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… that’s what my thermometer said inside my car as I pulled up to meet Lilian and Eddie. I was experiencing that tug-of-war feeling… I was so excited to see them and go give them a huge hug but man, I was dreading getting out of the car. It was HOTTTT! Four T’s doesn’t even describe how hott it was! But Eddie and Lilian are hard core. They didn’t quit and we didn’t cut their session short at all! We hit a ton of locations that Lilian had picked out and wow, did we find some neat spots! After half of the session was over, we were walking to the next spot, just talking, and we found a sketchy old garage! JACK POT!

Lilian is awesome and thinks the same way I do. The older, grungier, dirtier.. the better! However, even though we found this awesome little spot, it was definitely private property and we found ourselves whispering to each other, trying not to be heard.  I always say, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission when it comes to photography because once you have even one shot… it’s worth it!


Eddie and Lilian, I had a blast with you guys! Sweat and all! Your November wedding is going to be absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Loving your model face girl!

So cute!

Want to know a secret?…. this was in a median… like in the middle of the road! …. and it’s one of my favorites!

Oh hello open, exposed roof! How awesome was that light?!


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  1. Eddie reply

    Katelyn: Love the posts, can’t wait to see all of the pics. I had an absolute blast taking the photos with you. Can’t wait for the wedding, and thanks again for bearing the heat with us.

  2. Michael reply

    Soo much fun!!! Love the first one when they are in the building where the roof is messed up, great light, and the first baseball one…GREAT JOB!!

  3. Tira J reply

    Gorgeous images Katelyn! I love the variety of the locations.

  4. Amber reply

    LOVE the pictures!! You both look fantastic!!!

  5. Steph Murray reply

    these are cute! don’t know how they were in jeans, all the power to them! great pictures. they will be very happy!

  6. Katie Censoplano reply

    These pictures are great! You guys look like you had a lot of fun.

  7. Brian reply

    the broken roof ones are great. the sketchier, more prohibited places always appeal to me more than just a preconceived idea of a place being “beautiful”. Can’t wait for the wedding.

  8. LITTLE Liis reply

    Wonderful! I love the colors in the pictures. And the Black and Whites – they’re fantastic!

  9. Roger reply

    Great poses. Love the Black & Whites. Nice locations as well

  10. wendy kelly reply

    I LOVE the photos- really nice locations and images! All the best to you!

  11. Jp reply

    The pictures look great. I especially like the guitar ones. Hope it was a blast.

  12. Shannon reply

    Thought the pictures looked gorgeous and I can’t wait for the wedding. You two make such a wonderful couple.

  13. Judith reply

    Great pictures, birthday girl. My favorite is the black and white guitar picture.

  14. Caroline reply

    Lilian, such beautiful pictures of you & Eddie! :)

  15. Angela reply

    These are great! So beautiful! I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  16. Ashlee reply

    Lil, there are SO many great pictures! I LOVE the one that has your heads chopped off in the Sox gear. I can’t believe you wore pants and a 3/4 sleeve shirt in that weather!!

  17. Merike Bierbrunner reply

    There are many great shots here. That first black & white shot doesn’t look like Kaili to me. Wow, such a handsome couple.

  18. Brittany reply

    These are EXCELLENT!!! Can’t wait for the wedding photos in the fall!!

  19. Ninny reply

    these pics are fab!!!!! can’t wait for the wedding!! you guys are sooo cute!

  20. Cait reply

    LOVE them – especially the ones in the median. great locations <3

  21. Tina Harrell reply

    I love them! The black and white ones where you guys are smiling are amazing! :) <3

  22. elizabeth reply

    WOW! I seriously cannot pick a favorite, they are all beautiful. If it was that hot out, your models didn’t show it at all, they look gorgeous in every photo.

  23. Missy Veintimilla reply

    Beautiful pics, looks like you guys had a lot of fun, can’t believe you did this in triple digit heat. Great job to you guys and the photographer :)

  24. Iliana reply

    Beautiful!! I love the colors & the lighting! The guitar pics are my personal favorites, though the ones in the median are incredible! ps… I laughed at the big “no trespassing” sign in one of them! well worth the risk of being caught! nice work!

  25. Ashley reply

    The pictures are beautiful! You both look amazing!!! :)

  26. Meagan reply

    Awesome photos Katelyn. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. I loved the median photos the best!

  27. Pat Maiste reply

    the pictures are great I can feel the love

  28. Kim Bennett reply

    absolutely beautiful Lil.

  29. Mom Larkin reply

    Loved all the photos! Yes, There were a few tears shed. Can’t wait for the wedding.

  30. Mary Galvin reply

    You kids look great! My favorite is the hug on the steps!!

  31. Mary Galvin reply

    The pictures are really great! My favorite is the hug on the stairs.

  32. evelyn reply

    Katelyn you did such a great job capturing lilian and eddie’s love and beauty! i love them all and can’t wait for the wedding!

  33. Erika reply

    What fun shots and they absolutely capture the happiness and love you guys share!

  34. carol fajardo reply

    fantastic photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Veronica reply

    I LOVE the median shot! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a beautifully landscaped median and thought “that’d be a really good spot for a photo!”

  36. Amanda Mascarenas reply

    These are beautiful pictures..You and Eddie are so cute together..Congratulations again and I am so excited for the wedding..:-)

  37. Aunt Maryann reply

    The pictures are just wonderful. They capture the fun and loving nature of your relationship. I have enjoyed looking at them over and over.

  38. evelyn reply

    once again i look at these pictures and smile. i love the one sitting down infront of the wall with vines.. very neat.

  39. Dad Larkin reply

    Just got back from overseas, pictures are fantastic! Love you both in them.

  40. Patty Larkin reply

    Great photos— happy to see the Red Sox made the event !!!

  41. Lilian reply

    I LOVE these, Katelyn, and had sooo much fun during the session! I can’t wait to see the gallery and am even more excited for the wedding!

  42. meghan larkin reply

    they look great! they are so beautiful!!!!!!

  43. Megan Kelliher reply

    You both make a beuatiful couple! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful babies!!

  44. Kristina Lanning reply

    Lilian, these are beautiful. and I am 100% positive you are going to make a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! Congrats to both you and Eddie… and can i steal your photographers number (if she does family/ kid photos) =)

  45. Aunt Maryann reply

    Wonderful photo shots. Love all of them!

  46. Naida reply

    Lilian these turned out so great! Love the red sox ones!

  47. Mo reply

    They look great!! The guitar one and the laughing in front of the fountain ones are my favorite! xoxo

  48. Ann T reply

    They all turned out amazing!

  49. Liis Seay reply

    What beautiful pictures and striking settings. Well done!

  50. Terrence Campbell reply

    Pictures look awesome you two!!!

  51. AMANDA CLAYTON reply


  52. Sarah reply

    Gorgeous pictures! You guys look so cute with your Red Sox T’s on. Cute cute cute!

  53. Sandi reply

    Beautiful pictures of some very great people.

  54. Stephanie reply

    Koo Koo these are AMAZING…i especially love the one of you too with eddie playin his guitar…ily both and wish you the best of luck…

  55. Allison Wingfield reply

    These are great! You guys look really cute and soooo in love! :)

  56. Tracy Kropp reply

    Congratulations Lillian and Eddie! These are great photos and I wish the very best for you both!

  57. Margaret Larkin Breen reply

    Congratulations Eddie and Lillian! Beautiful pictures… thanks so much for sharing! Wishing you both only continued love and happiness! Love from your cousins in MA…Go Sox!

  58. Camy Geide reply

    These are so amazing! It almost brought me to tears… almost. ;)

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