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As we left the UNITED conference, people were asking me “So are you done with wedding season?” and my response was…. “Almost! After this weekend we’re officially done!”. Then, they said “Oh that’s awesome! One more to go! You can do it!”. That’s when I dropped the bomb and said “oh no, not one… THREE!”. We photographed three weddings this weekend and we made it! We booked this weekend a while ago and we thought long and hard about if this was something that we could accomplish and we determined it was.

Our best friends Buddy and Jill shot a triple header this year and so I had received some great advice. After making it through this weekend and experiencing what it’s like to shoot THREE weddings in a row, I’m going to pass along three tips that may help some of you make it through a triple header if one comes your way!

Before I get into the tips, I do have one piece of advice about BOOKING a triple header. When deciding whether or not to book three weddings in a row, I think there are a few things to consider.

1. Are these weddings in close proximity to one another? Or will you be driving several hours to get to each different location?
2. Can you truly give the BEST effort during the third wedding after shooting two already?
3. Do you shoot double headers and have trouble physically moving afterwards? Or are you in good shape and you’re physically able to get up and do it a third time?
4. Does your potential 3rd bride know that this would be a triple header and are they ok with that? It’s not that you have to have their permission, but you do need to reassure them that they will be well taken care of.

Ok, so now that we’ve taken care of the prerequisites of booking a triple header, here are THREE tips for successfully shooting three weddings in a row!

3 tips:

1. Remind yourself before EACH wedding that this is a new couple, a new love story, a new family celebration, a new “happiest day of their life”. You have to show up each time with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.

2. Drink WATER… like CRAZY. Your body will be going into overdrive physically and so it needs to be hydrated!

3. Bring reception shoes. I have flats that I can shoot two weddings in a row in, but sometimes it’s nice to let the toes have some freedom. I think that after the party has started and the lights have been turned down, it is perfectly fine to have some classy flip flops on. Also, Natalie Franke mentioned that you want to make sure your flats that you shoot in are not TIGHT on your toenails. This can be PAINFUL at the end of your third wedding!

So here are previews and links from EACH wedding in case you missed any this week!! It’s been a busy but beautiful week on the blog! Enjoy!!

We kicked the weekend off with Hunter + Britne at Brandy Hill Farm!! 

Saturday we celebrated with Jason + Linsey at The Inn at Willow Grove!

And we wrapped up the triple header with Dominick + Cate at Pippin Hill!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Katie reply

    You’re a rockstar!!! Love you!

  2. Nicole Salter reply

    You’re SO incredible. You know that right?! I haven’t even shot my first double, but it may be coming next year! Great tips.

  3. Michelle reply

    Oh these look amazing! I can’t wait to see them all!!

  4. Jill reply

    BEAUTIFUL images as always….and the “it’s nice to let the toes have some freedom” line made me laugh out loud! :)

  5. Alexandra Queen reply

    Congratulations!! It was so great to see you again last Wednesday! You totally spoke to me! Also, that tip about flats not being too tight on your toenails is a MUST! I personally can’t wear flats to photograph a wedding…great supportive shoes are a must for me due to back problems…which is why I was sitting on the floor for our Come Together event :) Thanks for the tips, here’s to booking a triple header soon!

  6. Jennifer hagan reply

    This is a great post! So helpful! I’m not ready for this yet, but I know one day I’ll be there

  7. Ashley Durham reply

    I couldn’t imagine shooting three in a single weekend. We have our first double header coming up in a couple weeks, couldn’t imagine adding a third. Great tips though!

  8. ashley reply

    Oh girl! Shooting three weddings is a zinger! I had one in NoVa, Maryland, and back in Chesterfield. Praise Jesus we survived and had safe travels! Y’all did a great job! Can’t wait to see everything on the blog! Loved the first two already! :)

  9. vex 3 reply

    The photos are fantastic, I love the wedding photos so much, thank you for sharing

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