• Our New Journey with Hip Dysplasia

Often when I’m teaching at a workshop, I get a lot of questions about sharing our personal life online. It’s not that people think it’s bad… it’s more a question of whether or not it’s really beneficial. The more I teach, the more I have realized that it’s not easy for people to openly share about their life and who they are online. It comes naturally to me, but that is not everyone’s reality. The reason I’m writing this post isn’t to pressure people into sharing something that they don’t want to…. it’s to give permission and encouragement to those who have a story that they are contemplating sharing, but are unsure about it.

This is how I see it. The internet has brought a lot of GOOD into the world and a whole lot of BAD as well. Our phones steal away parts of our everyday life, and comparison seeps into our hearts without even knowing it. Slowly and subtly, we are losing our joy because of the impact of the internet. It’s not healthy.

However, there is another side of the internet that can be such a blessing. 

Two days ago we found out that our sweet four month old, Evy, has hip dysplasia in her left hip. Before the appointment with the specialist, I had googled my little heart out and was in tears that she may have to wear a harness. Surely that would be the worst case scenario right? Wrong.

Evy goes into the operating room on August 9th and has a procedure done where they will set her ball and socket in place and then put a cast on her from her chest to her toes. It’s permanent.. well, at least for 12 weeks.

I’m a new mom…. just hearing them say they are going to put my baby girl under anesthesia makes me feel sick…...

And then I started thinking about everything else. As we were standing in the doctors office, I had a flood of questions, and fears hit me all at once and I just cried. What about a car seat? Sitting up? Tummy time? Snuggling? Nursing? Diapers? Bathes? Crawling? Developmental delays? Will she need PT? Will this fix it? Will she have trouble walking? What if this doesn’t work? How will I hold my baby? 3 months???!!!!! She’s going to be so big when she gets this thing off of her poor body… I’m going to miss so much of her “baby” months.

Oh, I was a mess!!!! And still kinda am. I’m crying while I type this.

So what does this have to do with the goodness of the internet? 

A general google search of a SPICA CAST is terrifying…. but as we kept searching, we started to find blogs of moms who have already walked the road we’re headed down. They’ve done it all. They documented the whole thing, and they shared their tips and tricks and advice along the way. Their videos make us feel like we’re going to survive this, and the pictures of their smiling babies give us hope that our sweet girl won’t lose her joy even though she’s losing the movement and freedom of her lower body for 3 months.

I’m sure, at times, these moms thought to themselves “Why am I sharing my life like this online? This is silly…. maybe even useless”…. but it’s not!! It was just the opposite. These moms who took time to share their story have impacted OUR story.

“Stories change stories” – Esther Havens

I don’t think anything is going to keep me from bawling when I have to hand Evy over to the surgeon and watch them take her away, knowing that holding her won’t even be the same when she comes out…..


Because of these stories that these women have shared…. we feel like this isn’t as weird or as scary as it initially seemed. Their stories are giving us hope, and their pictures of their kids running around reminds us that Evy needs this and we’re being good parents by putting her through this early in her little life. We want her to walk, run, sit crossed-legged, and not need a hip replacement by the age of 20.

So here’s to an unexpected adventure that I’m sure we’ll be sharing a lot about!!!

And for those of you on the fence about sharing your story and your journey, because fear is creeping in and telling you that no one will care to hear what you have to share, I’m a living example that that isn’t true!! I’m so thankful that others have put their stories out there so that we can be encouraged by them. So whether you have a story of loss, struggle, pain, or perseverance…. you have a story that is worth sharing.

I don’t believe that God wastes our pain. There will be a purpose in this new season of our life with Evy. And the best part? She’ll never remember it…. but there are going to be some really cute baby pictures of her in her cast!!! :)

Thank you to these mommas for sharing their struggles so that mommas like me can find some hope:

Caroline’s Story

Poppy’s Story

Basically the SPICA Manual

Londyn’s Story

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kayla M reply

    Praying for sweet Evy! Also praying for you two as new parents! God is using you!!

  2. Ann reply

    Oh Katelyn! Thank you for this. ❤️ I have struggled with our story from Rilynn’s birth (2 years ago). I have yet to write down her story. It was traumatizing and scary. Every time I try to I just cry. I sometimes feel like putting myself through remembering wouldn’t be for any reason. That no one will read it and care. Thank you for reminding me that there are people out there that may need my story. I will be praying for you, Michael, and Evy…and the surgeon. Watching your baby go into surgery and waiting for it to be done is extremely hard. We have been there a few times with our kids and it never gets easier. God will be with you and her. If they give her a little “silly juice” before they take her to put her at ease, be prepared for lots of giggles as they take her away. Thank you for always being you and sharing your journey! ❤️

  3. Christine Bradshaw reply

    The beauty of seeing these stories from beginning to end is to allow others to see God’s beautiful handiwork and faithfulness to those who love Him!! Thank you for choosing us all to be a part of your sweet family’s journey!!

  4. Jennifer reply

    Our daughter jumped off the bed when she was 2-1/2 and broke her femur. We were devastated. She was in a spica cast for 6 weeks. One of our best purchases was a beanbag chair. Not they typical round one, but one shaped like a bananna. That way, her legs could rest without any pressure and we could shift her weight regularly to avoid irritations or sores. Since her diaper had to be checked/changed pretty much every two hours (the last thing you need is a soiled spica cast), we took turns sleeping with her…and put her crib mattress in the living room.

    Sending positive thoughts your way! Stay strong!

  5. Sarah Hill reply

    I read your IG post yesterday in the airport and had to hold back tears. I’m so sorry as a momma you are going through this! ANYTHING that happens to our littlest babies (even when we are old and they are 30!) will be so hard! But you have such a strong support system and she’ll do GREAT!!! Thinking of you all

  6. Sterling reply

    I can completely agree with you here. Before our daughter was born, and now even after, i scoured blogs for advice and stories from other mamas. Now, I write because I hope to help and encourage that mom who has been given horrible news about their unborn child. Keep writing and sharing because you are helping someone who will need it one day!

  7. Emily reply

    I met a friend of yours today in the waiting room of the orthopedist. She approached us because our one year old daughter is in a spica cast. She shared your blog with me because she thought I could reach out to you. I’m so sorry you are facing this journey. Our daughter has hip dysplasia in her right hip. She has now had 3 surgeries and in week 6 of the spica cast with 10 more to go. You WILL survive with lots of prayers and help from friends and family. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I also believe God has put us on this path to help others in the same situation. God bless you!

  8. Liz reply

    “I don’t believe that God wastes our pain.” << Love this.

  9. Erin reply

    My oldest had the same issue and it wasn’t caught until she saw a new pediatrician at her 1 year appointment (we had switched insurances due to a new job and had to switch doctors too). Luckily hers was minor but she still had to wear a rhino brace at nap and bedtime for 1.5 years. Like you I had googled myself into a hysteric mess before the appointment and were very lucky hers was just minor. She waa already walking and I feared she would fall so behind being in a cast for 3 months. At least yours was caught early!

  10. Ashley Ziegler reply

    If I had a list of inspiring blogs, yours would be on mine! I love when you make posts like these. They inspire me to continue to share my story.

  11. Kayla Dunham reply

    Hi Katelyn,

    Your sweet Evy is so so sweet. I love following you and watching your journey through life. My sweet Graysie is a month older than your little lady!

    I wanted to share about this post as I can relate to sharing my life and story online, mine is slightly different. My husband and I lost our 2 year old son Grayson a year ago to unexpected complications from an E.coli infection, Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. He was only sick for 5 days. I shared my story on Facebook as many people have followed our life with Grayson. By sharing our story to be sure no other parent has to endure the pain and loss we have endured our story has reached millions, it was shared on the Today Show, Kathy Lee and Hoda other other news platforms over the country as well as other countries. Like you we left the hospital with little info about his illness and did much of our research on our own.

    I was 17 weeks pregnant with our second child when Grayson passed. We are coming up on Grayson’s 3rd birthday and his heavenly anniversary and my husband and I have recently started the Grayson Dunham Foundation. to support our local children’s hospital PICU where Grayson spent his final time as well as to support other parents who are suffering loss.

    I know sharing your story will too help and benefit others who are traveling this journey.

  12. Elizabeth Gelineau reply

    Prayers for your sweet baby and you and Michael! <3

  13. Kendrick reply

    When I found out my baby girl I was carrying was sick. I too turned to the internet and amongst the horrible scary things I read I found a group of moms who provided stories of hope. Each night when I was about to go to bed I read stories that gave me hope. I knew in my heart my girl had the odds against her and she did become our angel but I am forever greatful for other moms that shared their stories that got me through some of my darkest days. Your story will be something that helps another mom and baby in the future. Best wishes for a successful surgery and quick healing. 3 months is just a blip of time in a lifetime of happiness. ❤️

  14. Mike C. reply

    My heart goes out to you guys! We will be praying for you. There is promise in a purpose life! And there is an end to all trials. Bless your sweet family!

  15. Rosemary Rodriguez reply

    Robert and I will be in prayer for Evy, you and Michael.
    Face the facts but only speak Faith!

    Love you

  16. Keli Ford reply

    I adore you guys, you inspire me!! I have bought 2 of your courses and you guys have helped me tremendously w my new business. Your little girl is so precious!! I will be praying for her in Jesus Name!! There is healing in the NAME!! We just have to believe it.. The bible says by his stripes we are healed!! Not we might be healed but we are!! I believe little Evy can be healed before her surgery!! Prayers to you all

    Keli Ford

    Keli Ford

  17. Ashley Durham reply

    I have no advice but wanted to send lots of love to you, Michael + Evy!

  18. marie-laure reply

    I’m sending you lot of love, encouragement from France

  19. Katie reply

    Praying that the harness helps Evy out!

    PS She is the CUTEST BABY EVER :)

  20. Carrie Mcguire reply

    Katelyn! Thank you so much for opening up on what you are going through.You are strong woman and Evy is just the cutest! You have once again inspired me! This time I am giving back by sharing my story with you. I look forward o meeting you in the fall and I’m sure we can swap stories especially about the “Velcro Blob” aka the Harness. xoxo Carrie

  21. Michael Will reply

    This is great! Thank you for sharing, I’ve been trying to nail down that perfect mix of what and what not to share.

  22. Sheila Madine reply

    Im a 49 year old photographer who loves your work and I also had this. Just be glad they have a flexible brace now not the metal bars I had to wear. I haven’t had any problems until about now I get a little stiff!!

  23. Stephanie Day reply

    I’m Poppy’s mom and am so glad our journey could encourage you! If you ever want to talk or vent or pray together, I’d love to be available to you. One day at a time.

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