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We are beginning to experience “that” stage of life. The stage when EVERYONE seems to be getting engaged.  We’re about to finish school, start new lives outside of CNU and there are a TON of couples getting married this spring, summer and fall! (10.10.10! woohoo!)


Most of you know, but Kel is my roommate! We’ve been living in the Middle House together for 3 years and I can’t believe I’m posting her engagement pictures!! How crazy is that?! I remember Freshman year, we hardly knew each other but we decided to live together which is a huge risk.  Girls can be so hard to live with but we lucked out… big time! We have spent 3 amazing years together and have shared so much.  It’s awesome to think about the stages of life that you walk through with your college friends.  I’ll never forget Adam running through the front door during our “Middle House” Christmas party and screaming “She said YES!!!!”.  We screamed and cried and screamed some more! It was awesome!


When the snow came, Kel mentioned that maybe we could snap a few pictures of the two of them… Silly Kelley, don’t you know that I don’t only take a “few”!!?  We took 1100! ha! So here are some favs from the afternoon! Enjoy!

Adam and Kel, I love ya to death and couldn’t be happier for you! Your wedding is going to be absolutely fabulous!!! Can’t wait!

Meet Jenny!

Wow Kel! Get it girl! You’re going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!

Oh La La! Look at the light!

Love this next one!

Aw, Kel and Adam and Jenny’s butt!  Come on’ Jen!

One last shot of the bling!

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