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We are beginning to experience “that” stage of life. The stage when EVERYONE seems to be getting engaged.  We’re about to finish school, start new lives outside of CNU and there are a TON of couples getting married this spring, summer and fall! (10.10.10! woohoo!)


Most of you know, but Kel is my roommate! We’ve been living in the Middle House together for 3 years and I can’t believe I’m posting her engagement pictures!! How crazy is that?! I remember Freshman year, we hardly knew each other but we decided to live together which is a huge risk.  Girls can be so hard to live with but we lucked out… big time! We have spent 3 amazing years together and have shared so much.  It’s awesome to think about the stages of life that you walk through with your college friends.  I’ll never forget Adam running through the front door during our “Middle House” Christmas party and screaming “She said YES!!!!”.  We screamed and cried and screamed some more! It was awesome!


When the snow came, Kel mentioned that maybe we could snap a few pictures of the two of them… Silly Kelley, don’t you know that I don’t only take a “few”!!?  We took 1100! ha! So here are some favs from the afternoon! Enjoy!

Adam and Kel, I love ya to death and couldn’t be happier for you! Your wedding is going to be absolutely fabulous!!! Can’t wait!

Meet Jenny!

Wow Kel! Get it girl! You’re going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!

Oh La La! Look at the light!

Love this next one!

Aw, Kel and Adam and Jenny’s butt!  Come on’ Jen!

One last shot of the bling!

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  1. Leslie reply

    ahhhh these are so good!!!!! ah i love them!!!!! they look so great in the snow! kel youre so gorgeous!!!! love you!!!!

  2. britney reply

    love them! especially the one that says private property. haha… great pics kel and adam! can’t wait for the wedding :)

  3. Melissa reply

    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my goshh!!!
    these are amazing!!!
    kel you are seriously SO gorgeous and what an amazing serious face! LOVE IT!
    fabulous job kk!

  4. michael reply

    THESE ARE SO GOOD!!! question: did you have to pay mr johnson a rental fee for using his yard….love the old truck one…and all the ones with Jenny, cause Britney lost her and she found you guys. Love you

  5. j gar reply

    other than the second to last one, where i think adam is giving kel a hickey, these are probably the best pictures you’ve ever taken, at least engagement picture wise. i also love how jenny stars in all the one’s she’s in, even the butt picture. 5-30-10 shall be a great day. it doesn’t have quite the same ring as 10-10-10, but it will be awesome nonetheless. good work.

  6. Shannon reply

    The LAST picture of the ring is your best ring picture I’ve seen!

  7. kelley reply

    AHHH I love these KK Thank you so much! What a fun last minute engagement session- and yes JR I agree with you that jenny steals the show no matter where she is :) She escaped while brit was watching her and found us in the woods

  8. deebs reply

    AHHHHHHH, so gorgeous, they’re such a cute couple it’s impossible to not have fun and adorable pictures! beautiful work as always kk, i know this was special for you to be able to do!!!

  9. Kelsey C reply

    oh my goodness kelley you’re a supermodel! and KK you are so dang good at what you do!

  10. Mandy reply

    OH MY GOODNESS. These are so beautiful…Kelley and Adam are such an adorable couple (and Jenny of course). And Kelley looks like a MODEL! KK, you really did a great job of capturing the sweet moments…and Jenny’s butt :) Also, the ring pictures are sooo good…ok anyway, love this post!

  11. em reply

    aww kelley’s getting married!!!!!!! these are beautiful!!!! Such an awesome job, and they’re in the snow… +1,000 for that. Love you.

  12. Allison reply

    im so excited. these pictures are great. i cant wait till the wedding. i will be getting sister:)

  13. Katie reply

    These are probably some of my favorite pictures ever! They are so simple and I LOVE the lighting! Fantastic!

  14. caroline reply

    well golly day. i def teared up when i saw this…its just so cool where yall are in life and that you can share it all together.
    kk youre awesome and congratulations Kel!!!

  15. katie g reply

    wow!!! its so different looking at pictures when you know one of the models! kelly you are so beautiful! and what a handsom groom your fiance will make :)!
    great pictures katelyn!

  16. Julie Branyan reply

    Don’t you just love it when couples will go play in the snow and bring their dogs too! Wonderful photos there is just so much love here. Her bling is gorgeous too.

  17. Carl reply

    Amazing pictures of a wonderful couple! Love the pictures, and love you both!

  18. Meredith reply

    oh i made the mistake of commenting on your fb and not here. they are beautiful!

  19. Dotti reply

    Kelley these pictures are amazing – they definitely capture your personalities – Katelyn you are an awesome photographer! I can’t stop looking at these pictures!!

  20. Tammy reply

    Exactly what two people in love should look like.

    I work with Adam’s mother (Mary).

  21. mary reply

    What great pictures! How could they be anything else since there’re of my son and future daughter!!! Love ya Mom

  22. tammy reply

    This is what two people in love should look like!!!!!!
    Best Wishes – Tammy (i work with Adam’s mom)

  23. michelle reply

    The two of you make a very handsome couple.
    What fun pictures!!!! Best of luck to you.
    Michelle (work with Adam’s mom)

  24. SANDRA reply

    These are great! What wonderful pictures to have for memories!
    I work with Adam’s mom and know how excited everyone is for the upcoming event!

  25. austin wedding photographer reply

    What a cute set of photos. They are a gorgeous couple. The lighting in these photos is just amazing.

  26. Marcia Bedsworth reply

    The pictures are really beautiful Kelley. You will make such a beautiful bride. Adam is one lucky guy.Love to you both!

  27. Sandy reply

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and these are gorgeous! Very lovely!

  28. Morgan reply

    Kelley I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle! These pictures are so pretty and they make me even more excited for your wedding! Congradulations!

  29. Mary Vaughan reply

    These pictures are so beautiful Kelley! I really like them all – Congratulations!!

  30. Mabel Foley reply

    Katelyn what a wonderful way to make memories…wonderful pictures…you are a great photographer. Kelly is beautiful and Adam would be too if he just shaved off the fuzz.. only a grandmother could say that. Love you both. Wish you both peace and joy. God bless you.

  31. mike brown reply

    Kelley and Adam. Some great pics. Making out on private property, nice touch, just kidding! Kelley, I always knew you were a pretty girl. Some of these shots do a great job in capturing that beauty. Look forward to more. Uncle Mike

  32. Dad reply

    Kelley & Adam …these are such wonderful pictures of the two of you (Kelley you do make Adam look better)I know you will cherish these forever…Love you both so much…Dad

  33. Steph reply

    Kelley and Adam you are both stunning, you are too jenny. i cant wait for the big day ahh so soon. love you bothhhh

  34. Cindy reply

    Kelley, these pictures are amazing! Of course, when the subject is as beautiful as you are, it’s hard to take a bad picture! You’ve grown from a pretty girl into a gorgeous woman and Mr. Jessee and I wish you every happiness in your upcoming marriage. Congratulations!

  35. Cindy Brown reply

    Kelley . . . you and Adam look so happy together – the love between you two really shows in these pictures!! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to see the wedding pictures – OMG!!! Katelyn, you are an incredible photographer and have totally inspired my daughter even more! Love to you both, Aunt Cindy

  36. Mike Rotch reply

    adam….. SHAVE YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. Anne Barker reply

    Congratulations Kelley and Adam. The pictures are so reflective of your happiness. Look forward to seeing many more pictures in the future.

  38. Susan Watkins reply

    They look amazing guys :) What perfect timing with the snow and all– great way to use it Katelyn!!

  39. Christina reply

    simply gorgeous. you both look so happy and i wish you all the happiness in the world.

  40. Adam Owens reply


  41. Aunt Leslie reply

    WOW The pics are terrific! They show your beauty both inside and out…We couldn’t be happier for you. Adam, you picked a great girl..take care of her. Love you guys…

  42. Chelsie Gray reply

    I love you both so much! Kel i am so so so happy for you! You and Adam’s relationships paints a beautiful picture of what love is supposed to be like! It is so awesome how God has brought ya’ll together and you can see God’s love shining in both of you and your love for each other is amazing! Beautiful pictures! i love you both! Congratulations!! :)

  43. Jennifer Carr reply

    Beautiful photos of two beautiful people. Great use of light – we’ll try to have equally beautiful circumstances come the wedding day!

  44. Jena Gray reply

    These pictures are amazing! I’m so excited for Kelley and Adam to get married! Congratulations Kelley! Beautiful couple.

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