From Alaska!

  • A Message to our Mothers

we travel, I tend to take instagrams right before we take off not just to document the beginning of our trip, but because I know my momma will like it. We’ve been exploring Alaska the last few days and I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “lets take a group picture together… our moms will love it!!” You see, a long time ago, we were all little kids living in good ol’ Sparta VA! We all grew up together… with the exception of Tyler but hey! Come October, he’ll be a part of the fam!! This group (we’re missing one, she was hard at work during this picture!) of friends have known each other

since birth and it’s so crazy to all be together again in ALASKA!! …. Thousands of miles away from our little hometown!! We’re having a BLAST out here… so much so that it’s hard to keep up with emails and blogging, etc. etc… BUT! We did want to send a little picture along to our mommas to show them that we’re safe and having the time of our lives!! Jan, Bobbi, Gayle and My momma… we wish you were here! We’ll bring home a ton of pictures so get ready for a slideshow presentation!! All is well here in Alaska!! We promise not to get too close to the edge and we’ll keep sending updates your way so that you can see our adventures from a far! Love you all!!! xoxo

Ps. Wanna know how to take epic portraits in the middle of a sunny day?! Use a glacier!! Biggest natural reflector EVER!!

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  1. Anna Burke reply

    Love this!!! I’m just sad to not be there with you all!!!

  2. Gayle reply

    one day there will be an instagram with Jan, Bobbi, Gayle and Brenda standing somewhere with big grins on their faces! Hope there will be a picture with C.
    in it!

  3. Tyler Herrinton reply

    Ummmm can October come a little quicker!? Can’t wait for Maine!!!!

  4. Jan Beale reply

    Thanks for all of the pictures!! Keep them coming!! Gayle, I can’t wait for that day!! Tyler – NO October can NOT come a little quicker.. I’m anxious for Maine, too, but this momma has a LOT to do before that day!!

  5. Jan Beale reply

    P.S. – Katelyn, are those Jessica’s tennis shoes? You need some boots girl!

  6. Kristina W. reply

    I can’t wait to see more alaska photos!

  7. Kim Kirtner reply

    Katelyn… will you ask andrew if we can have the next sleigh riding party in alaska? or do we need to go back to frank & jan’s?

  8. Kim Kirtner reply

    Oh and 1 more thing… I was looking at this pic on my phone and was like…. praise the Lord!!! Jess has a hot guy finally…. Wait???? she didn’t call me???? wait a minute… That’s Andrew!!!! Ugh!!!!
    I know you are laughing!
    Katie… you look amazing…
    Love you all so much!

  9. Tonya Damron reply


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