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days happen in a flash! You always hear that but you never understand it until it’s your own wedding day! All of a sudden, you’re being introduced at your own reception and you’re thinking “Wait! It’s almost over?!”. Our wedding was a blur…. a beautiful blur! And our wedding pictures help us remember how amazing that day was. However, even though we have fabulous images… what bride wouldn’t want to get dolled up again and spend an hour or so taking a few extra wedding portraits with her new husband?! Michael, I know it’s been two years but this would be FUN!! :) Ted and Heather just shared their one year anniversary in December

and they decided to celebrate by taking a day off to come to Richmond and relive part of their wedding day.  I love doing these shoots for so many reasons. 1. We aren’t rushed at ALL. I can try new things and actually take my time finding great light and beautiful locations. 2. The bride isn’t worried about her dress! Oh there are puddles in the road? Who cares?! This is literally the last time she’ll wear this dress!  and 3. The couple gets to fall in love all over again. You probably think that sounds ridiculously cheesy but it’s really not. When a bride gets back into her wedding dress, it’s special and brings back sweet memories of the day they promised to spend forever together. Heather and Ted were an absolute JOY to work with! If the temperature wasn’t dropping rapidly at the end of their shoot, I would have stayed there forever! These two are such models and they are just a gorgeous couple inside and out! They are great friends with Adam and Lauren and when I heard that, I knew they had to be a great pair. My brides always have awesome friends!! So Ted and Heather, thank you so much for making the drive to Richmond. I had so much fun walking around the streets of Churchill with you! And thank you to Kiersten Critzer from Blackbird Salon for doing an incredible job on Heather’s hair and makeup!

This is when I knew… this was going to be a GREATTT shoot! So beautiful Heather!


Ohhh lala!

Ted, I’m so impressed! 



Another favorite… this view will never get old. 

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  1. Gayle Driver reply

    What a great idea! Beautiful!

  2. Rebekah reply

    Wow! They are BOTH gorgeous! I don’t usually like bright lipstick but that red is just stunning on her.

  3. Sarah Adams reply

    Heather, you are so incredibly stunning. I really can’t think of a better way to celebrate a year of sweet marriage other than a photo session with the one and only KJP. Favorite: Teddy picking Heather up near the brick wall. So adorable.

  4. caroline reply

    ohmygoodness !!!!!! these are incredible!

  5. Cate Waters reply

    I always love your shoots but this one just gets at me.. I can FEEL this one. Ted is a hottie and that wife of his is a SHOW stopper… plus they just look like they breathe in unison together. That their love envelops them, its not a secret and its not hidden… just sigh of wow!

  6. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    You can just tell that they are still so much in love…I almost thought these pictures were from their actual wedding day! Beautiful job…love that brick wall!

  7. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh and P.S. – You and Michael should totally do an anniversary session in your wedding day attire!

  8. Carrie Logan reply

    wowwww!! the two of him lifting her up are MONEY SHOTS x 3000… gorgeous.

  9. Stacey Dinch reply

    Oh my gosh! She is GORGEOUS! Beautiful shots Katelyn!

  10. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    OH MY I love that first shot of him picking her up – so romantic! This is beautiful, Katelyn!

  11. jamie reply

    LOVE the backlighting! just lovely!

  12. Laura Hernandez reply

    Your amaizingness overflowed again. Drooling over how you make every location and couple so beautiful.

  13. Brenda reply

    Beautiful pics and this couple looked like they were relaxed and having so much fun!

  14. molly stillman reply

    SO stinkin’ gorgeous. wow!! these are SO romantic.

  15. ashlyn reply

    oh wow- so good, Katelyn! they seemed so comfortable…. such a gorgeous couple.

  16. Annetta reply

    WOW. Very nice, Katelyn. Jealous of your green grass and trees. Here we only have brown or white.

  17. Laura Hernandez reply

    Absolutely stunning as always! You always are encouraging me to push my limits and be my best.

  18. Christina D. reply

    Those black and white photos are all amazing… Very relaxing!

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