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There is a lot of content out there for the new photographer. Blog posts, workshops, coaching, tutorials, etc. There is so much focus on the new photographer that sometimes I wonder what’s out there for ME?! What’s out there for the photographer that has been in business for 3,4, even 7 years?! How do WE grow? Honestly, I have a lot of ideas and thoughts on this subject. If I had all of the time in the world, I would make some of these ideas come to life… one day… one day:) Overall, I think there is a hole in the industry for the experienced photographer. We can always learn from the education that is out there for the newer photographers but honestly, there is a whole other world out there that is completely untapped.

Michael and I try hard to educate ourselves these days. Our business ideas and new adventures don’t stem from workshops that we attend, they come from our own personal education. Podcasts, ebooks, business blogs, etc.  In the future, I’m excited to share more about this side of our business with the experienced photographers out there!!!

For now, I just wanted to simply address the THREE LIES that the experienced photographer believes on a regular basis. You may not resonate with ALL of these, but if one of these rings true in your life, I want to know about it! Leave a comment and let me know that I’m not alone here!! :)

For those that have been in business 3-4+ years, you know how to shoot a wedding. You have more than likely found your style and you have had enough experience to form your own systems and workflows. Your pricing is probably down pat and your brand represents who you are…. but yet for some reason…. you still have insecurities. I still have insecurities. I’ve realized lately that there are 3 LIES that I’m constantly pushing out of my mind and here they are!

1. We don’t have any new ideas.

2. This has worked for 7 years, it will always work! 

3. One day, inquiries will stop.

1. We don’t have any new ideas:

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been doing this for so long that I’ve maxed out my creativity. However, after each wedding, I prove to myself that this isn’t true. So why do I worry about this sometimes? I worry about this because I look at others work and I think “I’ve been doing this for 7 years…. people are going to get BORED with my work if I don’t think of absolutely incredible poses, new compositions and fresh perspectives.  The problem with this lie is that I stop appreciating my current comments and encouragement and I’m just focusing on the fear of losing that one day. Ultimately, that’s just me being ungrateful and letting fear drive me. Not good!

2. This worked for 7 years, it will always work.

This is the easiest to believe. When you become established, you get in a rhythm and it works perfectly. Then, slowly you may realize that there are some areas of your business that need a revamp. For us, this is currently the fact that Facebook will probably never be what it used to be for our business. Instead of just doing the same ol’ thing with Facebook, we’re trying new things. We’re realizing that what has worked for 7 years isn’t going to last forever. We have to change with the online culture and our industry and this is one of the KEYS to having a business with endurance!

3. One day, Inquiries will stop.

Once you have several successful years in business, it’s easy to start thinking “Well, one day this isn’t going to be the case”.  I CONSTANTLY tell Michael, one year we aren’t going to get any inquiries… I can feel it.  He just rolls his eyes and doesn’t even try to reassure me because he knows I’m being ridiculous. But I have a fear about this!!! What happens when we’re not young and fun and relatable? What happens when we have kids and we aren’t the same age as our brides?? Well, the good news is that I know several photographers in their late 30’s with several kids and they are running amazing wedding photography businesses! It’s all in how you handle it and change with your brand and your life. Also, I have to remember that God has never failed us…. ever. Even in seasons when I’m freaking out, He’s always there.  It’s not fair to doubt Him because I have nothing to base that fear off of. He has ALWAYS provided and I know He will continue to do so. If there is a time in our business when we only book 3 weddings, He’ll have something else for us! Right now, He has called me to be a wedding photographer and I’m going to live into that calling until He’s ready to use me in another way!

Friends who have been in business for a while… I hope this was helpful and encouraging. You’re not alone in the lies you believe. There are so many other things I struggle with when it comes to running this business but these are the most reoccurring lies! We have to remember that they are just that… LIES. These are ideas and thoughts that fill us with fear and simply shouldn’t even take up space in our brain!!!! Admitting that you struggle with these lies is the first step to overcoming them!!! :) Have a great week ya’ll!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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