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you’re a photographer, you tend to see things differently than other people. Old, dead trees, random sets of stairs and a patches of tall grass can be so exciting! What I love about my job, especially the last several years, is the fact that we work with a TON of other photographers! It’s quite an honor!! In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest compliments we receive in our business. When photographers trust us to capture their day, it blows me away!! We have a blast with these couples because they are just like us! I squeal when the light is glowy and they totally understand that!!

Carlyn is a wedding photographer in Ohio and I was so honored when she emailed me! We started planning their engagement session and they decided to make a trip to Massanutten with their families!! So perfect! Michael and I drove to the mountains on Monday and I can’t begin to describe how much I love these two. They have such a beautiful relationship. I say this often about couples but their joy is contagious. Just being around them, I can feel their happiness and I’m so excited for them! They are best friends who met through their church. I loved hearing about how Ben would go to the coffee shop just because he knew that she would be there editing. What started as a friendship has turned into a beautiful relationship!

We are excited to be a part of their wedding day! We have never photographed a wedding in Ohio and so there’s a first time for everything!! If their wedding day is anything like their engagement session, it’s going to be amazing! I love their smiles, their love and Carlyn’s love for BRIGHT colors. Girl after my own heart!! Enjoy some of my favorites from this wintery eshoot!


Virginia is beautiful! 


These two… so happy!

Love the shots by this creek! We may or may not have been shooting on the side of a busy road. Thank goodness Michael was there to drop us off! 

That smile!! Radiant!


Obsessed with her vintage ring!!

One of my favorites!!!

We ended with my FAVORITES! The light, the outfits…. so perfect!

Carlyn you are just gorgeous!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jessica Lauren reply

    Katelyn! These are so beautiful & such a different atmosphere than your typical session. But still breathtakingly gorgeous… have a wonderful day! :)

  2. CORINNE reply


  3. Brooke reply

    Love this!! Beautiful couple, great light, and gorgeous setting!!

  4. Melissa Brugh reply

    I never comment enough on your blogs, but I certainly look at every one. Your work is consistently perfect and one of my favorites to follow in Virginia. Kudos!

  5. Amanda reply

    A big WELCOME to OHIO! We can’t wait to see this wedding! These two are adorable!

  6. Laura reply

    These are gorfeous!!! I love your work!!

  7. Rebecca Mulvey reply

    These are beautiful!!! I love your work!

  8. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    They are such an adorable couple! Their joy really does jump from every picture! Their wedding will be amazing!! (Oh, and I love Carlynn’s hair!!)

  9. Carlyn Kachurek reply

    Katelyn I LOVE them!!! absolutely perfect!!!! Beautiful, we will cherish these forever!! I’ll go start designing our wallpaper now…. ;)

  10. Brooke d. reply

    Amazing!!!! They look gorgeous!!!! I know ms. Carlyn & you most defiantly captured her true beauty. Congrats guys!

  11. Kathryn Grace reply


  12. SHalese reply

    Such a cute couple!! And amazing amazing use of that scenery :)

  13. Judy hammond reply

    Who doesn’t love Carlyn??? Sooo happy for both of them❤️❤️

  14. Carly reply

    Wow !! Stunning pictures !! Love seeing Carlyn in front if the camera. What a perfect couple. Enjoyed reading your blog :)

  15. Carrie Logan reply

    I want her sweater!!!!! These are so so happy!

  16. Maria reply

    Lovely. Why do your photos look elongated?

  17. Michael and Carina reply

    Gorgeous as always!

  18. Kristina W. reply

    I love that she not only wore her glasses but has two different pairs! :) These two look like such a cute couple!

  19. Sara Winant reply

    They are so adorable! What a sweet couple, love these :)

  20. LISA KACHUREK reply

    They are so gorgeous!

  21. Rici reply

    So beautiful! Love her Ring! & the last outfit-field images!

  22. LISA KACHUREK reply

    They are so gorgeous! Love em Carlyn!!!

  23. Rebekah Carter reply

    I love all three of their outfits, both him & her. Gorgeous locations too!

  24. Valerie Duvick reply

    Love it! This was encouraging to see! Sometimes in the drudgery of winter I get discouraged with how the landscape looks, but now I’m feeling inspired to find some more locations! So THANKS for that! :)

  25. Kristen Driscoll reply


  26. Shannon reply

    These are beautiful!! Her ring is gorgeous and those are some awesome shots of it.

  27. Brooke Carroll reply

    There are too many images in here that I’m just obsessed with. This is easily my favorite eshoot to date!

  28. resi reply

    Beautiful couple and beautiful photos!!! Love their outfits and the locations you found. AND as a girl with glasses… I’m really excited to see that you had a photo shoot with a bride wearing glasses and rocking it! Plus you can actually see her eyes! And she has two pairs of specs, wonderful! Very well done. Looking forward to their Ohio wedding.

  29. Melissa reply

    The Ring shot in the dry grass is stunning. beautiful. clean, and fresh work.

  30. ashley link reply

    love everything about this session! so beautiful!

  31. Amanda reply

    LOVE her sassy red glasses! And that black and white is probs my fav :)

  32. Jessica Fike reply

    Carlyn! Where did you get those red glasses!?!?! I want a pair just like that, but can’t find anything BRIGHT like that!

  33. carlyn kachurek reply

    Jessica I order all my prescription glasses from! I have a slight obsession….i have 15 pairs! the red ones are my favorite though :)

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    […] in case you missed the memo last week, Katelyn posted our engagement session on her blog!  Ben and I LOVE her work and we had so much fun shooting in the beautiful mountains […]

  35. Mandy reply

    Looooove this!!! Nailed it. Great light, beautiful couple, such a fresh/cool look to their entire shoot!

  36. Angela Snyder reply

    LOVE the second outfit with the red nails, glasses, shoes, and scarf…Super cute!

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