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People say that DJ’s can “make or break” the wedding day…. they also say that about planners and even photographers! However, it’s not very often that you hear people honestly talk about how much power the bridesmaids have on a wedding day. Think about it…. bridesmaids can make the day run behind, they determine the attitude of the morning, they can be a photographer’s best friend or a lot to handle. I absolutely LOVE it when I walk into a getting ready room and the bridesmaids are so friendly and welcoming. It makes the whole rest of the day go so smoothly!!

Bridesmaids have a huge impact on the day in so many ways but today I’m just focusing on the bridal-prep portion of the day!! There are several things that bridesmaids can do to ensure that their bride gets AMAZING prep portraits. Here are some general recommendations to follow! :

A few tips…

– Always allow MORE time than you think for bridesmaid’s hair and makeup
– Bridesmaids, once the bride is getting close to the end of her hair/makeup, we’ll grab her for a quick shot of all of you in your robes!
– After the “robe” shot is accomplished, the bride finishes getting ready and it’s time for you to change!
– Bridesmaids should be dressed and ready when the bride is ready to get in her own dress! (along with the Mother of the Bride!)
– Only 2-3 bridesmaids will actually be able to help the bride get into her dress but the other gals can surround the bride, block distractions and still be a part of the process!
– It’s important to remember that bridesmaids do not need to be PERFECT when the bride gets into her dress. If your hair isn’t 100% done or you’re missing your jewelry, it’s ok. Don’t slow down the timeline because you want to be 100% perfect in the bride’s dress pictures. Those little imperfections will not be noticeable, but falling behind on the timeline will be! :)

When bridesmaids know how to make the morning run smoothly, the entire day runs smoothly! If you’re going to be a bridesmaid in the near future, I hope this comes in handy! Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey reply

    So true! I have so many bridesmaids that HAVE to get their makeup finished (aka have the makeup artist put everyone’s lipstick on…) before the robe photos, and it always makes the timeline fall behind!!! I need to steal these tips! ;)

  2. Nicole Salter reply

    SO true. I’ve found if the bridesmaids are moody, it determine’s the bride’s state of mind for the entire day!

  3. Chelsy Renee reply

    I love this!! So good!

  4. Abby Grace reply

    This is such a good blog post! Your sweet heart shines through so clearly, friend!

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