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  • WPPI - Where are We?!

it’s going to be a busy week when your husband has to create a chart showing your schedule! We’re so excited about being in Vegas for WPPI! I’m trying to work on my talks and not let the nerves get to me. This is the second half of our trip and it feels like we’ve been gone for WEEKS! A 15 day trip to multiple conferences is no joke!! At least we’re surrounded by friends from all over the country… and a few Canadians:)… it makes the long trip fun and entertaining! So the longer we’re out here, the more I realize just how thankful I am for the friendships that I have formed in this industry.


There aren’t many industries like this and I’m so grateful that we have friends, mentors and peers who love and care for us.  One of the reasons I have grown and have had a desire to push forward into education is because I have had amazing examples to follow. As I speak at WPPI for the very FIRST time… I’m reminded that even if I only help and encourage ONE attendee…. it’s worth it.  If one photographer is inspired to form community and build their business based on service, that doesn’t mean that I’m reaching just one person…. technically, I’m reaching dozens, hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of people through the change in their business. If one photographer learns that genuinely loving their clients is more important than making a buck… I have done my job.  If one person leaves room 304 Tuesday night with hope and inspiration to go home and make a positive impact with their business…. I have succeeded. I’m reminding myself of this over and over again.

It’s so easy to walk these halls and see famous photographers with sold out classes, massive followings and a bazillion sponsors and they “What the heck am I doing here?!”….. but I’m reminded that I’m not speaking at WPPI to ENTERTAIN… I’m speaking to EQUIP. We have seen so much growth in our business the last 6 years. We’ve grown from charging $750 for weddings in 2008 to $7200 in 2014…… in RICHMOND, VA! What?! If we were in NYC or LA I wouldn’t be as shocked… but little RVA? It’s not a common story and the more we learn about our business and HOW we made this happen, the more I have a desire to SHARE about it!! What we have found is that we grow the most when we aren’t trying to…. I’m serious! When our focus is on loving and serving our clients and building up our KJ community, we grow organically and exponentially. We’re so excited to share more about this on Tuesday!! If you’re at WPPI, we would absolutely LOVE for you to hear this information so that you can go home and transform your business! Join us TUESDAY MARCH 4TH at 6:30pm!! We’re excited to meet you!!!!

Below you’ll see our SCHEDULE! Not only are we speaking on Tuesday night for our Platform talk, I’m also a part of a PANEL discussion on Wednesday and we’ll be sharing 20 minute presentations on the Tradeshow floor at the Shoot & Share booth everyday! Stop by and say hello!!


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  1. Renae reply

    Awesome. Just awesome! You’ve inspired me so much just through your blog over the past year, that I know that everyone that enters your class at WPPI is just going to be awestruck! I live in a small town, probably smaller than Richmond, and I can’t even fathom being able to charge 7200 and get bookings! The closest big city near me is Pittsburgh, PA (a 2 hour drive one way) and my higher end packages are always scooped up by them, which is a little under 2000. I wish I lived in a town where brides & grooms thought 2000 was considered “reasonably priced”.

  2. Emilia Jane reply

    I am so excited for you for this week! I wish I were there in Vegas with everyone to hear your keynote <3

  3. Shelley Hohe reply

    OH my goodness…I wish I could be there! I could really use this! BTW I live in the most expensive area in America….SF Bay Area and people complain about my starting prices of $1800. I have been doing photography since 2008…although not weddings. Just started weddings a few years ago and I feel I am getting nowhere. I get serving others and creating a community because we have done that with my husbands business for 20 years and he is very successful. but for some reason I am struggling and I don’t know why. One day I hope I get the chance to meet with you…one day!!!

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I’m so excited for you!!!

  5. Kristina W. reply

    Have a great time! Make sure to take a little just you two relaxation time with Michael amid all the craziness!

  6. Katie reply

    Yay!!!! So excited for you for so many reasons!!!! Incredibly proud that MY photographer is speaking at WPPI! :)

  7. Moussa reply

    I’m one of the few Canadians who attended your talk on Community. Thank you so much. You gave me the confidence and faith in what I’ve always belied to be a good way of doing business. making friends and building a community. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me confidence and faith. Cheers! if you ever come to ontario make sure to say hello! you’ll be my guests.

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