoots with newborns and had moms totally in awe. :) Also, for fun, look at Copper Pearl on IG! My friend started it up and they have the cutest style. Their bibs would have been a lifesaver with my now two year old when she was a baby since she had trouble keeping my milk down :)

  19. Melanie reply

    A Rock ‘n Play to sleep in at first. It’s great for all kids, but also if there are any reflux issues, etc then they are slightly elevated.
    Aden & Anais blankets.
    If you are nursing, a boppy….and check to see if your health insurance will cover the cost of a pump.
    Like others have said, you really just need the basics…but everything is too cute!!

  20. Amber reply

    One of my must haves is the SNUZA! We had one and it was such a stress reliever! You put it on the baby’s diaper and if they stop breathing it sends off a high pitch alarm. One of my fears was SIDS and this put my mind at ease. We did get like 3 false alarms over 8 months of use (because our little guy wiggled it off) but we would much rather have a false alarm than no alarm! It truly was a game changer on how I slept and now it’s one of my go to presents for showers!

  21. Sara Maddox reply

    A rock n’ play will save your life for the first few months. Also, the cloth diapers are great to use as burp cloths and you’ll need lots of those! SO excited for y’all!

  22. Katelyn James reply

    Thank you all SO MUCH!!! You’re saving us so much headache!!!!

  23. Carrie Krupke reply

    I’ve really enjoyed using a Rock n Play to put baby next to the bed-easy access for middle of the night feedings! I wish we’d had it with our first, so we’re borrowing a friend’s for our second baby. :) We also always use a swaddle of some kind for the first several months-highly recommend the ones with velcro so that it stay put! If you’re going to get sleeper footy pj’s, get ones with a zipper, ain’t nobody got time for all the snaps in the middle of the night! A non-registry suggestion is how you will work having visitors at the hospital after delivery. (Will you have a family member with you, in addition to Michael, there too?) We told family that we would let them know when we were ready because we didn’t know what it would look like or how I would be feeling. Giving that flexible expectation of sorts was freeing to know that my physical needs would be met before letting everyone into the hospital room. :) Best of luck with everything!!

    • Carrie Krupke reply

      Also, if you’re nursing, use lanolin after every feeding or put some of your breast milk on you to soothe. Most insurances cover a pump which we had delivered to us in the hospital room after delivery. They bring it up to you from the medical equipment supply store in-house! You can also find nursing tops that are cute here:

  24. Rachel reply

    Rock N Play -life saver for day naps our little has slept in her crib since she came home the hospital
    Bobby – so many uses
    Newborn tshirts – great until the umbilical cord falls off use a swaddle to keep them warm :)
    Swaddles – we live in our Aden and Anais ones
    Convertible All in one grace car seat – best decision we ever made never had a infant carrier and never looked back
    Tula baby carrier with infant insert (my husband carried out little one in this from day one) I carried her in a sling and moby wrap.

    One mistake we made was not registering for a baby bath tub that grows with baby we now have a sitter upper and she can’t be in her infant tub from munchkin anymore so we are upgrading.

    Everything else is extra your babe will live in sleepers and onesie for the first 3 months don’t register for clothes they will come people can’t stop themselves ;)

  25. Marquette reply

    I don’t know what your feeding plans are (and I’m totally pro-do-what-works-for you, not going to start a formula vs breastfeeding discussion-we’ve done both ways!), but if you do go formula at all the Baby Brezza has been incredible. It’s like a baby keurig but for formula.

    Swaddle wraps (the zipper or velcro kind) were my other best friend (mostly my husband’s best friend as he couldn’t ever figure out swaddling with a square blanket)!

  26. Brianna Venzke reply

    Ohhh this is such an exciting time! Okay here are my favorite must-haves:

    -Uppababy Vista (I wish we had bought this the first time around!)
    -West Elm Graham Glider (We didn’t buy this until our 3rd and I LOVE it, wish we had bought this the first time too because it will easily last through all your babies lol)
    -Mamaroo (lifesaver! so much better than a normal swing!)
    -Ubbi Diaper Pale (another item that will last between kiddos!)
    -Freshly Picked moccs (okay you don’t need them but they are oh-so-cute, we had them in each size for our little man as he grew, they were the only shoes he could wear and they protect from the cold!)

    Lots of love,

  27. Kristina W. reply

    That baby shower looks adorable!!! So excited for you and your sister to go through pregnancies and babies together!

  28. Brooke reply

    Both of my girls slept soooo well in the Rock n’ play sleeper… Seriously best gift we got. We only put them in the pj’s with zippers cause it gets annoying to try to match up all the snaps – especially at 2 or 3am ;) I would also get a stroller set that is a jogging stroller because you can use it as a regular stroller, but can’t use the regular one to jog if you wanted to.

  29. Shalese reply

    I don’t have a baby, but I DO have a nephew, and he loved his swing that hangs in any doorway! It’s called an ExerSaucer a lot, or a Jolly Jumper. He loved bouncing in that thing so much, he would jump and swing until he fell asleep! We could pop him in there and do all kinds of household chores, and he was happy as could be! I buy one for all of my friends!

  30. Jessica Fike reply

    I tell everyone about the Boppy Lounger pillow! It’s not the Boppy breastfeeding pillow, it’s a LOUNGER pillow…a complete pillow that baby can lay in. We used it with all three of our kids! Our babies slept on the pillow and really just lounged around while we ate, took showers, etc. It was also great when traveling because our babies always had a comfortable, safe place to lay. :)

  31. Karen Allen reply

    Sign up for Lucies List (!! Seriously the BEST advice ever, on everything baby! The registry section breaks down every different thing you need in categories, and gives you a review of the top items at all price points. And then you get timely weekly advice during and after pregnancy. I’ve used it for both of our babies and it’s beyond helpful!

  32. Megan Kelsey Photography reply

    I’m just dying over how exciting this is!!! Look at all the suggestions you got!! Lol #goodluck #wishIcouldhelp

  33. Rachel Vargas reply

    SOOO excited for you guys!!! The things we use the most are the Rock N Play (we still use this for Wren’s daytime naps and she’s 6 months old!), her bouncy exersaucer (she has a blast in there for 20-30 minutes at a time – just enough time for Alex and I to eat dinner), soothie pacifiers, and the medela pump (which is 100% covered by insurance).

  34. Kristin reply

    We have an IKEA Hemnes 8-drawer dresser we use as a changing table. It was reasonably priced, super sturdy, and the highest dresser we could find with the most space. We figured we’d invest in a dresser our baby could grow into. I’m able to fit shoes, socks, burp cloths, diapers, medicines, changing pad covers, crib sheets in the top four drawers and in the bottom four I’m able to fit two sizes of clothing (i.e. Right now I have two six month drawers and two nine month drawers). I love it because my husband knows where to find it and everything fits! We still have room left over for more clothes. I keep the other sizes in storage boxes. Ours is white. We love it!

    Another thing we love is a book called Caring for Your Young Child and Baby the First Five Years by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s a month-by-month guide on what milestones your child should be reaching, offers explanations on behavior, signs of hunger, etc. My husband and I are new to parenting and this book has been super helpful in answering questions such as what are these heat bumps, or when should my kid be rolling over, or about how much breast milk should he be eating… I say this because Google can be helpful but also super intimidating and overwhelming when you think your kid has come down with the Black Plague. :)

    Another thing is my sister gave me a label maker for our shower… Call me crazy but I use it to label my drawers and storage boxes so my husband knows where things are.

    Just a tip too, I have a binder dedicated to all product registrations and owner’s manuals. Can’t tell you how thankful I am I made that binder to refer to when something has broken that is under warranty, or I haven’t set up the pack n play in a few months or so on. I registered everything online or through the mail and kept track of it in my binder! Lifesaver. :)

    You’re going to be a great momma. I hope you are encouraged by all the feedback you get today for your registry. May God bless you and continue to provide you with rest and good health for both you and your sweet baby girl!

    • Karen reply

      1) Many of my girlfriends say not to know/reveal the gender or all you’ll get are cute clothes! Just a thought.

      2) If you’re gonna nurse, a Freestyle pump. You can pump anywhere w/ it without needing to plug in. I’ve pumped in a closet during a wedding or driving in the car (not kidding)

      3) BIG swaddle blankets – forget the 36×36 receiving blankets. They don’t swaddle well. Big ones – often linen. There are tons of brands!

      4) Like Kristin, we used a desk (not a dresser) as a changing table, and my dad built a platform to make it taller (we’re both TALL) so our backs wouldn’t hurt.

      5) wipe warmer. Sounds like a luxury, but it was so nice during middle of hte night diaper changes in cold months.

      6) You don’t need a bottle warmer. We used a cup in the microwave for like 60 seconds, and plopped the bottle into it. Easier, and we didn’t have to figure it out in the middle of the night!

      7) BREATABLE/MESH bumpers. Our little dude liked to get his feet stuck in the crib slats.

      8) I don’t think we ever put socks on our little guy. Footie pjs for much of the first 4-6 months. But if you do get lots of socks, put them in a lingerie bag in the laundry. It will save both your washing machine and sanity when you can’t find them!

      9) those magnetic locks for the kitchen cabinets. LOVE those things – even now that little guy’s 4!

      10) schedule a massage for a few weeks after baby is born – mama needs a treat, too!
      I’m sure I’ll think of some more later :)

  35. Taz reply

    For a baby registry i would suggest the rock n play bassinet not the normal rock n play. The rock n play tends to flatten babies heads because people generally use it for the first 2 – 3 months but with the rock n play bassinet its like a normal bassinet but with the same convienence as a normal rock n play. So its easy to travel with and move from room to room. Plus transitioning from a bassinet to crib is MUCH easier then rnp to crib. I always always suggest signing up for every formula brand to recieve samples incase of problems with breastfeeding! Coming from someone who has had trouble with it and is not able to produce it is GREAT to have it for back up for that just incase moment. also, I would recommend the Mamaroo, was the BEST swing I had ever owned! Congrats on the baby! They truly are a blessing, times will be hard and it’s ok to cry! But, the good will always outway the hard times!

  36. Jenny reply

    I’m so excited for y’all! I can’t wait to learn from you in this new stage!! There are so many things that I can recommend! If I had to choose one, it’d be Baby Wise. Oh my! Using this method as a guide for our first year has been a game changer! Our son slept through the night at 7 weeks old, still takes predictable naps, and is a happy healthy toddler. We can confidently send him to granma’s knowing what he’ll need and equipping her with it. If you like any structure (and sleep) at all, check this out. It’s the main way my business has been able to continue to grow in my first year of motherhood. Enjoy everyone’s input! It looks like you have some great advice!!

  37. lisa sommer reply

    highly recommend the book,,,Your Baby and Your Child from Birth to age 5…written by British Pediatrician Penelope Leach…This book still flies off the shelf ,,,on the 5th edition ,,,loved it because for every issue you can think of she presents at least 3 options for handling it so you can use what yo think will work the best for your situation, She even address the difference between the “newborn” and the “settled newborn”… and you will be just fine…don’t sweat the small details…everything will fall into place …promise Love ,Lisa

  38. Alicia Daw reply

    Not a mom yet, as you know, but here are a few of my favorites product that I’ve ised with my neice a and nephews as infants and some of the first things I added to my registry:

    1- Aden and anais Muslim wraps/swaddlers. They are THE BEST and so versatile!

    2- Solly baby wrap

    3- Wubbanub

    4- Noise maker (we registered for a dohm, which is what Adam uses himself every night, haha)

    5- Jolly jumper. They aren’t nearly as common as when we were kids but my nieces and nephews LOVED it and it kept them distracted and active for HOURS

    6- The books babywise, hypnobirthing, and Guide to child birth. ;)

  39. Alicia das reply

    Holy typos in my last comment. Ha! Sorry. I promise I’m better than that at spelling and grammar.

  40. Alicia daw reply

    Last comment, I promise. Not a registry item but is a lifesaver for new moms. I’ve done it for all my friends and they didn’t have to think about any meals for 2 weeks after baby! Set it up for Emy and then have her return the favor and set it up for you ;)

  41. Joelle reply

    Things that come to mind right now…
    Good video monitor set.
    Disposable Nursing pads(if you plan to nurse). And lanolin cream (or coconut oil works too for sore nipples).
    Quality swaddles (Aiden and anias brand are great). And burp cloths (lots!).
    Quality, comfortable baby carrier. I LOVE my solly wrap, and ergo carrier.
    White onesies! I got some of the long sleeve newborn (I think carters brand) that had the hand cuff to cover babies hand if they tend to scratch themselves. So awesome. I didn’t use as many onesies in the beginning – more like 3+ months. (I had a March baby and dressed him in lots of cozy warm sleepers).
    White noise machine (or app).
    Soft blankets.
    Quality rocking chair (you’ll end up sleeping in it at times!).
    Basinet! Lifesaver to have that next to my bedside so I could get to him quick and nurse when he was young.
    Changing pad. Extra crib sheets and liner for.
    Books about Jesus!
    Pacifiers. My son LOVEs the wubbanub brand on Amazon. When he was super little he’d hug the stuffed animal attached to it and even before he could grab/reach he’d be able to find the binky by himself when I laid it on his chest in the night. Now he just adores it as a comfort item.
    I think a swing would’ve been a lifesaver but we didn’t end up getting one. Those times when baby just needs to be rocked to sleep because nothing else works- a swing deal would be helpful!
    This is one thing I swear by— coconut oil. For Everything. Dry skin. Cradle cap. As diaper cream (although honest company has great creams). Everything. And here’s the key time to use it. When you FIRST put a diaper on baby in the hospital, her first one (Michael will prob do it) put coconut oil on her bum and those first diapers that have the poop that is like tar – will just wipe off like nothing! It’s pure magic! Haha. So many people warned us about those first diapers with the tar, so I had my hubby put coconut oil on our son and it worked!

    Sorry this comment was eternally long… So happy for you guys! God bless!

  42. Janelle reply

    Good luck!! I’m not a mama yet (due a week after you) but sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut! I had two close mama friends look at my registry. One said I needed way more burp cloths, and then the other one looked at it and was like, “Why do you have so many burp cloths?” Of course it was helpful to have them see things I overlooked (like pack ‘n play sheets) but every parent is so different! My one piece of advice is that if you haven’t started a registry yet, do it through Amazon! They have a great completion program, it’s easy and accessible for everyone, you can add items from other websites, and it’s cheaper than babies r us, buy buy baby, and even target! :)

  43. Shannon Shaughnessy reply

    Here’s what we’ve *actually* needed in the first month:

    -Rock-n-Play: I think many people have already said it’s a must have and it truly is the best portable sleeper for those early months!
    -Solly Wrap: I did lots of research on the best fabric wraps and this was the one we ended up getting because the fabric is super breathable. Babies are like little heaters and you’ll both get so hot while carrying them for an extended period of time
    -Lanolin nipple cream: didn’t have this on my registry but so glad a mama knew to get it for me when we came home from the hospital!
    -My Brest Friend Nursing pillow: you’ll probably only need this the first few weeks when you’re getting the hang of breastfeeding, but it’s the best nursing pillow and gives great back support that other nursing pillows don’t!
    -Womanly Art of Breastfeeding: it’s basically the Bible of breastfeeding and super helpful to reference and read in the beginning when you’re frustrated and still learning!
    -burp cloths: just register for a bajillion. I put zero on our registry because I thought they were silly pieces of fabric and now we have them scattered all over our house!

    Also random fact a lactation consultant told me is that if you’re breastfeeding and planning on using bottles, you only need slow flow nipples! I made the mistake of getting everything but!

    We’re so pumped for baby girl Alsop!!!!

  44. Brittany Davis reply

    This is adorable! I’m so excited for you!
    A couple of baby must-haves:
    -Rock and Play: Use this instead of a bouncer seat. You’ll like it because it’s tall and Bokeh won’t be able to bug the baby.
    – Some kind of wrap carrier. I have a Solly wrap and I LOVE it! Make sure you start using it early or your baby won’t take to it and you’ll never get anything done.
    – Books! There are too many good ones to list but for sure put some on your registry.
    Good luck!
    P.S. Check out You can register for anything in any online store including Etsy. And you can add store registries as well. It’s cool.

  45. Mandi Mitchell reply

    Babywearing is the BEST. Seriously! I could get so much done when my son was a newborn by wearing him. I STILL wear my 3 year on a weekly basis. I would avoid the Baby Bjorn, but go for a more soft structure carrier (SSC) or a wrap. My favorite SSC’s are Ergo Performance and Tula. Good wraps are Sollybaby, Boba, and K’Tan. If you wear her from a young age and continue to wear her, she will let you when she’s 3 years old! :)

  46. Katherine reply

    Best advice I can give is to keep the tags on everything until you need it! We registered for and we’re given multiple swaddle mes & our son hated them! I was really thankful that I had only taken the tags off of that one and could return the others to get something else we needed. Ask your mom friends to try out their gear especially their strollers and baby carriers to see which fits you the best. We went to Babies’r’us to try out strollers & were so thankful we did because the one we loved online was too heavy for me! We found the stroller we have & love now during that trip (Chicco Liteway – I would recommend getting an umbrella stroller that your car seat snaps into, it’s been awesome for us!)

  47. Andi reply

    I’ve had 4 kids and I started out with a bajillion baby things and by #4 I had it down to like 10 things I needed.
    1. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets. Used for nursing cover, swaddling, floor playtime, shade for carseat or stroller. 2. Carriers: I used a Moby Wrap, Solly seems to be the new trending one, same diff. Ergos are wonderful when babies are mature enough to go on your back. 3. Carseat. 4. A stroller that you can fold and put in your car with one hand (and possibly with a giant pregnant belly in case there’s a next time). I had a Bugaboo at first. Looked cool…but yeah…. 5. A place for baby to sleep. We have a little cosleeper bed, a pack and play, and a crib all in different rooms so the kid can sleep anywhere. 6. Burp cloths, but get the premium cotton cloth diapers. They absorb everything and can be used as rags later. 7. Nursing pads. 8. A couple of bottles if you plan to bottle feed or pump. You can always get more later as needed. 9. Simple bath seat (there’s one on Amazon for less than $15 that we love) and a few washcloths. 10. Diapers, wipes, and clothes. Our faves are the newborn sleeping gowns because they just lift right up for middle of the night diaper changes. Hope this helps!

  48. Natalie Wendig reply

    Hi Katelyn, As a new mom just 6 months ago here are the things I loved/use a lot!!!!

    My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow, Fireworks
    Ergobaby Bundle – 2 Items: Grey 4 Position 360 Carrier and Grey Infant Insert
    Ergobaby Lightweight Swaddler Stone
    QuickZip Cotton Crib Sheet, 1 Zip-On Sheet + 1 Drop-in Base, White

    Also get the book Baby411! It is the best.

    Hope that helps! And congratulations!!!

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