and a hint of change!

  • Greater VA Bridal Show

A few months ago I was invited to be a part of the Greater Virginia Bridal show in Richmond. Because this is a show with limited vendors, I was so honored to be asked and knowing that it is hosted by Virginia Bride Magazine, it’s going to be fabulous! If you are already one of my brides and you’re close by, PLEASE COME HANGOUT WITH ME! I have this huge fear that no one will stop by my booth and I will have to start doing a little jig to get any attention! I’m kidding… kinda.  So if you are free on June 6th from 1-4pm, stop by the Virginia Science Museum and meet some incredible vendors from around the state.


And for those of you that cannot handle a lot of big changes at one time, if you scroll through that long list of vendors, you may catch on to one of the HUGE changes that is happening soon! I figured I would give you a little warning:) Get excited for big things happening in the next month!

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  1. Sydni Gould reply

    Oooooh thanks for sharing! I will probably be there! Can’t wait to talk to you in person! :) PS Even if you only had one picture at your booth I’m sure people would flock to see it! ;) You’ll do great!

  2. Stephen LaBelle reply

    There it is for the first time in print on the blog: Katelyn James Photography!!

  3. Allison reply

    No more Inspired Designs?????!?!

  4. Anna reply

    YAY! You made the announcement :) So exciting!!!

  5. Brendan reply

    This is monumental. I have been waiting for that announcement for a while now.

  6. Sydni Brawley reply

    Katelyn! That’s so awesome :) Also there’s only like three photo businesses that will be there.. you are going to get so many new blog stalkers! One last thing.. the first person to comment on here: We spell our name the same! That’s so random! Congrats KK, you’ll be great. :)

  7. Jessica reply

    love the new name! that’s awesome! :)

  8. Brittany reply

    SO exciting!!!! I will come see you! How could I not?! It’s my venue, my cake baker, and my photographer AT my venue at the same time! Can it get better? Then maybe I won’t be so nervous for our engagement session a whole two days later :) :)

  9. Tira J reply

    Look at you!!!! Congrats on this upcoming change! So exciting.

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