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up and immediately met Brian and Whitney. It’s always really obvious which couple is waiting for me because the girl always has her hair done and the guy is coordinating perfectly.  We said hello and then Ben stuck his MASSIVE head out of the window of Brian’s truck! WOW!! This dog was HUGE!! I’m so used to Bokeh. Bokeh is literally 11 pounds and most of this body consists of FLUFF!  An 82 pound lab is a big adjustment. There is more power in Bennett’s TAIL than there is in Bokeh’s whole body!!  As we were shooting I offered to just hold Ben’s leash and snap a few of two of them and Brian very kindly informed me that that would be a bad idea.

That dog is STRONG… but very photogenic… and that’s all I care about! :) So we started the session with Ben and then continued down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. I’ve shot there so many times but you can never run out of great locations! As we walked and talked, I got to know these two and heard more of their story. They grew up together, went to prom together and were basically family friends their whole life and then went their separate ways.  It wasn’t until later that they got together and realized that this was it! They started dating and eventually Brian popped the question and gave Whit this beautiful Asscher cut diamond! (I love that cut!)  They’ve been planning their wedding for a while now and I’m so excited that I get to be a part of their celebration!! It’s so crazy how small the world is but Whitney’s Mom’s college roommate was Michael’s Aunt Charlotte!! So Aunt Charlotte, thank you for passing my name along to this wonderful couple!! I can’t wait for October!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!


Head tilt! Love it!


Favorite for sure!!

They made my job easy!!!

Whitney you’re gorgeous!!

Love the outfit choices!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. molly reply

    oh. my. golly. this couple is GORGEOUS. seriously. i love them and they look so natural! great job, katelyn :)

  2. Girish reply

    Awesome pictures… I love the dog expression looking at you in the head tilt photograph earlier on… he must be thinking “whats she doin\'” :))

    If someone needs to learn posing / natural poised photographs your engagement sessions are the best place to learn…really nail it.

  3. Holly reply

    a perfect example of an engagement session! GORGEOUS!!!

  4. sharon elizabeth reply

    probably your best E-Session!!!! everything was perfect – the couple – the outfits – the lighting — ERRRTHANG! =)

  5. Elizabeth reply

    incredible pictures!!!! such a photogenic couple!!!! love!

  6. katie reply

    I’m pretty sure I love everything about this session!!!!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    I love the warm glowy wood ones!

  8. ashley barnett reply

    Gorgeous couple! I love their outfit choices! :)

  9. Regan reply

    Absolutely in love with this session! Williamsburg makes such a perfect location!! This is seriously beyond amazing!!

  10. Carrie Logan reply

    SO FABULOUS! love their outfits too… what a sweet couple!

  11. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Such a gorgeous couple and adorable pup! Love their outfits and the locations…and that amazing light that seems to follow you everywhere, Katelyn! Love this session! Can’t wait for their wedding! P.S. I want Whitney’s hair!!!

  12. Mandy reply

    LOVE this engagement session! Beautiful colors and couple! :)

  13. Emilia Jane reply

    Katelyn these are GORGEOUS!!!

  14. Tierney reply

    Ok, definitely my favorite engagement shoot by you. The lighting is perfect, they look natural and gorgeous, and those outfits? Come on! This is just too much! :)

  15. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Just beautiful!! That last picture is absolutely amazing!!!

  16. Meredith Sledge reply

    BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!! So many favorites!

  17. Sydni Jackson reply

    that’s so funny – after we had our kitten for a few weeks i saw my (parents’) dog, which is small (like 20 lbs) and i thought she was HUGE! it was freaky. beautiful pictures btw!

  18. Renee @ {photography + calm mama living} reply

    WOW!! these are incredible…stunning…amazing! i just moved from the CW 2 years ago. it’s beautiful this time of year and you captured it beautifully. i love the one with their nose touching and the dog has his head to the side. reminds me of my lab. LOVE THEM ALL!! as always, you always inspire me Katelyn!

  19. Erika Brown Photography reply

    These are Beautiful! I love your style!

  20. Tammy reply

    I love it when couples include their dogs in pictures!

  21. jamie reply

    love love love! these are amazing, the colors are to die for!

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    […] You can see a lot more photos of Bennett as well as Brian and Whitney on Katelyn’s blog. […]

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