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I’m starting this post with the part that EVERYONE has been waiting for! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have realized that I had called this an engagement session all along.  Anna and Justin have been planning on getting married for quite some time.  I’ve known Anna literally my WHOLE life and when she brought Justin home for the first time, everyone knew where this was going. We knew he was the one! It was so obvious. Because I’ve been family friends with the Beale family since I was a toddler, I remember watching Anna go through high school and then college….there has never been a guy quite like Justin. No one has come close. Since Michael has been around forever, I have never had to bring a new guy home and introduce him to the “crew”.  It can be quite intimidating. Between all of our families, plus the other Beale sisters, it can really give a new girlfriend/boyfriend a run for their money! Justin made it through the initiation phase and has become a part of the family. We love him and we couldn’t be happier for the two of them!


Anna and Justin have been engaged in our eyes for quite some time.  It just makes sense! They have been planning their wedding for this coming June and I must say that I am so excited! So during our session, when Justin got down on one knee, I was beyond surprised! And Anna was too! No matter how official they already seemed, every girl deserves to have the love of their life get down on one knee and tell her how much he adores her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  I couldn’t hear everything that Justin said but I knew it was beautiful because Anna was bawling and I was close to it. It was an awesome moment.  As I was snapping away and trying to hold back the tears, I couldn’t help but realize how much I just love my job.  These moments only happen once and I get to capture them! I’m a lucky girl!!! and so are you Miss. Anna Beale! (soon to be Burke!)


I love you both! It was a privilege to hangout with you guys for the afternoon and take a MILLION pictures! It was so hard to choose favorites for the blog! Enjoy!

Get it girl! Love it!

Probably a favorite! I LOVE Justin’s face!


Look at that location!!

Yea, Anna climbed up on this mound of sticks and logs in HEELS! She’s wonderful!

An outfit change!

So many! Ah! I couldn’t choose! Hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. Emily W. reply

    This goes down in the books as one of my favorite posts so far. I love the story behind it! These pictures are wonderful, Katelyn!

  2. Jessica Beale reply

    Yay! This post is perfect, KK! The pictures are fabulous…and Anna and Justin aren’t so bad either!!! ;) They turned out amazing and capture the two of them so well. There are a couple that I couldn’t help but laugh because it was “just them…” Can’t wait until you do their wedding because that means another blog post…and since I’m the MOH…we all know I will have my own special part on the blog…right? :) Love you! Excited to go get Carl’s tonight!!!

  3. Jessica reply

    those pink shoes are *phenomenal*…also LOVED the outfit change because the colors were awesome. great pictures, as always!

  4. Jan reply

    Great job, Katelyn!

  5. Anna reply

    I LOVE YOU, KATELYN ANNE JAMES (almost Alsop!)… These are AWESOME :) I can’t wait for Justin to get home and see them! You’re the most wonderful photographer on the face of the planet, and thank you for telling our story so people can understand a little better. We know it’s rather confusing!!!! I’m leaving a long comment because I wanted to make sure you had a scrolly bar because I love you that much! Thanks for capturing us during this awesome time in our lives… can’t wait for next Sunday’s bridal session, but REALLY can’t wait for June 19th!!!!!! PS – For all of our friends and family checking this out, leave KK some comment love telling her how amazing she is!!!!!! Thanks!

  6. Corinne reply

    YAY!!! Great job KK!!! Can’t wait for June!

  7. em reply

    Oh my gosh!!! so good!!! Anna & Justin these are adorable and I can’t wait for ya’lls wedding!!!! Im so excited for you guys! These pictures are great and they capture the love that you have for each other PERFECTLY!! Such a great couple!!! Love you guys!

  8. Danielle Lux reply

    The second to last is my favorite so far! Katelyn u sure know how to capture a moment beautifully ;)

  9. michael reply

    These are so good!!!! I love all the ones with the bricks and the chimney thing. They are epic and then the dressy ones belong in a magazine. OH and you both are so good at the serious face.

  10. sarah reply

    Aw My favorite is the one of y’all kissing in black and white by the smoke stack. So fun!!

  11. Connie Beth reply

    KATELYN!!! I LOVE these! They look so happy :o) The cherry blossoms are fantastic as well! <3

  12. Mama B reply

    Love your work! Did you do Danielle and Marcs?
    Anna – looks like you caught a nice one!
    Best wishes to you guys!

  13. Lindsey reply

    Congratulations you two. The pictures are amazing. I’m soooo happy for you!

  14. Allison McGuire reply

    Oh my goodness… ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Anna! I always love to see her pictures and I hope that one of these days I can get her to do some for me! I can’t wait to see the wedding pics! Best of luck and once again Katelyn… YOU ARE THE BEST!

  15. Alice Owens reply

    Oh my Goodness…..These are absolutely Amazing……I have been anxiously awaiting for these to hit the Blog…..Awesome job!!

  16. Nicole’ Felton reply

    Wow! Anna, these are beautiful. Your shoes! Justins tie! Makes me want to get married all over again. I’m am sooo happy for both of you and I’m sending forever blessings your way. Great job on the photos, beautiful photos, no perfect. :) Blessings

  17. Tara Langsdorf reply

    These pictures are amazing!! I love all the pictures she has taken of you two.
    Like I told Anna, I hope Kk travels.

  18. Melissa Somers reply

    WOW!!! This session was absolutely gorgeous!! Anna you look beautiful as always and I am so happy for you:)

  19. Tracy Maynard reply

    Love, love, love the photos. Katelyn you’re an artist…such a beautiful job. Anna and Justin you’re awesome. Your pictures make me smile…I have to agree – some are “so you”!! Love you guys.

  20. britney reply

    love them kk! these spots are my favorite in richmond… it reminds me of summer :) and their story is so interesting! great photos as always.

  21. Katie Beale reply

    wooo! favorite new location! love them!

  22. Kristina N. reply

    I love the black and white ones by the smokestack! Great job!

  23. Elise reply

    YAY! I LOVE ALL OF THESE PICTURES!!!! and this is such a cute story!!!

  24. Lindsey Wallace reply

    I love the pics!! They are amazing! Great job, Katelyn :). Not that photographing one my most beautiful best friends made it ‘too’ hard of a job… :)

  25. Julie reply

    Katelyn-LOVE the pictures!!! They are gorgeous. You did an AWESOME job. I’m sure taking pictures of Anna is not the easiest thing in the world to do………The pictures do tell their story so well. Anna-so happy for you and Justin both. Can’t wait until the wedding. There’s something about you and Justin riding off into the sunset on a jetski that I can’t wait to see. Oh yea-you laughed at that idea. GREAT PICTURES AND SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!!!

  26. Cati reply

    I love shoes………

  27. Allison reply

    You were totally right by my house!! These pictures are awesome. What a cute and lovable couple! Can’t wait to see their wedding pics!

  28. Lauren King reply

    Yay! Congratulations, Anna and Justin! Beeeeeautiful pictures, of course :)

  29. Charity DellaCamera reply

    LOVE THEM ANNA!!! Congratulations, they turned out simply amazing! My fav has to be the one on the sticks by the river…or definitely the last one on the bridge..or the one of you kissing on the stairs in your dress..or..well you get the point :) Katelyn James you have done it again :)

  30. Brandon F reply

    great pictures….I wish you all the best!!!

  31. Amy reply

    YAY! These photos make me happy! Congratulations Anna & Justin!

  32. Lee G reply

    I always like the colors of all the old brick….Great contrast!

  33. Nicole reply

    These are excellent!

  34. Monica reply

    Congratulations Anna and Katelyn your pictures look wonderful, as always!

  35. Ashley reply

    Awesome pictures!!!! They are a beautiful couple. =)

  36. Sandy reply

    Wonderful pictures and we wish Anna and Justin all the best.

  37. Kevin reply

    Great pics.

  38. Wade Clark reply

    These pictures are excellent! The subjects and the photog. It’s hard to believe all the little kids I used to know at Salem are grown and getting married. God Bless you Anna and Justin.

  39. Shelly Beale reply

    We all have been waiting for this moment!! So glad you were able to capture it, Katelyn!! Absolutely gorgeous pictures…as always!

  40. Cheryl Dunn reply

    these are awesome! loved the wardrobe change – those pink shoes and matching tie! i’ve been waiting to see these and knew they would be amazing. i wish you guys all the happiness life can hold :)

  41. Barbara Denton reply

    Very good pictures! I can’t believe you actually got engaged when you were having your pictures done. That is a story to tell your kids!

  42. Alicia V reply

    Oh my goodness these are GORGEOUS!! Great job Katelyn! Anna – you are beautiful! So happy for you guys!!

  43. Brigitta reply

    Anna, the pictures are wonderful and you are such a handsome couple!!

  44. Richard Green reply

    Great pictures! It’s a shame KK didn’t do mine :)

  45. Granny reply

    Katelyn – These pictures are phenominal. I am so impressed with your talent and your patience to put up with these two for the length of time you had to put up with their nonsense while trying to capture photos of them. You deserve a medal! Honestly though, these are truly professionally showy and great. You have made a beautiful business for people to depend on, especially young couples in love and on the road to matrimony. Judith Cleek (Anna & Justin’s biggest fan as well as their Granny) PS – Congratulations to you and Michael on your upcoming wedding. I’m sure it will be as beautiful as the both of you. God Bless!

  46. Pudney Pitts reply

    These pictures are wonderful!! Katelyn you did an awesome job as usual and to catch their surprise engagement was even more amazing. Anna — I love your pink shoes!!!

  47. Sus reply

    Oh my gosh. The brick/industrial section is easily my favorite. One of my favorite themes in your photography overall, in fact. LOVE all the rawness and magnitude of those brick buildings, and your use of SWEET architecture!!

  48. Teresa Satterwhite reply

    Awesome as always!! Great job!!

  49. Samantha reply

    LOVE these pictures!!! Between that beautiful couple and your amazing editing, these turned out beyond great!

    Congrats Anna and Justin!!!

  50. Carrie reply

    These are great pictures! Love the proposal shots! Your smiles are to great to hide for such a special time in your lives.

  51. Christina reply

    This are all great!!

  52. daniell reply

    Oh my, so many fabulous pics…I must say that I LOVE the last one where you’re sitting on the bridge!! Precious :)

  53. kristen b. reply

    Wow! Great pics and great story!! i know that was a fun time.f

  54. riley b. reply

    are you married yet? all of them were cute. (quoting riley)

  55. Brian Maynard reply

    Seriously, these pictures are awesome, I think Tracy and I need to do something like this, although it will take alot of work with my ugly mug to get them to look this good. Congrats guys, extremely happy for you guys!

  56. kristen reply

    Beautiful photos! So happy for you guys.

  57. riley b (4 years) reply

    are you married yet? they are all cute.

  58. Sara Frazier reply

    WOW! Not only are you two beautiful and amazing… these pictures are GORGEOUS! I love their story and you truly captured the love between them in these pictures. Thank you for allowing me to view these awesome photos. God bless!!

  59. Kelley reply

    Wonderful pictures! =)

  60. Shelby reply

    These are great pictures!!

  61. Ashley reply

    Amazing! Anna – you will make a beautiful bride and wife :)

  62. Anji reply

    Beautiful pictures. awesome.

  63. Bo reply

    Really cool pictures.

  64. Suzanne reply

    AMAZING Job Katelynn! These are BY FAR my favorite. I love Anna and Justin!

  65. Gail Facer reply

    Amazing pictures Kaitlyn,as usual! Your talent is such an incredible gift!
    Anna–congradulations! It’s been such a joy watching you grow into the beautiful young woman you now are. You have nothing but my best wishes always!!

  66. Bobbi reply

    Lovely pictures. Great job!

  67. Laura Beasley reply

    Katelyn the pics are AWESOME, you are so talented!!!!! Anna & Justin, Were do I begin???? I am soooo excited for the two of you; you are a great couple!!!! Looking forward to June 19th, love you both!!!!

  68. Meghan B reply

    Love the pictures!!!!!

  69. Michael reply

    WOW!!!! Amazing pictures! They look great!

  70. Tammy Zufall reply

    Just beautiful ! When two people are that in love, it doesn’t matter where you take their picture….

  71. Kate reply

    These pictures are gorgeous! They look like a very happy couple! Congratulations to you both!

  72. Jessi reply

    Very impressive! These pictures are awesome.

  73. Brittany reply

    These are amazing

  74. WandaSue reply

    It was such a blessing looking through all of these fantastic pictures. I hope God blesses your relationship with abundant joys overflowing each and every day. What a gorgeous couple. You could be on a magazine!
    And wonderful quality, my granddaughter showed these to me while I was knitting and they brought tears to my old tired eyes.

  75. Roland reply

    Great pictures.

  76. Erika reply

    The pics came out wonderful. I love the b&w ones…so romantic :-)

  77. Ryan reply

    Great pics.

  78. Nic Wood reply

    Congrats you crazy kids you! Your a lucky man to have a great woman!

  79. caroline reply

    GET IT ANNA BEALE – you are gorgeous. and he’s pretty cute too… haha. i LOVE yall together!! golly snot it just makes my heart so stinkin happy. yep. i cant wait to greet people!! aahhh!!! welcome to the crew Justin :)great job kk. i really like the one of them dressed up layin on the bridge. yous gots de talent!

  80. Sandra Baker reply

    Adorable! I feel like I REALLY know you!

  81. Donald reply


  82. Caitlin reply

    absolutely beautiful!

  83. Sandra Langsdorf reply

    Wonderful pictures. You are going to make a beautiful bride and handsome groom. — Tara is keeping me up on all the goings-on.

  84. Velma & Lee-Roy harding reply

    What a thrill for us to get to see these beautiful photographs and so soon after they were taken.

    We are friends of Anna’s grandmother, Judith Cleek. Yes, fellow Okies. She, Judith, have told us about this wonderful couples and Anna’s parents, so we feel that we know them.

    Only a true friend could take such wonderful pictures. An someone who knows the town could have chosen the settings. We can’t say enough good things about this artist.

    To Anna and Justin— God bless you in your new adventure.

    Most Sincerely,
    Velma and Lee Roy Harding

  85. mo farmer reply

    I love love love these! anna…..i am so glad you wore your ink high heels! xxoo

  86. Doris reply

    Katelyn, your eye for color and detail is amazing. Pic so much like Anna and Justin. Pink shoes and earrings are perfect. You are the cats meow lady.

  87. gayle reply

    This was a beautiful post! Just beautiful!

  88. Meghan reply

    These pics are absolutely AMAZING! I don’t think I could choose the best of the best because they are all wonderful!

  89. Debbie Gayle reply

    Great Pictures!!!Anna I know you will cherish them! KK Great job as always.Justine you did great!

  90. Tamara reply

    These are beautiful! I enjoyed looking at them.

  91. Paige reply

    I don’t know this couple but they look so happy together. Best of luck!

  92. Megan Ledington reply

    These pics are precious

  93. Sandi reply

    LOVE the somber ones!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

  94. Sharpay reply

    Wow, these are fabulous!!!!! These pictures are totally fetch. Gorgeous couple and fantastic photographs. Look like they came right out of Paris. Scrumptious.

  95. Tamara reply

    Yo Anna bizzle, these pics are fresh!
    quality is off the chain.
    Dang, you two are looking good!
    wish yall da best of luck!

  96. Emily reply

    how adorable!!!!!! so cute!!!!!

  97. Alex reply

    this post makes me smile =]
    beautiful pictures, i love the black and white ones!

  98. DeWayne reply

    These pictures are great. I’m very happy for you guys.

  99. Taylor reply

    Cute shoes. Cute dress. Cute pictures. =)

  100. Lauren reply

    Awesome Pictures!! I want my picture made!

  101. whitney reply

    These pictures are amazing! I absolutely love the picture of the two of you on the logs/sticks–way to get adventurous, oh, and your pink heels!! :) Congrats to the both of you!

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