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You Might Be a First Timer Home Builder If....

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any new phase of life, we’re getting advice on our home building process. When we got a puppy, everyone told us what to do and what not to do…. and while some of what we learned about being puppy parents was trial and error…. I don’t want to learn that way when it comes to building our house! There is no room for error! So we’re listening closely to those that have been down the road before. After meeting with our site manager, I’m sure he just laughed at how ridiculously excited we are! I mean, at the time, it was just DIRT. We were excited about DIRT….. because it’s OUR dirt!!

As we’ve been waiting for the ground breaking, I’ve realized that we’ve adopted some new habits…. which leads me to today’s post.

You may be a first time home builder if……

- You drive out to the lot multiple times a day to look at your dirt.

- You photoshop pictures of the exterior of the house to get an idea of what your siding color will look like.

- You ask a ton of questions…. like, “What’s an HVAC unit?”…. don’t worry guys, I know now.

- You take pictures of your dirt everyday…..even though nothing is happening.

- You drive to your future neighborhood after leaving the gym and pretend you’re going home.

- Your whole family comes to see the foundation of the house.

Oh how embarrassing! ha! We can’t help it… we’re just so excited about this!! And I’m happy to announce that our days of staring at the dirt are over! We have a foundation and by the end of next week, the house will be framed. WHAT?!! This is really happening!!! Everyday there is something new going on and you better believe Michael and I are there at LEAST once a day to document it. :) So here are some pictures that show a little of the progress! :

Can anyone find Bokeh Boy?! He’s so tiny.

Me and our dirt….

Michael and our dirt…




What the dirt looks like now!!!

My brother and sister with the dirt….

My parents with the dirt…

And last but not least… us and our dirt. :) The next update will include a house… I promise!


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  1. Laura: ( )

    So exciting!!!!!!

  2. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to see lots more updates about your dirt (and I can totally see myself asking what an HVAC Unit is! :)!

  3. Megan Bennett: ( )

    How exciting! I’m so excited for you guys!

  4. katie yuen: ( )

    Dirt is EXCITING!!!! Especially because its yours :) Can’t wait to see the next part! :)

  5. Sabrina: ( )

    Y’all are adorable…! I feel like I’d be the same way! Can’t wait to see the progress :-)
    (PS – I love that when I came to comment, my info was already in the other boxes! So cool!)

  6. Kathryn Grace: ( )

    You are hilarious. :-) Very exciting!

  7. Kristin: ( )

    Y’all are too cute! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  8. Simone Fox: ( )

    I just have to say the thing I’m most looking forward to with the progress of your new house is how your brand new OFFICE will look!!!!! Congrats!!!

  9. Brenda: ( )

    It’s fun to watch your excitement! We’re looking forward to our next visit to the “house” to see the progress. My favorite part of your post (besides the pics of our family) was . . . driving there after being at the gym and pretending that you’re going “home”. You are too cute! Luv you

  10. Jill Powers: ( )

    SO FUN! I can’t wait to see your actual house and not just creep on the model home! haha

  11. Liz: ( )

    What neighborhood is this? I love the architectural style of the other houses.

  12. rachel: ( )

    Oh this will mean so much when you look back on it in 10 years and you will be so happy you documented and drove by every day twice a day :) Happy Building it will fly by :) So excited to follow the progress on the blog!

  13. Lauren: ( )

    Katelyn!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!! Yay!!! I would totally be doing the same thing!!! Hahaha!!

  14. Blaine: ( )

    I love that y

  15. Alicia White: ( )

    What a wonderful process!! We just moved in to a house three days ago! It’s such a wonderful experience – enjoy each part and maybe go room-by-room when it comes to decor/paint colors! <3 Enjoy your dirt!!!!

  16. Blaine: ( )

    Sorry. I love that you keep calling it “the dirt,” haha. Congrats guys. Excited for you both.

  17. Jessica Horton: ( )

    I completely understand your excitement! We are building a house right now too, and we’re headed to pick out all the fixtures tomorrow!

    PS. I think your URL box is messed up…. I enter mine and it won’t accept it :-/

  18. Rebekah Hoyt: ( )

    Hahaha I love how excited you two are about your dirt! I cannot wait to see this house come to life!!

  19. Katelyn James: ( )

    test comment test

  20. Gabrielle C: ( )

    So exciting!! My husband and I just bought a new construction home. Unfortunately I can’t go look at it every day but you better believe I’m looking at pictures and mentally decorating it on a daily basis until we close! :)

  21. Annetta: ( )

    Exiting!! Basements aren’t the norm out there?

  22. Michael: ( )


  23. Cate Waters: ( )

    adorable… congrats lady!

  24. patti l: ( )

    I can feel your excitement. We haven’t ever built a house from the ground up but just finished a kitchen update, make sure you get lots of drawers, especially the hideway one in the sink front! and make a space just for cookbooks!! i spent days and days looking at colors and cabinets and it was worth every bit of changing my mind a half dozen times to get what i really wanted!!

  25. Mallory: ( )

    Yay!!! So exciting!!! I can’t wait to see all of your future posts about your house and what else is sitting on your dirt ;)

  26. Christy Tyler: ( )

    You guys are ridiculously adorable. haha. I loved the one of you driving to the dirt from the gym so you can pretend you’re going home! haha

  27. Stefanie: ( )

    SOOO cute. I would be the same way.

  28. Carissa: ( )

    haha this post is awesome!! my husband and i just bought our first house, and while we’re not building, we definitely drove by it all the time while we were under contract, took pictures, pretended to be going home after the gym… so yeah, we’re excited too lol. can’t wait to see how your house progresses :)

  29. Nicole T.: ( )

    You’re so cute! I love the dirt! :)

  30. Holly: ( )

    Haha you are so cute! I would be excited too! I can’t wait to see what it looks like throughout the process and of course, your before and after posts when you’re moving in!! :D

  31. Christa: ( )

    this is our second time around with building a new house and we’re just as excited. I’ve been following your home ideas on pinterest for this next house since you are the queen of awesome decor :)

  32. Karen Stott: ( )

    SOOOO fun Katelyn! So happy for you and Michael! We have built 2 homes now so we can TOTALLY relate to everything you talked about. We are actually kind of obsessed with building and would do it over and over again! You’re gonna have so much fun!

  33. Brooke Aeleisha: ( )

    How exciting! I comment on your facebook picture or your current in home studio i believe! I take it you will be having a home studio in your new home as well? This is exactly what I want to do, build and include a studio! I would prefer to have a separate entrance for my clients- is that what you plan to do? best of luck!

  34. Stephanie: ( )

    =] You know you’re a great blogger when you can write an entire post about dirt! Haha

  35. Sarah Adams: ( )

    You and your dirt are so cute :) Love it. Super excited for you!

  36. Ashlyn: ( )

    Yes, dirt IS exciting- when you’re talking about this!! I’m sure this is an amazing time for y’all… Keep us updated! Can’t wait to see more :)

  37. Caroline: ( )

    AAAHHHH!!!!! AMAZING!!! YAAAYY!!! haha i can TOTALLY see you driving from the gym like that haha.

  38. jamie: ( )

    Can’t wait to see the house up, so fun to see it in baby stages!!

  39. Rosie: ( )

    This is such an exciting phase of your life! Keep enjoying every moment :)

  40. Allison: ( )

    Yay!!!! Couldn’t be happier for you!!!!!

  41. Kacey Wolters: ( )

    I can’t wait to see progress pics of your new home. I doubt I’ll ever get to build a home so I like living through you!

  42. Becca: ( )

    So excited for you!! This is awesome!!

  43. ali W: ( )

    GIRL! I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see more progress.

  44. Kristina W.: ( )

    Congratulations on your ground breaking! Can’t wait to see more updates!

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