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listening to one of the most talented photographers in the industry and I’m just in awe. Jose Villa has absolutely mastered his “look”. I can see an image of his from a mile away and know that it is his! It’s amazing.  (and yes, I’m blogging Wedding Wednesday during a seminar…I’m a crazy girl) When it comes to my style and my “look”, I’m still developing it but I’m starting to really see what I want my images to look like.  I can look at a bride and groom and really SEE an image that I want.  This is really true with engagement sessions.  I’m inspired by who my couples are,

the way they love on each other and what they’re wearing. In most cases, you can really learn a lot from a couple and their style depending on what they are wearing.  This isn’t a shallow technique, it’s just a technique that works. People dress in a way that reflects THEM and I love that. The disappointing thing is that a lot of couples FREAK OUT about what to wear on their engagement session. I did! Ask Michael… I was so stressed about what to wear for our e-session and really, it’s not that big of a deal. We (brides) make this so much harder than it needs to be! I tried SO hard to pick outfits that MATCHED and really, it probably would have been better if they DIDN’T MATCH! (GASP!). Yes, I’m serious…. some of my FAVORITE engagement session outfits are outfits that do not match but simply COORDINATE.  So for today’s Wedding Wednesday… I want to give brides some tips for picking outfits for their e-session…….because I know how incredibly stressful that can be. This is what I wish someone had told me:


1.  BE YOU… Don’t compare “your look” to other couples on your photographer’s blog…..dress like YOU…..this will ensure that you’re comfortable! You can definitely look for inspiration from other couples  but don’t feel obligated to recreate their style.

2.  Do NOT try to MATCH each other… coordinate instead!  If you’re wearing a blue, ruffled Anthro dress with brown heels (& chunky yellow necklace)…your future groom could wear a grey shirt and a yellow tie and it would be OK.  Trust me… I see it in my head!  If you look through magazines and fashion blogs you’ll never find a couple dressed to match EXACTLY. It just isn’t visually appealing.
3. Accessorize! I LOVE me some bold, chunky jewelry! I also love scarves, heels, cardigans, etc. The BOLDER the BETTER!



Here are some outfits for inspiration!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    Your work is SOO lovely!! Your branding is beautiful and so are you! :D I’m glad I found you! :D

  2. stephanie b reply

    Not gonna lie…I love being on the blog again hehehe can’t wait until July!!!!!!

  3. caroline reply

    good tips! good tips! and examples!! now pay attention! :) makes me think of SLU – you doodlin and designing in the margin…you multi-tasker, you! xxoo

  4. Girish reply

    Great for that.

  5. Kristin Nicole reply

    Couldn’t agree more, what a couple wears tells so much about them, and helps you make the session more “them”.

  6. Mary reply

    I love your work, Katelyn! And Jose Villa has my heart too.

  7. Lydia reply

    So true! This is actually what makes me most nervous about engagement sessions because brides tend to freeze up, grab matching outfits, and miss out on a big opportunity to make the session truly theirs!

  8. Nancy Mitchell reply

    Thanks for sharing with the community! Your work is just splendid!

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