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to VEGAS this year for WPPI?!!!! I can’t believe this is like my 4th trip out there! I remember my FIRST year… I went with my sweet friend Jessie  and I had NO clue what I was doing there. Everyone seemed SO legit and professional and I was still in college with NO CLUE what I was doing!! But that didn’t stop me from learning a TON, making some new friends and meeting some of my FAVORITE photographers! I was the awkward girl that squealed out loud when I ran into Jasmine for the first time…

I still cringe when I think about my reaction. Based on my squeal and inability to form complete sentences, I’m still shocked that she eventually agreed to shoot this crazy girl’s wedding!!  I met so many amazing people on my first trip to Vegas and every year I’ve been pushed further and further out of my comfort zone. Well, that’s happening again this year because I’m offering a 2 hour edition of the “Workshop Experience” in VEGAS!!!!


This “Vegas Edition” of the Workshop Experience will be held on Tuesday Morning March 12th from 6:30am-8:30. Whew! Early right?! Well there are some amazing speakers at 8:30 that I think everyone is going to want to go to AND the sun rises around 7 so that ‘s the perfect time to start shooting! We’ll be in the lobby of Tower 1 at 6:30am to meet and greet and then head out to shoot at 7am!! We’ll shoot for an hour and a half and I’ll be teaching my approach to posing!! “The Posing Evolution” is one of my FAVORITE things to teach and I’m SO excited to meet new faces and give you a taste of The Workshop Experience while we’re together in Vegas!!! Who’s IN?!!!! So in order to make sure this isn’t overwhelming, we’re capping the spots at 18 to make sure I can meet ALL of you and answer individual questions. I’m SO EXCITED!! Vegas here we come!! The Workshop Experience : Vegas Edition is $150 per person and you can signup through the link below!!





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  1. ashley barnett reply

    Yay! This is awesome Katelyn!! So excited you’re doing a workshop out there!! :)

  2. jamie reply

    I do love hearing you share your story and reaction to meeting Jasmine for the first time! Have a wonderful time in Vegas teaching! Your posing evolution has helped my thinking when posing clients.

  3. Michael Alsop reply

    Will I have to get up that early??? The starbucks is in Tower One Right??

  4. Serena Severtson reply

    This is awesome, Katelyn!

    Hope to see you out there + catch up again! :)

  5. Katie Yuen reply

    woohoo! go katelyn!

  6. Kristin reply

    HA HA Michael’s comment is awesome :D See you there!

  7. Jill Powers reply

    LOVE love love it!

  8. Anna K. reply

    Gahhh Katelyn! I am just so excited for you and all that you do!

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Lucky everyone who get so go experience Vegas with you!

  10. Carrie Logan reply

    LOVEEE this!!!!!!

  11. Jaime Davis reply

    just booked sooooo excited!

  12. Laura Hernandez reply

    Do you still have openings for the Las Vegas location? I possibly need 2 spots. Thank you.

  13. Valerie reply

    I am all over this as soon as I finalize my WPPI travel arrangements.


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  18. Becca reply

    Will you be offering this again at wppi 2014?

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